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Team Max Deadlift (total) Carry Medley (farmer/keg/sandbag/duck/frame)Stone Over BarPress Medley (log/axle)Partner Sled Push/Drag
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Women - Novice (single class)
We were watching Cops

Danielle Menditto

Gabrielle Hondros

Buns and Guns

Meredith Woodward

Chelsea Quirk


Brie Darragh

Mackenzie Bert

Protein Vats & Fat Lats

Sheila Smith

Yvette Schreiber

Angels with Filthy Souls

Toni Falvo

Randi Nordfors

Strictly 80s

Erin White

Jacqui Munoz

Hakuna Masquata

Renae Hines

Mary Atchley

was that a fart?

Savannah Maxwell

Stephanie Vogelei

The Defibrillators

Alenka Ferrufino

Meghan Harp

Mountain Mamas

Chelsea Sheldon

Sarah Vincent

P. Rex

Pat Malone

Kelly Plush

Salty Spitoon Rejects

Nina Freda

Iris McLaughlin

Women - Open (single class)
Fergie and Jesus

Kristen Veil

Samantha Reeves

Boats and Stones

Jessica Brock-Pitts

Lindsey Jett

Rhyme Without Reason

Erin McGuire

Jordan Barth

Men - Novice (single class)
Some Asian Name

Bryan Opitz

Nathan Shen

El Tortuga y El Pelo

Joe Lee

Gabriel Broomfield

Walker & Texas Ranger

Casey Ross

Michael Salamon

The Dirty Birds

Sean Robertson

Cody Wisniewski

Dragon and Nighthawk

George Underwood

Joshua Underwood


Tae Lee

Nathaniel Dixon

Tony & Cody

Cody Shanley

Tony Volpe

Hickory Town Haters

Jack Giampolo

Warren Pace

Hairless Beauty by Calvin Klein

Joshua Cleveland

Joseph Grindstaff

Harambe’s Step Brothers

Seamus Doolan

Stephen Broomfield

The Power of Friendship

Colin Herna

Joshua Adams

Deadlifting Divas

Jered Price

Sam Wey