November 5, 2022

2022 ROMAN & ROMAN Tampa Bay Strongman Classic


Seminole, FL

Welcome to the 2022 ROMAN & ROMAN Tampa Bay Strongman Classic, proudly in its 11th consecutive year!

Location: Valor Fitness Arena in Seminole, Florida  Spectator fee: $10. (Credit card is accepted with small fee.)  ALL NON ATHLETES WILL BE CHARGED AN ENTRANCE FEE. This helps us cover our facility fees to ensure we continue to have a beautiful indoor venue.

Food, drink (non alcoholic and alcoholic) and entertainment for the entire family will be available, so invite your family, friends and neighbors. We will have special events for kids as well!

If you are interested in being a sponsor or having a booth inside the venue for your product/service, please email Atlasmarketingmedia@gmail.com for information

Weigh ins/Check in's/Rules Meetings


ALL OPEN ATHLETES: (Friday) Weigh in's will be offered at two times ONLY. 11-11:45AM and 5:30-6:30pm. You MUST weigh in at one of those times if you would like to compete the following day. 

(Saturday) ALL ATHLETES: Check in will begin at 8:30 with a mandatory rules meeting at 9:00. If you are NOT CHECKED IN BY 9:00 AND AT THE MANDATORY RULES MEETING, you CANNOT compete in the event. Spectator door's will open at 9AM with warm up's being from 9:20-9:50. Event opening ceremonies will begin at 10:00 with the show expected to kick off at 10:15. 


WEIGHTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. Continue to check back periodically for any changes.

Hummer Tire Squat- Athlete will begin with their body underneath the bar and on the start command will un-rack the bar and given a 5 second courtesy to get set before the time begins You will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. The tires must touch BOTH boxes below them and then be fully locked out at the top for the rep to count, including at the expiration of time. There are no up calls, only down calls. If you fail to the boxes you are permitted to stand back up if possible. Belts, knee wraps, knees and elbow sleeves, wrist wraps permitted. Suits, briefs or tacky is NOT permitted. 

Axle/Log Press Medley- Athlete will begin with their hands on the Axle (if they chose) and on the start command will attempt to clean and press for one (1 rep). Then, they will move to the Log and attempt to clean and press it for one (1) rep. If successful, athlete will move back to the axle and repeat the 2 implement medley until 75 seconds have expired All reps will be given a down command when the implement is locked out overhead (shoulders fully extended, elbows locked head through) and legs are erect and reasonably together.  Winner will be the athlete who completes the most reps in the allotted time. Belts, wrist wraps, knee and elbow sleeves, grip shirts (that do NOT have the SC logo) are permitted. Straps, tacky or suits are NOT permitted.

Stone Over Yoke Bar- Athlete will begin with the back of their hands on the yoke and on the start command will attempt to lift the stone up and over the bar. A staff member will return the stone to you within a reasonable time. Athlete will have AN UNLIMITED TIME to complete as many reps as possible AS LONG AS EACH REP IS COMPLETED WITHIN 15 SECONDS OF THE LAST REP. Yoke will will be approximately 48-50" high. There will be no split times taken. Belt, wrist wraps, knee, elbow and forearm sleeves, LIQUID TACKY and tacky towels are permitted. CONVENTIONAL TACKY IS NOT AUTHORIZED FOR USE. 

Sandbag over the bar- Athlete will start in front of the first bag and on the start command will grab the bag and toss the throwing bag over the bar. Once the bag has cleared the bar, the athlete will immediately move onto the 2nd, 3rd and 4th bag and attempt the same. Once all bags have successfully cleared the bar IN ORDER, the time will stop. Athlete will have 60 seconds to throw all 4 bags. Belt, wrist wraps, elbow and knee sleeves permitted. Tacky NOT permitted. Chalk will be available.

AN EMAIL WILL BE SENT OUT BETWEEN 7 AND 10 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT, disclosing any last minute information or changes that may occur. Be sure you use an email address that you check regularly and make sure that emails from iron podium are not being sent to spam. The system automatically sends emails to whatever you put in, so if you misspell the email addy, you wont receive any communication from the TBSMC staff.

 Remember, the 1st event order is based on the order in which entries are received, so get your entry in ASAP for a competitive advantage.

Valor Fitness (Valor Athletics, Inc.)
10351 72nd St
Seminole, FL 33777
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Nov 05, 2022

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Donnie Kiernan

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Events and Weights
Division Hummer Tire SquatAxle/Log PressSand bag over barStone over Yoke
Novice Women (Single Class)18590/11020/20/25/25 - 10110
Open W MW (148-)185110/13020/20/25/25- 10110
Open W SHW (+)225130/15025/30/30/35- 10150
Novice Men (Single Class)315180/20035,35,40,40- 12225
Open M MW (198-)350180/20035,35,40,45- 12225
Open M MW (220-)425220/23035,40,45,50 - 12275
Open M HW (242-)500260/28040,45,50,55- 14315
Open M SHW (+)550290/320 45,50,55,60 -14350
Masters Men (Single Class)425220/23035,40,40,45 -12275

Regular Price
Registration Closes Oct 29, 2022

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 30 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
37 spots remain.