June 26, 2022

Alaska Scottish Strongman


Palmer, AK

2nd Annual strongman show held at the Alaska Scottish Highland games. 

This is the Start/first show of the Alaska Strongman Season  2022-2023. 

We are opening up to Teen Division!!! 

Event 1: Sandbag toss over bar max reps

The Athlete will have 60 seconds to get as many bags over the bar as possible. The athlete will stand with their back towards the uprights. The Athlete will throw each bag over their head using one or two hands. The sandbag must go over the bar within the inside of the uprights to be counted. The sandbag may touch the crossbar as it goes over. As soon as the bag goes over the crossmember the athlete can go grab another bag and begin to throw. once the last bag hits the ground time will stop. Fastest time to get all the bags over the bar wins.

Women’s height of crossbar 10ft 

Men’s height of crossbar 12ft

Equipment allowed: Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow sleeves, Knee Wraps, Elbow Wraps, Wrist wraps, Belts,

Equipment not allowed: Tacky, Tacky TowelSupportive Suits, Straps, built up belts 


Event 2: Keg Over bar

60 second time limit. Athlete must start with hands on crossbar. Keg will be placed laying down and must be lifted over the crossbar on its side to be counted. Keg must completely cross over the bar with hands off to count the rep. Athlete may not use the crossbar or upright for leverage to move the keg over the bar. 

Crossbar height: TBD

Equipment allowed: Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow sleeves, Knee Wraps, Elbow Wraps, Wrist wraps, Belts,

Equipment not allowed: Tacky, Tacky TowelSupportive Suits, Straps, built up belts 


Event 3 Chain Drag: 

60 second time limit. Athlete can begin with hands on the handles. On the command Go the athlete will drag the chains backwards to the opposite sideline. Once crossing the sideline, the athlete then can turn around and begin going back in the opposite direction, again same must be completed if Athlete reaches the opposite sideline again. Athlete keeps going until time runs out and distance will be measured. 

Distance: TBD

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Knee sleeves, Knee wraps, Elbow wraps, Elbow sleeves, Belts, Wrist wraps, Gloves

Equipment NOT Allowed: Tacky or Towel Tacky, Supportive suits, Straps, Figure 8 straps, 


Event 4: Circus Dumbbell Me

60 second time limit. Athlete will start standing in front of dumbbell. On the GO command the athlete can then began to clean & press the dumbbell for as many reps as possible before time runs out. Athlete must clean & press the dumbbell each time for a rep to count. The dumbbell must touch the ground before the athlete begins to clean & press the dumbbell again.

A Good lift: Athlete must clean & press the dumbbell fully above head with arm and legs locked. While showing control. Once the signal is given for a good lift the athlete must return the dumbbell to the floor under control. Dropping the dumbbell will result in a “NO Lift” (unless the athlete is clearly bailing from an attempt)

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Knee sleeves, Knee Wraps, Elbow sleeves, Wrist wraps, Elbow wraps, Belts,

Equipment NOT Allowed: Tacky or Towel Tacky, Supportive suits,


Event: 5 medley 


Event 6: Record breaker

If not registering for the Strongman event but would like to do the Record Breaker 

Registration Link https://alaskanscottish.regfox.com/2022ashgheavyevents

Farmer’s Carry for Distance

Max Distance. No time-limit. 50ft. course. Athletes may start with hands on the implements.  Implement will start on the ground.  Athletes must travel around the cone before returning.  Drops are not permitted.  Distance will be measured at the end of the trailing implement. 

Equipment Allowed: Belt, Knee wraps or sleeves, chalk.

Equipment NOT Allowed: Tacky, Straps, Lifting Hooks

This is a Record Breaker event and is a highland tradition and is added as an extra event this is soley a record breaking event and all competitors who register will be put in and able to compete in event but this DOES NOT count toward your score for the Strongman Show. You are entered in and have option to do the event. 

-Current Record Below-

ASHG Farmers Walk Records
This event is open to anyone.   The rules are simple.  Carry two heavy weights as far as possible.  The course is set up around pylons or markers set 150’ apart.  The weights are approximately “12 stone” each.  In Scotland a stone is a weight measure equivalent to 14 pounds, so "12 stone" is 168 pounds.  Our weights are actually a little heavier than this.  They weigh in at 173 pounds each for a total of 346 pounds.  The women’s weights are 92 pounds each or a total of 184 pounds.
Men's - Top 10
536'5''Jody Potosky2013Anchorage, Alaska
486'8''Jody Potosky2010Anchorage, Alaska
483’10’’Jody Potosky2016Anchorage, Alaska
457'  3"  Jason Barkemeyer2008Eagle River, Alaska
454'0''Jody Potosky2019Anchorage, Alaska
452- 1’’Jody Potosky2009Anchorage, Alaska
450’  0”  Alex Lutton2010Anchorage, Alaska
439'  3"  Zach Easter2008Wasilla, Alaska
436'  6"Zach Easter2009Wasilla, Alaska
432’  5”  Joel Thiessen2006Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Women's - Top 10
724'3''Kelsie Sullivan2015Anchorage, Alaska
646'2''Emily Burchett2018Wheatland, Wyoming
617'10''Jarvina Routt2018Buena Park, California
600'0''Jeni McDaniel2014Anchorage, Alaska
552'2''Jessica Bridenthal2018Akron, Ohio
547'9''Karyn Dalllimore2015Langley, British Columbia, Canada
545'2''Heather MacDonald2018Phoenix, Arizona
519'8''Heather Rasmussen2014Anchorage, Alaska
458'8''Mitzi Anderson2018Anchorage, Alaska
450'0''Kelsie Sullivan (Lance)2014Eagle River, Alaska



Alaska State Fair Grounds
2075 Glenn Hwy
Palmer, AK 99645
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Jun 26, 2022

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Candace Zinn

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Events and Weights
Division Sandbag tossKeg over barChain DragCircus Dumbell Medley Farmer Carry Record Breaker
Novice Women (Single Class)207520050TBDMax Distance
Open W LW (123-)2010020060TBDMax Distance
Open W LW (132-)2010020060TBDMax Distance
Open W MW (148-)2012520070TBDMax Distance
Open W MW (165-)2012520070TBDMax Distance
Open W HW (181-)2015020080TBDMax Distance
Open W HW (198-)2015020080TBDMax Distance
Open W SHW (242-)2017520090TBDMax Distance
Open W SHW (+)2017520090TBDMax Distance
Masters Women (Single Class)2010020060TBDMax Distance
Teen W LW (165-)TBD7510045TBDMax Distance
Teen W HW (165+)TBD7510045TBDMax Distance
Novice Men (Single Class)4010040080TBDMax Distance
Open M LW (165-)4015040090TBDMax Distance
Open M LW (181-)4015040090TBDMax Distance
Open M MW (198-)40175400120TBDMax Distance
Open M MW (220-)40175400120TBDMax Distance
Open M HW (242-)40200400140TBDMax Distance
Open M HW (275-)40200400140TBDMax Distance
Open M SHW (308-)40225400160TBDMax Distance
Open M SHW (+)40225400160TBDMax Distance
Masters Men (Single Class)4015040090TBDMax Distance
Teen M LW (220-)TBD7510060TBDMax Distance
Teen M HW (220+)TBD7510060TBDMax Distance

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 26, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
37 spots remain.
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