June 3, 2023

Pioneer presents Gainiac Nutrition USS Nationals 2023


Dallas, TX

ATTENTION long socks are no longer required on axle press or deadlift since it’s a smooth axle now. 

Order of events on day of::







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Grip Shirt Revis ONLY- 



Travel Information:

Airport options for USS Nationals 2023:

1. Travel Time from Dallas Love Field (DAL) to Hyatt Regency Dallas is 11 Minutes approximately 6 miles

2. Travel From, DFW Airport (DFW) to Hyatt Regency Dallas is 20 min approximately 18.5 miles. 

3. We recommend Uber or Lyft if not familiar with Dallas Traffic. 

4. Both Airports are close- more options out of DFW (All Airlines) then DAL (Southwest and Virgin only)

5. Car rentals are Alamo, Avis, Budget and Enterprise all reasonably priced if car is wanted.


Hotel Information:

Contest Hotel Link: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/DFWRD/G-STRO

      Hyatt Regency Dallas ($149 a night)

      300 Reunion Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207

      (214) 651-1234 or 877-803-7534

  1. Self Parking is $15 a day
  2. Valet Parking is $32 a day

Weigh Ins/Athlete Check In*:

1 EVERYONE MUST check-in on the 2nd, including SHW Classes- under age of 18 must have parent / guardian at check in

2 Location: Hyatt Regency Dallas- Meeting Rooms Downstairs (Once you arrive at hotel lobby you will take the escalator down)

3 Date: June 2nd 2023

4 Time:  Start at 8:30AM-4:30 PM ONLY!!


Rules Meeting will be at 5:39

1 Location: Hyatt Regency Dallas and Live Streamed (Link will be on FB and IG the day of)

2 Date: June 2nd 2023

3 Time: 5:30 PM

Registration Deadline: 

  1. May 1st 2023 at 12:01 AM .  Online entry must be submitted by this date.
  2. Contest will cap at 1000 Athletes
  3. Iron Podium is the only way to Register.
  4. www.ironpodium.com
  5. This is a no refund event if you have to withdraw no refund will be issued

Spectator Admission:

  1. All tickets will be sold via Iron Podium for Credit Card Purchases or you can pay $15 cash day of or Zelle.

Qualifying for Nationals: 

If you qualify in a specific DIVISION and CLASS (LW, MW, HW, SHW) then you may register to compete in either of the two weight cut-offs within that class. Example: You qualify as a 242 HW male. You may compete as a 242 or 275 HW. You MAY NOT go down to a MW. You would have to re-qualify as a MW. If, however, you qualify as a 220 MW male, you may compete as a 198 MW. If you need to move up to another weight class, such as a HW going to SHW, that is acceptable. 

Note that:

  1. LW Womens 50+ Masters is 165 lbs or less
  2. HW Women 50+ Masters is over 165 lbs
  3. LW Men Masters 50+ is 220 lbs or less
  4. HW Men Masters 50+ is over 220 lbs
  5. 60+ Mens Masters is one class

Events and Rules: 

as well as events are not inorder I will announce event order at a later date 

note all events are subject to change**

*For all events:

  1. No gloves of any kind except sandbag drag 
  2. No tacky/ tacky towel or spray tacky
  3. No Bare feet (skin to mat)
  4. Contest shirt or Revis Contest Grip Shirt must be worn for all events
  5. No build up belts (Only 1 hard and 1 soft allowed)
  6. Baby Powder for any event 


Axle Clean and Press for Reps: Smooth Axle (Weighs 25lbs empty) NOT KNURLED AXLE!!

This clearly does not say it is a wagon wheel axle clean and press please stop asking it is a standard axle from the floor NOT WAGON WHEELS. This is also not a clean and press away it is a clean and press each rep. 

  1. Athlete may start with hands on axle
  2. Belts cleans ARE allowed.
  3. Revis nationals grip shirts ONLY if you would like to wear a grip shirt
  4. Athlete will be given a 60 second time limit to lift the axle ground to overhead as many times as possible- must clean and press each rep, athlete WILL be given a down command when axle is fully locked out and feet are even.
  5. All kinds of pressing are allowed, split jerk, power jerk, push press
  6. If Athlete lose control of implement, such as rolls YOU must roll back to area to start pressing agin.

ITEMS ALLOWED: knee sleeves, Elbow sleeves, 1 soft belt, 1 hard belt either a leather pioneer style or a hard Velcro belt 1 or the other not both, foot coverings must be worn , wrist wraps, chalk, Revis nationals grip shirt.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: knee wraps, elbow wraps, straps tacky/tacky towel, any other grip shirts except Revis grip shirt, suits/briefs of any kind, no tree topping or dropping implement you will be given a zero no warnings period, NO Resting axle on head.


