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Total Points
Harness Truck Pull Press & HoldStone to ShoulderYoke & Sandbag MedleyCar Deadlift
(ft + mm:ss)
Points Score
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Men - Open (no weight limit)
Prestige Worldwide

John Doyle

Michael Toomey

I always wanted to be a dinosaur

Jeremiah Hempel

Josh Lutter

Boats and Bros

Mackenzie Boyer

Mike Snyder

Women - Novice
Strong is the new Skinny

Ashley Stacharowski

Jen McDonald

Brendan’s Booty Brigade

Meredith Woodward

Phoebe Ivady

Dragon and Nighthawk

Nicole Flater

Becca Torres

Not Old - Just Chalky

Elaine Aleshire

Michele Hicks

Giraffe Wrestlers

Amina Abdelatey

Joy Holland


Stephanie Rowe

Lindsey Jett

Garage Karate

Sheila Smith

Yvette Schreiber

House of Learned Doctors

Amie Ward

Jena McGovern

Men - Novice LW (combined under 425lbs)
Majestic Translucent Steeds

Kyle Hill

Matt Curtis

Did You Touch My Drum Set?

Landon Leaver

Andrew Vandegrift

Women - Intermediate
Songbirds of our Generation

Brie Darragh

Courtney Crossett

We Didn’t Want Salmon

Liz Hagner

Zabrena Grisi

Fergie and Jesus

Kristen Veil

Samantha Reeves

Bunk Beds

Danielle Menditto

Maddie Groninger

Men - Novice HW (no weight limit)

George Underwood

Joshua Underwood

Stay Pumped Marshmallow Men

Joshua Van Hise

Erik Larsen

We would like to Raaaage!!!!

Joshua Jett

Tim Rowe