December 7, 2024

5280’s Strongest 2


Denver, CO

5280's Strongest 2
December 7, 2024

Venue: Niks Performance Training Facility

              1338 S. Valentia St. 

              Denver, Co. 80247

Time: 10:00 AM

Weigh-Ins: 12/06/2024   6:00 PM-8:00 PM

                    12/07/2024    8:00 AM-9:00 AM

Early Bird: First 10 signups

Spectator Fee: $5

Parking: Athletes and spectators can park anywhere except the brewery parking lot.

Allowed: Wrist wraps, knee/elbow sleeves/wraps, lifting straps, 1 soft belt/ 1 hard belt, gloves(keg event only), and chalk

Not Allowed: Tacky

Event 1: MAX LOG (RISING BAR METHOD) (30 seconds per attempt)

Men-20 LB jumps (12" Log)

Women-10 LB jumps  (12" Log)    Novice Women (10" Log)

Each athlete will have a total of 3 attempts. Athletes will have :30 seconds for each lift. Miss one and you are out. Achieve all 3 attempts the athlete will be given a optional 4th attempt. Athletes can jump in whatever weight they want and have the option to skip weight. SC and Cerberus strength grip shirts only!!!

Event 2: 13" Axle Deadlift (60 seconds)

Athletes will be given 60 seconds to achieve as many reps possible. Athletes will be allowed to strap in before time starts. Athletes will be given a down command and MUST WAIT FOR THE JUDGE TO GIVE THE DOWM COMMAND!!!! No tap n' go

Event 3: Yoke Carry 100' (60 seconds)

Athlete must carry the yoke down and back. Athlete will be given unlimited drops. Slide penalty will be 5 seconds added to the athletes time. The back of the yoke must pass the 50' marker and finish line. 

Event 4: Power Stairs(60 seconds)

Athletes will start 5 feet behind the first power handle. Athletes must lift 3 total power handles and the handles must be on the top step before advancing to the next handle. Hands must be off on the last handle for time to stop. 

Event 5: Head 2 Head Keg Over Bar(30 seconds per lift)

Two athletes will start at the yoke. Athletes will be given 30 seconds to achieve each lift. After one of the athletes cannot achieve the lift, the next athlete in line will take the previous athletes place. 


Meet Director

Huy D Le



Niks Performance Training Facility
1338 S Valentia St
Denver, CO 80247
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Dec 07, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Huy Le

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Events and Weights
Division Max Log13" Axle DeadliftPower StairsYoke CarryHead 2 head keg over bar
Novice WMAX200100/125/150300100
Open W LW (140.4-)MAX250150/175/200360125
Open W MW (180.4-)MAX300200/225/250400150
Open W HW (+)MAX350250/275/300460175
Masters W MAX250150/175/200360100
Novice M MAX400250/275/300500200
Open M LW (175.4-)MAX550300/325/350550225
Open M MW (231.4-)MAX600350/375/400600250
Open M HW (300.4-)MAX650400/425/450700275
Open M SHW (+)MAX700450/475/500800300
Masters M TBD550300/325/350550225

Early Bird Price
Only 10 available.

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 17, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
50 spots remain.
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