April 1, 2023

2023 Louisiana’s Strongest Man


Baton Rouge, LA

The Atlas Strength Shop will be hosting the 2023 Louisiana’s Strongest Man April 1st 2023 at 10:00am

Weigh ins will be from 9:00am-12:00pm and again from 2:00pm-5:00pm on Friday March 31st then again at 8:00am on April 1st

Rules meeting Starts at 9:00am on Saturday April 1st

Rules: (Copies will be handed out at weigh ins as well)

Event 1: Viking Press; On the command “Start” Athletes grab the handles of the implement facing away from the fulcrum point towards the judge and will have 60 seconds to press the weight as many times as possible.  Leg drive is allowed but once the knees lock out they must not bend again. (Push press not jerk). Equipment Allowed: Grip Shirts, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belts, (soft belts too)

Event 2: Lever Ladder Deadlift;  Athlete will be given a handle prior to the start of the event. On the command “Start” the athlete will have 60 seconds to leave the fulcrum of the lever to attach the handle to the fixed point closest to the weight and deadlift it once.  They will then disconnect and move to the second point to deadlift once.  Then they will disconnect and reconnect to the point furthest from the weight and deadlift as many reps as possible with the time remaining.

Equipment Allowed: Deadlift Suits, Straps, Grip Shirt, Chalk, Knee Sleeve, Knee Wraps, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belt (soft belts too). We will not wait for you to put your deadlift suit on.


Event 3: Stix and Stone Husafell Carry; On the command “START” the athlete will pick the stone and carry it as far as they can with turn around points every 50 feet.  Every weight class using a 210 stone and above will use the Husafell Replica’s from Stix and Stone.  We will also include a point system.

Get air under the stone = 1 Point

Lap the Stone = 2 Points

Stone to Chest = 3 Points

Any Combination counts (ex. Attempt 1 to lap, Attempt 2 to Lap, Attempt 3 Air Underneath =5 Points)

Any amount of distance beats point combinations

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belt, Soft Belt, TACKY TOWLS ONLY

Event 4: Truck Pull; Athlete will be harnessed to the truck and handed a rope, on the command “Start” the athlete will have 60 seconds to pull the truck for 50 feet with everything they have.  I’m going to shoot to get military vehicles for this but if that’s not possible we have other plans.

Equipment Allowed: Shoe of Choice, Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belt, Soft Belt


Event 5: 3 Stone Over Bar Series; Athletes will begin the event with their forearms on the bar. On the command “Start” the athlete will have 60 seconds to load the stones over the bar in order from lightest to heaviest.

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Tacky, Stone Sleeves, Tape, Grip Shirts, Knee Sleeves,  Tacky will remain in the designated area ONLY.

The Atlas Strength Shop
2612 N Dumont Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70814
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Apr 01, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Cameron Ray

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Events and Weights
Division Viking PressLever Ladder DeadliftStix and Stone Husafell CarryTruck Pull3 Stone Over Bar Series
Novice Women (Single Class)100105, 140, 210150Truck95, 110, 180
Open W LW (132-)140130, 175, 265150Truck110, 180, 205
Open W MW (165-)140130, 175, 265185Truck110, 180, 205
Open W HW (198-)180210, 270, 410210Truck180, 205, 220
Open W SHW (+)180210, 270, 410210Truck180, 205, 220
Novice M LW (220-)180210, 270, 410210Truck180, 205, 220
Novice M HW (220+)200230, 300, 465210Truck205, 220, 240
Open M MW (220-)250280, 345, 550310Truck240, 265, 290
Open M SHW (+)290330, 440, 670409Truck265, 290, 310
Masters Men (Single Class)220230, 300, 465310Truck220, 240, 265

Early Bird Price
Available until Feb 01, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Mar 24, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
70 spots remain.