November 6, 2021

American Heroes Classic


Live streaming by ADL Live

The Colony, TX

This competition is held at the American Heroes: Salute To Veteran's Festival in The Colony, TX.  This Festival is host to national acts from the Texas/Red Dirt country music charts, a huge carnival, a car show, food and drink vendors, the largest fireworks show in DFW, and now STRONGMAN!  

This is a family friendly event and there is NO CHARGE for spectators! So bring on the support! 

Angelina's Don Francisco's in The Colony, TX is our local and title sponsor.  They have been overly generous to ensure that y'all have brand new top notch equipment for this competition.  We have already put in the order with Frank Gonzales with Texas Power Concepts for the 12" and 10" Logs and the TX shaped Husafell stones.  

ADL:LIVE will be LIVE streaming this event for your friends and family that can't make it!  If you don't know yet, they are THE live streaming provider for strongman.  They are hands down, bar none, without a doubt the BEST in the business.


Depth Before Dishonor Squat Co will be providing all the shirts for the comp!  We've seen the rough drafts and they are AWESOME!  If you know about DBDS (you should)  you already know they are going to be amazing! Get ready guys, these shirts are going to be over the top and your name will be in the back! 

Arsenal athletics has made it possible to have TWO Mammoth Deadlift bars for this event.   

Bending Iron Meal Prep will be providing meals for all competitors.  

Angie Dawn Photography will be providing her services free of charge to competitors.

DJ SC: The official Dallas Cowboys DJ will be there keeping up the hype!

Mark Bell has provided some items for prizes and giveaways. 

Texas Strength Systems is a classic sponsor for the event as well.  


This is going to be an EPIC show for our competitors and spectators alike.  We have a ton more exciting information we want to share, but we need to wait for confirmation.  We'll update the page as we get it. 


Go to the event page on Facebook for constant updates: https://fb.me/e/28h6bGjiQ


Trophies/Medals for 1st 2nd 3rd place



Comfort Suites

4796 Memorial Dr

The Colony, TX 75056


Friday, 5 November 2021

  • 9AM-11AM
  • 4PM-6PM

Saturday, 6 November 2021: At the Event Site

  • 7:45AM-8:45AM


Rules Meeting: Saturday, 6 November 2021, 9:00AM


Start Time: Saturday, 6 November 2021, 10:00AM


Max Mammoth Bar Deadlift: (10ft bar similar to the elephant bar)

  1. Athlete will have 30 seconds to begin the lift once their name is called.
  2. A conventional stance deadlift is mandatory. No other stance variation is permitted. Hands must be outside the knees for the entire duration of the lift.
  3. 60 seconds will be allotted to complete the lift. Lifter can continue to lift until the full 60 seconds are up. There is no limit on number of attempts within allotted time.
  4. Mixed-grip, hook grip, straps (including figure 8 straps) and chalk/liquid chalk are allowed. The hand must be closed around the bar. Athletes’ palms must be in contact with the bar at all times. Aside from straps, the lift must be completed “raw”. No deadlift suits or briefs are permitted for the ARSENAL ATHLETICS RECORD. However, you may wear one for the state record attempt.   No tacky is permitted. Must wear competition shirt
  5. Lift is completed when the judge calls “down”. To receive the “down” call, the lifter must be standing erect with knees locked, hips straight, and shoulders behind the bar. After receiving the down call, the bar weight must be controlled to the ground for the lift to count. Competitor can not drop their nominated weight after a failed attempt or a completed attempt.
  6. Weight selection, increments, attempt order, and all other parameters will be set by the event coordinator. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR OPENING DEADLIFT AT WEIGH-INS!

Log Clean and Press for Reps (12"men/10"women)

  • Competitor will have 60s to complete as many reps after being given the lift command from the judge
  • Competitor can begin with hands on the implement.
  • Competitor will  be required to clean the log each time and then press for a rep.
  • A completed rep will be given when implement is pressed fully overhead with hips through, elbows and knees locked and head through.
  • The competitor will receive a ZERO for the event if they “tree top” the implement (Drop from overhead, down must be controlled.
  • Allowed: Chalk, wraps, sleeves, belts, gloves, grip Shirts
  • Not Allowed: tacky, straps.

Bag Over Bar: (11'Women/13'Men)

  • Competitor will will throw three bags over the bar as fast as possible (max time 60s)
  • Competitor will start with hand on bar upright and begin when the judge says "go"
  • Competitor will wear competition shirt

Sandbag Loading Medley: (42" Loading height)

  • Four bags will be in the center of a 12'x12' platform.  At each corner there will be a 42" Loading platform.
  • Competitor will start in the middle and go in any order they want.
  • Competitor will begin the event when the judge says "Go".
  • Competitor has 60s to complete the event
  • Allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belts, gloves, grip shirts
  • Not allowed: Tacky/Tacky towel

Husafell Carry for Distance: (TX shaped Husafell) Head to Head 

  • Competitor will have 60s to go as far as possible with the implement
  • Time Begins when Judge says "Go" (you can start with hands on implement, but not leaning it or beginning the lift)
  • The course is in the shape of a rectangle (40'x20')
  • Allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belts, gloves, grip shirts
  • Not Allowed: Tacky/Tacky towel, knee/elbow wraps
The Colony Five Star Complex
4100 Blair Oaks Dr
The Colony, TX 75056
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Nov 06, 2021

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Robert Spence

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Max Mammoth Bar DeadliftLog Clean and Press for RepsBag Over BarSandbag Loading MedleyTX Husafell Carry Max Distance
Novice W LW (165-)MAX9510/15/2090/100/110/125125
Novice W HW (165+)MAX10515/20/25100/110/125/135150
Open W LW (123-)MAX10515/20/25100/110/125/135150
Open W LW (132-)MAX10515/20/25100/110/125/135150
Open W MW (148-)MAX13520/25/30110/125/135/145175
Open W MW (165-)MAX13520/25/30110/125/135/145175
Open W HW (181-)MAX15025/30/35125/135/145/150190
Open W HW (198-)MAX15025/30/35125/135/145/150190
Open W SHW (242-)MAX16525/30/35145/150/160/175205
Open W SHW (+)MAX16525/30/35145/150/160/175205
Masters Women (Single Class)MAX12015/20/25100/110/125/135150
Hero Women (Single Class)MAX12015/20/25100/110/125/135150
Novice M HW (220+)MAX21525/30/35150/175/200/225225
Novice M LW (220-)MAX18520/25/30125/135/150/175200
Open M LW (165-)MAX21525/30/35150/175/200/225250
Open M LW (181-)MAX21525/30/35150/175/200/225250
Open M MW (198-)MAX24530/35/40175/200/225/250275
Open M MW (220-)MAX24530/35/40175/200/225/250275
Open M HW (242-)MAX26535/40/45225/250/275/300300
Open M HW (275-)MAX26535/40/45225/250/275/300300
Open M SHW (308-)MAX28540/45/50250/275/300/325325
Open M SHW (+)MAX28540/45/50250/275/300/325325
Masters Men (Single Class)MAX23025/30/35150/175/200/225250
Hero Men (Single Class)MAX23025/30/35150/175/200/225250

Early Bird Price
Available until May 01, 2021

Regular Price
Registration Closes Aug 07, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
19 spots remain.