February 11, 2023

All Valley Strongman Championship: Round 2


West Chester, PA

From the promoters who bring you Beer Muscles, All Out Strongfest, and the Original All Valley Strongman Championship...

Join us in crowning THE NEXT ALL (Delaware) VALLEY STRONGMAN CHAMPION! Prepare for feats of strength, 80s music, and lots of headbands.


Strongman Corporation Sanctioned Competition

  • Competitors will qualify for 2023 Strongman Corporation Nationals and/or 2023 Regionals depending on the number of competitors in each division
  • All competitors (including novice) must have active Strongman Corporation membership to compete
  • Note that "Strongman Corporation" (aka "NAS") is not the same as "United States Strongman" (aka "USS"). Please make sure your membership is active for the correct federation.

Weight Class Notes: Teen and Masters classes are "open" meaning there is only one weight class for each. If you're a lighter bodyweight, considering competing in Novice or Open if the Masters/Teen weights are too heavy. If weight classes are combined, the combined class will use the lower weights (eg. if LW and MW are combined, we'll use the LW weights).

Weigh-Ins will be at the following times and locations. There are NO exceptions to these times. ALL athletes must weigh in (including HW and Novice).

  • Friday 2/10 at Power Plant Gym: 7:30-9am, 4-6pm
  • Saturday 2/11 @ Gage Strength Training: 7:30-8:30am


Event Descriptions

  1. Yoke & Press Medley (yoke carry, axle press): Athlete has 60 seconds to carry a yoke 30ft down and back, then immediately clean and press an axle for max reps with the remaining time. The axle will be clean and press away (i.e. you do not need to clean every rep). Any style of clean and press is allowed (including belt cleans and split jerks). Front of yoke must cross the line at each end. "Down" commands will be given on the press when the weight is locked out overhead and feet are on a straight line. Athlete must remain in control of the bar at all times, including on the way down. Dropping is okay, but it needs to be fully controlled. Score is the number of completed presses. You must complete the yoke carry to register a score for the event. No split times will be taken on the yoke. Yoke is a Rogue Y-1 yoke. Axle is a Rogue 25# axle. Axle weights below 165# will be standard bumper plates. Axle weights 165# and over will be 70# Rogue bumpers (Rogue "26'er" i.e. a 13" pick). Allowed Equipment: belt, knee sleeves/wraps, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk (liquid or powder). NO GRIP SHIRTS, NO built up belts (an "under" belt and an "over" belt, and that's it), NO suits/briefs.
  2. Husafell Carry: Athlete will carry a Husafell 40ft down and back for time. The implement will start on the floor (hands off) and needs to be placed upright on a mat at the end of the carry. Time stops when the Husafell is upright on the mat and hands off the implement. Fastest time wins. Time is capped at 60 sec. NO drops allowed. The Husafell is a metal Titan plate-loadable Husafell. Allowed Equipment: belt, chalk (liquid or powder), knee sleeves/wraps, elbows sleeves, wrist wraps, tacky-free gloves. NO GRIP SHIRTS and nothing sticky.
  3. Deadlift Medley (Dinnie Pins, Deadlift Bar, 13" Axle): Athlete will complete ONE rep on the Dinnie Pins, TWO reps on a deadlift bar, and THREE reps on a 13" axle. Fastest time to complete the medley wins. Time capped at 60 seconds. Every rep counts, but split times will not be taken. Athlete will receive a "down" command when knees and hips are locked out. All reps must be controlled to the floor. NO STRAPS for ANY of the deadlift implements (in the traditional Dinnie Stone style, bring your best grip!!!). Dinnie Pins are from Cerberus, and the weights are listed as "heavy/tall + light/short." Deadlift bar is an Ohio Deadlift Bar. Axle is a Rogue 25# axle with 70# bumpers (Roger "26'er"). Allowed Equipment: belt, knee sleeves/wraps, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk (liquid or powder). NO SUITS/BRIEFS. No straps for any implement. Nothing sticky.
  4. Keg Over Bar: Athlete will load a keg over a bar as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Keg starts laying on its side, parallel to the bar. Athlete starts with hands palm-up on the bar. For every rep, the keg must be taken from the ground, NOT from the mat/tire that it falls onto. If you put it over clean and controlled, we'll return it in a timely manner. Bar heights: All women will be at 44". Men's teen, novice LW, and novice MW will be at 48". All other classes will be 52". Weights under 150# will be standard metal kegs filled with water. Weights 150# and over will be a MB Power Center Power Keg. Bar will be a padded Rogue Y-1 Yoke crossbar. Allowed Equipment: belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, non-tacky gloves, chalk (liquid or powder). NO grip shirts, NO tacking/anything sticky, NO suits/briefs.
  5. Sandbag Shoulder & Carry: Athlete has a max of 60 seconds to complete the following... light sandbag to shoulder 3 times + 15ft carry, moderate sandbag to shoulder 2 times + 15ft carry, heavy sandbag to shoulder. Once the sandbag is on the shoulder for the final rep on that bag, the athlete may carry the bag on the shoulder to the next "station." Bags will be in a straight line. Athlete must wait for a "down" command on the sandbag. "Down" command will be given when the athlete is standing upright with feet on a straight line, sandbag balanced fully on the shoulder, and opposite hand is off the bag. Every rep counts (each carry counts as one "rep"). No split times will be taken. Time stops when athlete receives a "down" command on the last bag. Allowed Equipment: belt, knee sleeves/wraps, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, non-tacky gloves, chalk (liquid or powder). NO grip shirts, nothing sticky, no suits/briefs.

Volunteer Registration: coming in December

Questions? Email info@thepowerplantgym.com

Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.

Gage Strength Training
325 Westtown Rd
West Chester, PA 19382
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Feb 11, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Katie Feeley

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Events and Weights
Division Yoke & Press MedleyHusafell CarryDeadlift Medley (Dinnie/DL bar/13" axle)Keg Over BarSandbag Shoulder & Carry
Novice W HW (+)310/95110155+120/185/18585100/100/125
Open W MW (180.4-)400/145190215+165/265/265150125/150/175
Open W HW (+)450/165210240+180/285/285175150/175/200
Novice M LW (175.4-)450/165210240+180/315/305200150/175/200
Novice M MW (231.4-)500/185230260+200/435/425250175/200/225
Novice M SHW (+)550/205270290+225/455/445275200/200/225
Open M LW (175.4-)500/185250280+215/435/425200175/200/225
Open M MW (231.4-)600/225310310+240/535/525275225/225/250
Open M SHW (+)650/255330330+255/555/545300225/225/250
Teen M Open (no weight limit)350/135130215+165/265/265150100/125/150

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 24, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
27 spots remain.