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Iron Podium Premium is a subscription based platform that allows users to assess their performance in Strongman with Participation Statistics, Performance Percentiles, Podium Scores, Podium Level, a Leaderboard, and Premium Scoreboards, based on data available on Iron Podium.

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Participation statistics

Participation statistics show the number of events you have competed in, number of events you are currently registered for, number of states you have competed in, and number of athletes you have competed against, based off of the data available through Iron Podium. These numbers are given a point value based on user averages and are included in your Podium Score.


Performance percentiles

Performance Percentiles are calculated by the results for each individual event that you have competed in being compared to the results of the competitors you faced in your weight class at those competitions. This will give you a z-score, which is a number above or below the average score for each event. Your z-scores are then compared to every other Iron Podium athlete across all weight classes, which gives you your Performance Percentiles.

They are broken down by Events for Reps, Events for Time, Events for Weight and All Events to give athletes an idea of where they perform the best.

Events for Reps

Events for reps calculates your percentile for scoring formats of reps, reps + time, and lbs + reps.

Events for Time

Events for time includes mm:ss and ft + mm:ss.

Events for Weight

Events for weight includes scoring formats lbs, kg, and lbs + attempt.

All Events

All Events is an overall summary and includes all events you have competed in, regardless of scoring format.


Podium Score

Podium Scores are a way to quantify athletes' stats in order to rank all athletes on Iron Podium according to the data we have available. Podium Scores are out of 500 available points and are a combination of Performance and Participation data.

Performance Percentiles are worth up to 385 points of the 500 available Podium Points. Specific scoring format performances (Weight, Reps, Time) are worth up to 90 points each. All Events performance is worth up to 115 points.

Participation Statistics are worth up to 115 points. Number of competitors faced is worth up to 50 points; events competed in is worth up to 25 points; states competed in and events currently registered for are worth up to 20 points each. Point allocation is a straight line distribution based on the current maximums in each category.


0 - 100


101 - 200


201 - 300


301 - 400


401 - 500


Podium Level

Podium Levels are based off of the 500 available Podium Points being broken down into 5 tiers.



The leaderboard is based on Podium Points and provides you with your rank out of the total athletes on Iron Podium. Ties in Podium Points are broken on the leaderboard by the date when original Iron Podium accounts were created. Only Premium members will be listed and given a position on the Leaderboard.


Premium Scoreboards

As a Premium member your scoreboards will show color coded dots beside each athlete's name, indicating their Podium level.

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