February 12, 2022

All Valley Strongman Championship


West Chester, PA

From the promoters who bring you Beer Muscles...

Join us in crowning THE ALL (Delaware) VALLEY STRONGMAN CHAMPION! Prepare for feats of strength, 80s music, and lots of headbands.


Strongman Corporation Sanctioned Competition

  • Competitors will qualify for 2022 Strongman Corporation Nationals and/or 2023 Regionals depending on the number of competitors in each division
  • All competitors (including novice) must have active Strongman Corporation membership to compete


Event Descriptions

  1. Loading Medley (keg, stone, sandbag): Athlete will carry and then load the implements over a bar. Fastest time to load all 3 implements wins. Athletes will get credit for each implement loaded, but no split times will be taken. Time is capped at 60 seconds. Keg will be placed roughly 20 ft from the bar. Stone will be roughly 15ft from the bar. Sandbag will be roughly 5ft from the bar. Women will load over a 44" bar. Novice Men will load over a 48" platform. Open Men will load over a 52" platform. NO TACKY, NO GRIP SHIRTS.
  2. Fat Gripz Duck Walk Hold: Athlete will hold a duck walk pin with Fat Gripz handles (Rogue pin with blue Fat Gripz) for max time. Time starts when athlete's knees and hips are locked out and ends when the athlete loses their grip and the implement touches the floor/mat. Longest time wins. Belt is allowed, chalk is allowed (liquid or powder). NO other grip assistance of any kind is allowed.
  3. Log Clean & Press: Athlete will clean and press a log as many times as possible in 60 seconds, cleaning every rep. Athlete will receive a "down" command when knees, hips, and elbows are locked out and feet are on a straight line. The log must be controlled to the floor (be reasonable). Women will lift a 10" log. Men will lift a 12" log. Belt, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves are fine. NO GRIP SHIRTS.
  4. Zercher Yoke Carry: Athlete will carry a yoke Zercher-style (in elbow crease in front of body) down and back on a 50ft course (100ft total, drop and re-pick at 50ft). Athlete will be allowed one drop total for the entire run (excluding the drop to re-pick). No sliding (2-second slide penalty will be applied at judge's discretion). Bar may NOT rest on the belt. Fastest time wins. Credit will be given for distance in full foot increments (ex. 12'6" will be scored as 12'). 60 second time limit to complete the course. Belt, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, chalk are all allowed. NO GRIP SHIRTS. No suits, knee wraps, or anything considered "gear" in geared powerlifting.
  5. Basket "Death"lift: Athlete will start by completing one rep on a pre-loaded basket deadlift with side handles (pick height roughly 15"). The athlete will then load a sandbag into the basket and pull another rep. Then load another sandbag, pull another rep, continuing until all 4 sandbags are loaded. After loading the last sandbag the athlete will pull as many reps as possible at that weight. Sandbags must be loaded into the designated area of the basket and may NOT be loaded on top of any kegs/weights already in the basked (except other sandbags). Athlete will receive a "down" command when knees and hips are fully locked out (there is no "up" command). Bar must remain in hands (not just hanging from straps). Time cap is 60 seconds. Belt and knee sleeves (not wraps) are allowed. Straps are allowed (including Figure 8's), and athlete must strap in on their own time (after "3-2-1-Go"). NO SUITS, BRIEFS, or anything considered "gear" in geared powerlifting.

Volunteer Registration: https://forms.gle/D2AowwtHqFYee39o8

Questions? Email info@thepowerplantgym.com

Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.

Gage Strength Training
325 Westtown Rd
West Chester, PA 19382
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Feb 12, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Katie Feeley
Events and Weights
Division Loading Medley (keg, stone, sandbag)Fat Gripz Duck Walk Hold (for time)Log Clean & Press (reps)Zercher Yoke Carry (down & back)Basket "Death"lift (reps)
Novice W LW (140.4-)100/115/13522585170TBD
Novice W MW (180.4-)125/115/135245105220TBD
Novice W HW (+)175/145/150265135260TBD
Open W LW (140.4-)150/145/15025595220TBD
Open W MW (160.4-)175/145/175300115260TBD
Open W MW (180.4-)175/145/175300135260TBD
Open W HW (+)200/175/200325165290TBD
Novice M LW (175.4-)175/145/175360175290TBD
Novice M MW (231.4-)200/175/200385215320TBD
Novice M SHW (+)250/215/250410235350TBD
Open M LW (175.4-)225/175/200410215350TBD
Open M MW (200.4-)250/215/250445235400TBD
Open M MW (231.4-)250/215/250445235400TBD
Open M HW (264.5-)300/250/315465250425TBD
Open M SHW (+)300/250/315475275450TBD

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 29, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
28 spots remain.