August 6, 2022

America's Strongest Veteran 2022 (ASV)


Fredericksburg, VA

A fully sanctioned United States Strongman contest.


Guest judge: Gabriele Burgholzer - USA Active Duty and Pro Strongwoman, John Flagg -Power lifter and owner of Rebuild Stronger

* Note: Please include your Branch of Service behind your last name for your shirts! *

Fingal's Fingers
Sandbag Throw

Chian Drag for distance
Yoke Run and Farmers Carry Medley

Stone Series 

Semi-Finals (5 athletes)
Overhead Press Medley 

Finals (2 athletes)
Power Stairs Run

This is a United States Strongman (USS) Strongman Competition. Current membership will be required of all athletes.

Registration: $100. Includes a T-Shirt, challenge coin, and event photographer.
* Early Registration is $85.00 and ends on July 8th, 2021.
* Note: Registration after July 8,2021 will not come with a T-Shirt or Challenge Coin. Please make sure you sign up early!

* $10 spectator fee at the door

OPEN Veteran Classes:
M/F Marine Corps LW/HW
M/F Army LW/HW
M/F Navy LW/HW
M/F Air Force LW/HW
M/F Coast Guard LW/HW
LW/HW cutoff for Veteran OPEN classes is 220 Males/165 Females

Auxiliary (Guest) Classes:
Spouses M/F 
Active duty 
Teen Male Military Kid 14-19
Teen Female Military Kid 14-19
Veteran Male Masters 40+
Veteran Female Masters 40+
LW/HW cutoff for Auxiliary classes is 220 Males/165 Females

Trophies for 1st through 3rd place in each Veteran and Auxiliary class, and for the winners of the Veteran Open Semi-final Event.

The top Male and Female lightweight and heavyweight will be awarded America's Top Veteran

Organized by: Jess Guilbeau, Elyse Lawrence, and Morgan Patterson

Questions? 12gironclub@gmail.com or Message us on FB

Date/Time: Saturday, August 6th at 9am. Mandatory rules meeting at 8:30. Check in begins at 7am, all athletes must be checked in by 8:15am. No refunds, no transfers. Weigh in will occur at Check in with an optional early weigh in / check in on Friday August 5th from 6pm to 9pm. 
$10 spectator fee.

COVID-19 cancelation policy: Virginia is currently open and following mask mandates. We will take all precautions necessary to run an event including limiting numbers and space. But if the state backtracks, and we cannot run the event, registrations will be refunded (Announced by July 



Location: Crossfit 12 Gauge Gym 11050 Pierson Drive, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408

Sportsmanship is required before, during, and after the event. And that includes any branch-to-branch rivalry; let's keep it fun! This is the best sport in the world, let's work together to keep it that way.



Veteran Open and Auxiliary classes will all complete the initial five events just like any normal strongman competition.


IF you are in the Veteran Open class, each branch will compete within their branch to identify their "champion". This will result in a 1st place Marine, 1st place Soldier, 1st place Sailor, etc. Once the champions have been identified (1 each for Male and Female, Lightweight and Heavyweight), the 5 branches will unite behind their champion to cheer them on in the semi-final event: Overhead press medley! Log, Axle, Mouser Block.

Finals will be a Head-to-head matchup of the top 2 from the semis going at the powerstairs to see who will claim AMERICA'S STRONGEST VETERAN 2022!


IF you are in any other class (Auxiliary/Guest), we will take the top three in each class: Top three Male Masters 40+, Top three Female Masters 40+, Top three Male Teens, Top three Female Teens, etc. These three will compete in the semi-final Log/Deadlift to find the top 2, then the final Stone Series to determine final placing.

However, please remember this is a Veteran-specific strongman competition: Only the Veteran Open Classes are competing for the title of America's Strongest Veteran.

Please join me in honoring our vets with this event!

Event #1: Fingal's Fingers
60 seconds. The athlete will flip their Fingal's Fingers from lightest to heaviest. Split times will be recorded to determine placing if the athlete does not complete the series.

Female LW - 100/200/300/400
Female HW - 200/300/400/500
Female Masters/Teens - 100/200/300/400
Male LW - 200/300/400/500
Male HW - 200/300/400/500
Male Masters/Teens - 200/300/400/500
* Allowed: Grip Shirts, Wrist Straps, Elbow Sleeves, Knee Sleeves, Belt, Chalk, Receiver Gloves
* Not Allowed: No Tacky, Tacky Towel, Straps

Event #2: Sandbag Toss - Height for ALL females and teens will be 12' and ALL men's will be 15'. 
60 seconds. Must start with right hand on the Rig. Will run up 10 feet Pick up one bag and toss one bag at time, lightest to heaviest.  You may not throw two bags at the same time. 
* Allowed: Chalk'
* Not Allowed: No Tacky, Tacky Towel, Straps, Gloves

Height for ALL females and teens will be 12' and ALL men's will be 15'. 

