December 16, 2023

2023 Florida's Strongest Man and Richard Lamb Toy Drive


Stuart, FL

2023 Florida Strongest Man and the Richard Lamb Toy drive, where only the strongest survive. 

The Richard Lamb Toy Drive is an incredible way to help children in need have a wonderful and memorable Christmas. Please bring a brand new and unwrapped toy to the competition as part of your registration. Bring it on the morning of the competition to the registration table (toys will not be accepted at weigh ins). Toys go to the Give Kids The World Foundation. 

Weigh ins:  Weigh ins will Friday, December 15th from 8am-6pm at the Iron House Gym, located at 7970 Lake Wilson Rd, Davenport, FL 33896

Competition Day: Rules meeting is at 9am with the show starting promptly at 10am. Please allow plenty of time to check in before the rules meeting. Please remember to bring a valid copy of your Strongman Corp membership. Please be proactive and make sure your membership is valid before the day of the event. 



  1. Log Press Ladder: Athletes will have 60 seconds to complete the most reps possible. The ladder will consist of three logs (Men: 10", 12", 12" and Women: 10", 10", 12") with a press away on the last log in the remaining time. Logs must be lifted in ascending order. A down call must be received and athlete must follow the log all the way to the ground in order to receive credit for the lift (dropping the log from the top will result in a no rep). No built up belts allowed. Strongman Corp and unbranded grip shirts are allowed (USS shirts may NOT be worn).
  2. Yoke/Keg Medley. Fastest time wins. Yoke is carried down 50' (FRONT of yoke must cross the line before transitioning to the keg). Pick the keg and carry it down 50'. Keg must be fully upright and completely on the mat for time to stop. Yoke must be completed to receive a distance/points. Only one drop allowed per implement. 60 second time limit. Grip shirts allowed (USS shirts may NOT be worn)
  3. Farmers Walk: Fastest Time wins. Carry farmers implements down 50', turn around a cone, and 50' back. Implements must fully cross the line for time to stop. One drop allowed per direction (one drop on the way down to the cone and one drop on the way back -- two drops in one direction will result in time being stopped and a distance issued). 60 second time limit. No straps allowed.
  4. Ukrainian Deadlift: Most reps in 60 seconds. Athletes must receive down and up calls for reps to count. Athletes must follow the implement all the way to the ground (dropping from the top will result in a no rep). Straps allowed. No suits or briefs allowed. Please see the Iron House Instagram to see the implement in action. 8" pick height.
  5. Max Height Stone Load: Athletes with the highest stone load over bar wins. Height starts at 44" for everyone with 2" jumps. Athletes have 45 seconds to complete each load. Miss one load the athlete is out  Athletes must complete a load at each height to advance (there will be no skipping any heights). Tacky and grip shirts allowed (USS shirts may NOT be worn).
Guy Davis Sports Complex
724 SE 10th St
Stuart, FL 34994
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Dec 16, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Alan Colley
Events and Weights
Division Log Press LadderYoke/Keg Run MedleyFarmers WalkUkrainian DeadliftMax Height Stone Load
Open W LW (140.4-)125/135/145450/165165325165
Open W MW (180.4-)135/145/155475/200175350200
Open W HW (+)155//165/175500/230185375230
Masters W Open125/135/145450/165165325165
Teen W Open85/100/110300/150130275150
Open M HW 275/285/315900/375330600350
Open M LW (175.4-)215/225/245600/250225450250
Open M MW (200.4-)225/235/255700/280250500275
Open M MW (231.4-)250/275/305800/300300550300
Masters M Open225/235/255700/280250500275
Teen M Open135/155/165475/200175350200

Regular Price
Registration Closes Dec 08, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
61 spots remain.