Current Place
Total Points
Partner Axle Tire Deadlift
Womens Lightweight (400# Bar)
Deads & Dogs

Laura Hill

Emily Rollins

Tiny But Mighty

Michele Zeilinger

Jennifer Suggs

Grandmas Who Lift and Take Naps

Joni Grant

Lynn Mitchell

Carol Eichelberger


Diana De Jesus

Nemesis Barcenas


Erin Stoney

Janet Bronson

Muscle Mommies

Rachel McCulloch

Shannon Siar

Big Chugs

Kiara Talaber

Ivy Cain

Coed Middleweight (800# Bar)
Momster and Cougarbait

Kael Poulsen

Jennifer Ritch

Jacked & Thicc

Andrew Harsch

Jenny Morgan

Here for the Free Shirt

Chance Smith

Liz Pniewski

Coed Lightweight (400# Bar)
Dead Duo

Colleen Peck

Rory Amos

House Hippos

Heather Duncan

Vasilis Moisiadis

Team Rusty

Jesse Patino

Tara Matteucci

Deadlift & Chill

Dustin Heise

Kimberly Weedon


Arin Mathias

Kevin Mathias

Mens Heavyweight (1,200# Bar)
Monster crew

Anton Salomon

Seth Ticer

Pandemic Performance

Matthew Lyons

Dan Pulvermacher

Old Man Strength

Dave Hellyer

The Colostimizers

Thomas Urbik

Emmanuel Vazquez

Mens Middleweight (800# Bar)
Team Deep Cheeks


Mike Sell

Barely Legal and the Old Man

Lee Woody

Joshua Findley

Poor Life Decisions

Jimmy Noel

N. Pappas

Stranger Danger

Andrey Strelkov

David Franks

Strange Bros

Philip Adams

David Gonser

Mens Lightweight (400# Bar)
Dagos Maximus

Nick Brandonisio

Tony Marchionna

Big Blue

Andy Christiansen

Omar Lopez