Event #3: Yolk Run to Farmers Carry Medley

The event is a medley for time. 50 feet down carrying the Yolk and 50 feet back with a farmers carry. 

Female LW – 225/125
Female HW - 300/175
Female Masters - 225/125
Female Teens - 200/100
Male LW - 500/210
Male HW - 600/250
Male Masters- 500/210
Male Teens - 375/180
* Allowed: Grip Shirt, Elbow Sleeves, Chalk
* Not Allowed: No Tacky, Tacky Towel, Straps, Elbow Wraps

Event #4: Anchors Away Chain Drag
Remember the anchor chains from last year? Yup! They are back! 60 seconds. Backwards chain drag for distance! 
All Classes - Freaking heavy
* Allowed: Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belt
* Not Allowed: No Tacky, Tacky Towel, Straps

Event #5: Stone series
60 seconds. One competitor at a time. Increasing weight, decreasing height. Sleeves, grip shirts, vet tape. Heights will start descending from 50" for female, 56" for male

Female LW - 5 stones progressing from 95 to 175
Female HW - 5 stones progressing from 115 to 210
Female Masters - 5 stones progressing from 95 to 175
Female Teens - 5 stones progressing from 95 to 175
Male LW - 5 stones progressing from 175 to 300
Male HW - 5 stones progressing from 210 to 330
Male Masters - 5 stones progressing from 175 to 300
Male Teens - 5 stones progressing from 175 to 300
* Allowed: Grip Shirts, Belt, Chalk, Tacky Towel
* Not Allowed: No Tacky, Stone Straps

SEMI-FINAL EVENT: Overhead Press Medley 

60 seconds to press all 3 implements. One athlete at a time and will start at log, wait for judges "Go" command. Competitor must follow implement down, NO DROPPING FROM OVERHEAD! 

Log, Axle, Mouser block

Female LW: 105/125/95

Female HW: 150/170/110

Female Masters: 125/140/95

Female Teen: 70/100/85

Male LW: 220/230/200

Male HW: 240/250/220

Male Masters: 220/230/200

Male Teens: 175/195/160

Allowed: Grip shirt, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, chalk

Not Allowed: Suits, tacky, straps


Details to come

Power Stairs - Titan duck walk handle 
60 seconds. HEAD-TO-HEAD. Increasing weight. No lifting with elbows. 

Female LW - 175/210/245
Female HW - 245/280/315
Female Masters -175/210/245
Female Teens - 140/175/210
Male LW - 225/270/315
Male HW - 315/360/405
Male Masters - 225/270/315
Male Teens - 175/210/240
* Allowed: Belt, Chalk, Tacky Towel
* Not Allowed: No Tacky, No Wrist Straps

Winner is crowned America's Strongest Veteran.

Find and follow us on Facebook for updates and sponsor details! 


CrossFit 12 Gauge
11050 Pierson Dr
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
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Aug 06, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Jessica Guilbeau, Elyse Lawrence, Morgan Patterson

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Fingal FingersBag ThrowChain DragMedley: Yoke/FarmersStone RunSemi: Press MedleyFinal: Power Stairs
Active Duty/Spouse LWW 165-100/200/300/40020/25/30/35350225/12595-175105/125/95175/210/245
Active Duty/Spouse HWW 165+100/200/300/40025/30/35/40350300/175115-215150/170/110245/280/315
Veteran LWW 165-100/200/300/40020/25/30/35350225/12595-175105/125/95175/210/245
Veteran HWW 165+100/200/300/40025/30/35/40350300/175115-215150/170/110245/280/315
Masters Women (Single Class)100/200/300/40020/25/30/35350225/12595-175125/140/95175/210/245
Teen W LW (165-)100/200/300/40020/25/30/35350200/10095-17570/100/85140/175/210
Teen W HW (165+)100/200/300/40020/25/30/35350200/100115-21070/100/85140/175/210
Active Duty/Spouse LWM 220-200/300/400/50030/35/40/45700500/21095-175220/230/200225/270/315
Active Duty/Spouse HWM 220+200/300/400/50035/40/45/50700600/250215-330240/250/220315/360/405
Veteran LWM 220-200/300/400/50030/35/40/45700500/210175-300220/230/200225/270/315
Veteran HWM 220+200/300/400/50035/40/45/50700600/250215-330240/250/220315/360/405
Masters Men (Single Class)200/300/400/50030/35/40/45700500/210175-300220/230/200225/270/315
Teen M LW (220-)100/200/300/40030/35/40/45700375/180175-300175/195/160175/210/240
Teen M HW (220+)100/200/300/40030/35/40/45700375/180175-300175/195/160175/210/240

Early Bird Price
Available until Apr 01, 2022

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jul 09, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
73 spots remain.