Wagon wheel 13” Axle Deadlift for Reps ( SMOOTH AXLE)

  1. Athlete will start off platform- on judges go command athlete will strap in or start lifting
  2. 60 second time limit to perform as many reps as possible. TOUCH AND GO REPS ARE NOT ALLOWED. BAR CANNOT REST ON TOP OF KNEES.
  3. Athlete will be given a down command once fully locked out.
  4. Hitching/ Ramping is allowed again bar cannot stop at the knees and Rest then finish pulling the bar.
  5. Must be wearing socks at minimum; may also wear shoes with them if desired.
  6. If Athlete pees, poops or vomits on platform athlete must clean up before walking off. This is not meant to attack anyone!!! Our insurance doesn’t cover blood born pathogens or anything else that can be passed through bodily fluids. We will provide cleaning supplies at all platforms.
  7. Hands must remain wrapped around the bar. Which means thumbs must maintain contact with bar. No lifting with the wrist.
  8. Deadlift Suits and briefs ALLOWED. One or the other not both!

ITEMS ALLOWED- knee sleeves, Elbow sleeves, 1 soft belt, 1 hard belt either a leather pioneer style or a hard Velcro belt 1 or the other not both, chalk, wrist wraps, Revis grip shirt, suits, straps, must always have a foot covering on.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED- Tacky/tacky towel, knee/elbow wraps, baby powder.


Giants Revis Sandbag Drag 

we have made a giant single sandbag similar to a CrossFit worm. weight 350lbs and under will be a 6ft long bag 400lbs and over will be a 12ft bag 

  1. This event is very similar to a giant chain drag. Athlete will start behind bag grab bag however you want there will be no handle. there is a handle athletes cannot grab handle. Athletes will drag sandbag down 65ft. athletes heels both heels must cross the line. you CANNOT use handle.
  2. bags will start in front of a line athletes must drag bag all the way down to opposing line for time to stop.
  3. Time limit 60 seconds- if not completed distance will be taken.

ITEMS ALLOWED- knee sleeves, Elbow sleeves, 1 soft belt, 1 hard belt either a leather pioneer style or a hard Velcro belt 1 or the other not both, chalk, wrist wraps, Revis grip shirt, briefs/ hot pant, must always have a foot covering on. Gloves are also allowed

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED- Tacky/tacky towel, knee/elbow wraps, baby powder, straps.


MAX Stix and Stone Texas Coin Hold 

  1. Spotter/ Loaders will hand athlete implement; arms will be extended and locked out in front with hands underneath implement.
  2. Once fully extended and in position time will start; max hold for time.
  3. Athletes back will be against a pillar at the event center- if butt and or shoulders come off the pillar at any time clock will stop.
  4. Split times will be given.
  5. SHOES MUST be worn.

ITEMS ALLOWED- Chalk and wrist wraps

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED- Tacky/tacky towel


Cerberus Strength USA- 5 Lever ladder Deadlift

all info on the lever deadlift such as specs and rough blue print on specs can be found on the Instagram page as well as the Facebook page

  1. Athlete will start hands on implement they will be given a 60 second time limit to lift and complete the lever ladder deadlifts 5 in total
  2. Athletes will have one handle they will attach handle and un-attach the handle each time.
  3. Time stops once you have locked out the final rep of the deadlift- Split time will be taken on the 3rd rep
  4. Suits and Straps are NOT ALLOWED in this event.

ITEMS ALLOWED- knee sleeves, Elbow sleeves, 1 soft belt, 1 hard belt either a leather pioneer style or a hard Velcro belt 1 or the other not both, chalk, wrist wraps, Revis grip shirt.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED- Tacky/tacky towel, knee/elbow wraps, straps, suits, briefs

Hyatt Regency Dallas
300 Reunion Blvd
Dallas, TX 75207
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Jun 03, 2023

Start Time
8:30 AM
Meet Director
Jonathon and Megan Lester

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Axle Clean and Press ( Smooth Axle)Wagon Wheel 13” Axle Deadlift (Smooth Axle)Revis Sandbag Drag MAX TIME- Stix and Stone Texas Coin Hold Cernerus Strength- 5 Lever deadlift
Open W HW (181-)20035030030130
Open W HW (198-)20035030030130
Open W LW (132-)1553002002090
Open W MW (148-)17532525025110
Open W SHW (+)22537535035160
Open W MW (165-)17532525025110
Open W LW (123-)1553002002090
Open W SHW (242-)22537535035160
Masters W HW (165+) 50+14522525025110
Masters W HW (+)17030030025130
Masters W LW (123-)1402252002590
Masters W LW (165-) 50+1252002002590
Masters W MW (165-)16027525025100
Masters W MW (148-)16027525025100
Masters W LW (132-)1402252002590
Teen W LW (165-)1102252002570
Teen W HW (165+)1302752502590
Open M LW (165-)25060045040290
Open M MW (198-)27565050045310
Open M MW (220-)27565050045310
Open M SHW (+)32575060055360
Open M HW (242-)30070055050340
Open M LW (181-)25060045040290
Open M HW (275-)30070055050340
Open M SHW (308-)32575060055360
Masters M HW (+)26550040035200
Masters Men 60+18535025025140
Masters M HW (220+) 50+25047530030180
Masters M HW (242-)26550040035200
Masters M MW (220-)22547530035160
Masters M LW (220-) 50+20040025030140
Masters M MW (198-)22547530035160
Teen M LW (220-)15035025025140
Teen M HW (220+)17540030030180

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 30, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 633 athletes.
126 spots remain.