November 13, 2021

4th Annual Veterans Day Strongman Challenge


Lee's Summit, MO

4th Annual Veterans Day Strongman Challenge (INDOOR EVENT)


*United States Strongman, Inc. Nationals 2022 Qualifier*

2021 USS, Inc. Membership required.

 Weigh-ins (no exceptions): 

  • Friday 11/12/2021: 2-5pm at 206 SE 2nd St STE B, Lee's Summit, MO 64063
  • Saturday 11/13/2021: 8-9am at 1100 SE Century Dr, Lee's Summit, MO 64081

Athlete Meeting: 9:15am (mandatory for all athletes)

Contest time: 10:00am

Weight Classes:
LWW (132.4 and under)
MWW (132.5-165.4)
HWW (165.5-198.4)
SHWW (198.5 and above)


LWM (181.4 and under)
MWM (181.5-220.4)
HWM (220.5-275.4)
SHWM (275.5 and above)


ENTRY: $60 early bird for first 15 athletes, and $70 after that.

Spectator fee: $5 (purchase below by clicking “spectator tickets”) 

1st Place- Custom trophies! 
2nd and 3rd- Custom medals

*1st place in novice and top 3 in open classes get bid to USS Inc Nationals 2022




  • Axle Clean and Press Away
    - 60 seconds time limit
  • - Competitor will clean the axle from the ground and press above head as many times as possible
  • - Athlete must wait for the judges down command
  • Allowed: Wrist wraps, belts, chalk, grip shirts, sleeves
  • Not allowed: Tacky, SC/OSG grip shirts


  • Deadlift Medley (Barbell, Axle, and Trap Bar)
    - 60 second time limit
  • - Deadlift the Barbell once, Axle once, and Trap Bar for AMRAP in the remaining time
  • - Score given for most total reps
  • - Judge must give down command for completed lift – hips and knees locked.
  • - Allowed: Straps, belts, suits, and hitching
  • - Not allowed: Sumo and baby oil


  • Sled Pull
    - 60 second time limit
  • - 50ft course
  • - 2” Rope
  • - Anyone that does not finish, total distance will be measured
  • - Sled is pulled hand over hand via a rope
  • - Competitor will sit on ground with feet against yoke
  • - Competitors are responsible for clearing rope as they pull
  • - Allowed: Sleeves, belts, wrist wraps, gloves, and belts
  • - Not allowed: Tacky or baby oil


  • Yoke Walk & Sandbag Carry Medley
    - - 60 second time limit
  • - 50ft course
  • - Competitor will begin on judge’s command
  • - Yoke will be carried 50ft
  • - Competitor returns to start, lifts lighter sandbag, runs 50ft back and loads over yoke
  • - Competitor returns to start, lifts heavier sandbag, runs 50ft back and loads over yoke
  • - Time ends once second sandbag is loaded over yoke
  • - If the competitor fails to complete the entire medley their distance will be measured
  • - Allowed: Grip shirts, belts, chalk, sleeves, wrist wraps
  • - Not allowed: No tacky, SC/OSG grip shirts
Active Strength Co.
1100 SE Century Dr
Lee's Summit, MO 64081
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Nov 13, 2021

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Matthew Sefton

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Axle C&P AwayDeadlift MedleySled PullYoke/Sandbag Medley
Novice Women (Single Class)95185-185-205275325-100-135
Open W LW (132-)95205-205-225275325-100-135
Open W MW (165-)115205-205-225300375-100-135
Open W HW (198-)125225-225-250325400-135-175
Open W SHW (+)135250-250-275350430-135-175
Masters Women (Single Class)95185-185-205275325-100-135
Hero Women (Single Class)95185-185-205275325-100-135
Novice Men (Single Class)205405-405-425400500-220-220
Open M LW (181-)205475-475-500400500-220-220
Open M MW (220-)225550-550-575450550-220-265
Open M HW (275-)275600-600-625500600-220-265
Open M SHW (+)295625-625-650550650-265-310
Masters Men (Single Class)205405-405-425400500-220-220
Hero Men (Single Class)205405-405-425400500-220-220

Regular Price
Registration Closes Oct 22, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
14 spots remain.