July 2, 2022

2022 USS Orlando Europa Strongman Games


Orlando, FL

Welcome to the 2022 USS Orlando Europa Games! July 2nd at the Orange County Convention Center West Concourse, Halls WB 204

Top 3 athletes in each class receive an award. One T-shirt is included with the entry fee. You may purchase an additional T shirt through this entry form.

The Europa charges an admission fee to all NON ATHLETE AND STAFF attending ($25/day for adults, $10/day for children 6-12, 5 and under are free).

If you plan on brining food and drink in for the competition, please do not bring it in a visible cooler. Please put it in your gym bag, so the security staff will not question you. Athletes and staff will be given entry credentials at day before rules meeting.

Weigh in's will be on Friday morning from 12-1PM and 6-6:30PM (Location USS Strongman Conference room).

There will be a MANDATORY RULES MEETING on Friday evening. This will take place in our USS Strongman conference/weigh in room (exact room number will be messaged to you when we receive it.) This is required in order to compete on Saturday, so If you cannot make it to a rules meeting on Friday evening PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP!

Hotel information is available Here

Entry time/date will dictate the athlete order for the first event (last in goes first)

Early bird entry is the first 8 athletes to sign up! After that the price is $100. Late entry after June 15th is $110



Yoke Press: Athletes will get a yoke height before the rules meeting the night before and give it to the officials during check in. Athlete will have 60 seconds to press the yoke to full lock out as many times as possible. Belt, wrist wraps, elbow and knee sleeves permitted. Injury caution: Please beware of potential facial trauma IF you drop the yoke to the ground. If you purposely drop the yoke after any rep, that rep will be not counted. If you repeat it after being warned, you will be DQ'd from that event for safety purposes. DO NOT DROP THE YOKE FROM OVERHEAD. 
Note: Novice and LW women will use an Axle with chains hanging from each side

Deadlift Ladder: First bar: Axle (1 rep). Second bar: Hex Bar (1 Rep). Third bar: Deadlift Bar (3 reps). Athlete can start with hands on axle bar(strapped in if desired). You MUST complete the ladder in order. 60 second time limit to complete all 5 reps. Straps, belt and chalk permitted. No DL suits.

Backwards Sled Drag: Athlete will start with their hands on the pull strap facing the sled. You will have 75 seconds to pull the weighted sled 100'. You may row or pull the sled, but you cannot turn your body away from the sled. Time stops when the front of the sled crosses the finish line. If you do not complete the course, a measurement will be taken. Gloves, wrist wraps, elbow and knee sleeves permitted.

Slam Ball over-the-shoulder throw: Athlete will start with hands OFF of the slam ball on the starting line. You will have 60 seconds to throw the ball OVER YOUR HEAD BACKWARDS as many times as it takes to complete the 75 ft course. Time stops when the ball crosses the finish line. If you do not complete the course, a measurement will be taken. The ball can and will roll and that counts as part of the throw. Wrist wraps, belt, elbow and knee sleeves allowed. NO TACKY!!

Stone/Sandbag load/wheelbarrow race: Athlete will start over top of the sand bag (hands off). You will have 75 seconds to pick up, move 40ft and load 1 sandbag into wheelbarrow, run back, pick up, move 40 ft and load 1 stone into the same wheelbarrow. Once both items are loaded, you will navigate the wheelbarrow 40 ft safely across the finish line without any items falling out. The time will stop when the front of the wheelbarrow crosses the line with both items in tow. Chalk, belt, wrist wraps, forearm, elbow and knee sleeves permitted. NO TACKY! Safety Warning: You MUST navigate the wheel barrow in a safe manor. If the judges deem your run a safety issue, they will either A) stop and DQ you or B) add 10 seconds to your final time. 

Orange County Convention Center - West Concourse
9800 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819
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Jul 02, 2022

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Donnie Kiernan

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Events and Weights
Division Yoke PressDeadlift LadderBackward sled dragSlam Ball Over-the-shoulder throwStone Carry to Wheelbarrow Race
Novice Women (Single Class)110155,205,185TBD50100,115
Open W MW (148-)110155,205, 185TBD50100, 115
Open W SHW (+)150205, 275, 245TBD70130, 165
Novice Men (Single Class)190315, 495, 455TBD100180, 200
Open M MW (198-)210385, 555, 495TBD100180, 220
Open M HW (242-)250415,635, 565TBD150250,240
Open M SHW (+)290475, 675, 625TBD150250, 275
Masters Men (Single Class)210345, 555, 495TBD100180,220

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 15, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
17 spots remain.