July 30, 2022

563 Strongman Classic V


Dubuque, IA

We're ready to bring you our longest running event, The 563 Strongman Classic V at the Dubuque County Fair!!!!

Weigh-ins- Friday 7/29 5p-8p at Earned Not Given Barbell. 3125 Cedar Crest Ridge Suite A. Meet day 7/30 7a-8a on site at event location.

Athletes, to guarantee yourself a shirt, please sign up by 7/18. Thank you!

Rules: 8:15a Meet Day

First Event begins sharply at 9a.


Entrance to the Fair: When walking into the Dubuque County Fair, tell the gate that you are there to compete at the Strongman Event that day and they will let you right in. Friends and Family will have to pay admission into the fair however. 


  1. Axel Press Medley- Three axles laid out in ladder form. Designated start point behind first axel (5ft behind). Clean and press first axel, fully locked, feet together, head through, down command given and move on until all three implements are lifted. 60 second time limit. Time will stop when down command is given on third axel. Athlete must bring bar down under control. If bar is dropped from over head, a 10 second penalty will be added to your time. If all three implements aren't completed, it is a zero for this event. Elbow sleeves OK, wrist wraps OK, Grip shirts OK. NO TACKY.
  2. Tractor Push/Pull- Athlete will start with hands on push bar, when ready athlete will push the implement 25'. Once the implement crosses the line, the athlete will grab the pull chain and pull the implement back to original starting point. 50' total course. Athlete to complete the course the fastest, wins.
  3. Super Yoke- Two attempts to put more weight on the bar than the next person. 50lb jumps minimum for men until weight crosses the 750lb barrier. Then it'll drop to 25lb minimums jumps to finish. 25lb jumps minimum for women. 25' course. Fastest to get full implement across finish line wins. One drop allowed. If implement is dragged across the finish line, a 10 second penalty will be added to the athletes time. 60 second time limit to complete the course. Grip Shirts are OK.
  4. Car Deadlift- Athletes can start strapped into implement. Athlete will deadlift the implement to full lockout and then be given the down command when fully locked out. 60 second time limit. Straps OK, Wrist wraps OK, NO TACKY.
  5. Trial by Stone- Load, Carry, Shoulder in that order. Women will load to a 48" height and Men will load to 52". Once the implement is loaded, the athlete will grab the next stone and carry it 25' to the final stone. Once the second stone is set down under control, the athlete will then shoulder the third stone. Bringing it to shoulder, extending their other arm to the side and under control. If any stone is dropped from shoulder height there will be a 10 second penalty given. All three implements must be completed or it will be a zero for this event. TACKY IS OK. GRIP SHIRTS OK.
  6. TIE BREAKER- In the event of a tie, athletes will be subjected to the ultimate test of grit and determination, THE TUG O WAR. This will take place in the sand pit. Who will walk out victorious? Thats up to you!

Awards will be given for 1st-3rd place finishers. A best lifter award will be given to the highest Women's and Mens Super Yoke.

If you're looking for a great hotel to stay at we highly recommend the Hotel Julien Dubuque! 

Dubuque County Fairgrounds & Event Center
14569 Old Hwy Rd
Dubuque, IA 52002
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Jul 30, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Ken Johnson

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Axel Press Medley Tractor Push/PullSuper YokeCar DeadliftTrial By Stone
Novice Women (Single Class)60/80/100TBDMAXTBD135/90/105
Open W LW (132-)80/100/120TBDMAXTBD135/90/105
Open W MW (165-)100/120/140TBDMAXTBD160/105/135
Open W HW (198-)120/140/160TBDMAXTBD205/135/160
Open W SHW (+)140/160/180TBDMAXTBD215/205/160
Masters Women (Single Class)100/120/140TBDMAXTBD160/105/135
Novice Men (Single Class)140/160/180TBDMAXTBD215/205/160
Open M LW (181-)160/180/200TBDMAXTBD240/205/215
Open M MW (220-)180/200/220TBDMAXTBD260/205/215
Open M HW (275-)200/220/240TBDMAXTBD315/215/240
Open M SHW (+)220/240/260TBDMAXTBD320/240/250
Masters Men (Single Class)180/200/220TBDMAXTBD260/205/215

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jul 30, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
10 spots remain.