April 17, 2021

April Fools of Strength II


Columbiana, OH

non-sanctioned Strongman show, open only show - so its going to be heavy

weigh ins will be the night before and the morning of the show

starting order for first event will be reverse order of sign up, each event after that will be reseeded based on points.


1... MAX silver dollar deadlift.   

        NO SUITS, straps and chalk only.. starting weight will be set and everyone must take first attempt, after that you can jump in and out as you see fit.  jumps will be 50 then 40lbs and so in, starting weight will be heavy. bar will be roughly at 18" and will be a deadlift bar. you are limited to 5 attempts and highest weight lifted wins - 

2.. Log Ladder

        3 logs will be set up in a row, score will be most reps. 1st 2 logs clean then press - final log will be clean and press away. straps, belt, chalk, grip shirts all ok - no tacky anywhere.  winner is the most reps in 60 seconds


3.. Dinnie Stone hold

       2 competitors will stand face to face and pick the Dinnie stones and hold for max time. clock starts at lock out and ends when dropped.  best time wins....NO STRAPS

4.. Yoke Walk

      athlete will carry a heavy yoke down and back for a time. unlimited drops allowed but no sliding or there will be a penalty added. score will be best time or distance if not completed. course will be 25-30 feet 

5.. ODD object load and carry

    just like it says, you will load 3 objects to various height and then carry a final object back to the starting line. this will be kind of a mystery event for the objects so be ready to have fun.   score will be fastest time or point awarded for each lift completed. 


weights will be announced soon, they will be heavy since we are OPEN class this year !!!! 

THERE WILL BE PRIZE MONEY FOR THE WINNERS OF EACH CLASS, that amount depends on how many athletes and sponsors we get


any other questions feel free to email text or call me, there's is a Facebook page for the show - and I will be doing a YouTube video about it and discussing it on my podcast soon. 


thank you




Firestone Farms
101 Town Center Ave
Columbiana, OH 44408
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Apr 17, 2021

Start Time
11:00 AM
Meet Director
Darren Zola

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Log ladder Dinnie stones carry silver dollar deadliftyoke walkodd object load and carry
82+ kg130,150,17060%max450oddest
64 kg105,115,13050%max350odd
82 kg125,140,15555%max400odder
90 kg240,260,28080%max700very odd
80 kg220,240,26075%max600odd
105 kg265,285,30585%max775heavy
105+ kg280,300,32090%max850super heavy
Masters M HW 265,285,30585%max775heavy

Early Bird Price
Available until Jan 31, 2021

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 11, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
50 spots remain.
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