Current Place
Total Points
Log and axle clean and press for reps 75/85/95%on all events of national wts, athlete chooses. Deadlift for reps Farmers walk Keg and sandbag carry Farmers hold for time
(lbs + reps)
Points Score
(lbs + reps)
Points Score
Points Score
Points Score
(lbs + mm:ss+)
Open W LW (132-)
Mai Mijares
Open W MW (165-)
Paige Swa
Andrea Lazcano
Ashley Butler
Ashley Bryant
Open W HW (198-)
Christina Breaux
Open W SHW (+)
Felecia Davis
Julia Penrod
Masters Women (Single Class)
Sabrina DiDomenico
Melissa Brown
Open M LW (181-)
Anthony Belenchia
Addison Helsper
Open M MW (220-)
Tait Walker
Matt Tyler
Jesse Jester
Open M HW (275-)
John Kuehne
Devyn Wiesner
Chris Rios
Open M SHW (+)
Matthew Sefton
Marcus Tapia
Matthew Loughner
Jeff Underhill
Nathan Butler
Masters Men (Single Class)
Dave Kraft
Jesse Landes
Brandon Didion
Chuck Cookson