March 30, 2024

Battle at the Marina 2024


Sparks, NV


Weigh-ins will be at American Iron Gym (650 S Rock Blvd, Reno, NV, 89502)

Weigh-ins will be Friday, March 29th, from 9 AM to 12 PM, and 5 PM to 7 PM.


Weight Classes

You are eligible to compete in the novice class if you have not yet placed first in a US Strongman Novice Class.

The following weight classes may be combined if one or both has less than 3 competitors:

Open Women 165- and Open Women 198-

Open M 275- and Open M SHW


National Qualifiers

Winning athletes will qualify for the 2024 United States Strongman Nationals in Denver, CO.

1st place in Novice classes will qualify, 1st-3rd place in each open class may qualify depending on number of athletes.


Events and Rules

Odd Carry Medley

Athletes will carry a duck walk 50 feet, run back to the start, grab a keg, and carry that 50 feet. There is 60 seconds to complete the course. If an athlete doesn't finish in 60 seconds, they'll be scored on distance completed. Athletes can start with whichever implement they want. Weights below list the duck walk weight first, then the keg.

Equipment allowed: chalk, sleeves, belts, grip shirt.


Max Circus Dumbbell

Athletes will have 3 attempts for max weight. Starting weights are listed below, all weight classes will make 10 pound jumps. Athletes will get in line when they'd like to attempt a weight. When athletes attempt a weight, they will clean the dumbbell to their shoulder and press it overhead to lockout. The non-pressing hand must be removed from the dumbbell before it leaves the shoulder. A good rep has the athlete looking at the judge and getting a "down" call. Wessel's rule applies: if you fail a weight, no matter what attempt you are on, you are out.

Equipment Allowed: chalk, sleeves, belts, wrist wraps, grip shirt.


Farmers Carry

Athletes will carry farmers handles 50 feet, drop them, then turn around and carry them 50 feet back. Athletes have 60 seconds to complete the course, if they don't finish the whole course, they will be scored on distance. No straps allowed.

Equipment allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belts.


Car Deadlift

This will be a side-handle car deadlift rig. Athletes will have 60 seconds to deadlift the car for as many reps as possible. A good rep has the athlete's hips, knees, and shoulders locked out and getting a "down" command from the judge. NO TOUCH AND GO ALLOWED! Athletes will lower the rig down to the ground and wait for a "lift" command to start the next rep. No deadlift suits or briefs allowed.

Equipment allowed: Chalk, deadlift straps, sleeves, belts.


Trump Sandbag to Shoulder

Athletes will have a choice between 2 sandbags. They will choose one and lift it for reps. One rep with the heavier bag beats any number of reps with the lighter bag. Athletes will have 60 seconds to lift as many reps as possible. Athletes will lift the bag so the center of the bag is on their shoulder and remove their non-dominant hand from the bag. The rep is good when the judge gives a "down" command.

Equipment allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belts, grip shirt.


Tie Breaker

If there is any tie for a podium spot in any weight class, there will be a mystery tie breaker event.


United States Strongman membership required for all competitors.

1200 Scheels Drive
Sparks, NV 89434
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Mar 30, 2024

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Aaron Lesher

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Events and Weights
Division Odd Carry MedleyMax Circus DumbbellFarmers CarryCar DeadliftTrump Sandbag to Shoulder
Novice Women (Single Class)184/14060111/handCar130/180
Open W LW (132-)184/14060111/handCar130/180
Open W MW (165-)214/16070131/handCar+50150/200
Open W HW (198-)214/16070131/handCar+50150/200
Open W SHW (+)239/18080161/handCar+90180/220
Masters Women (Single Class)214/16070131/handCar+50150/200
Novice Men (Single Class)259/230110221/handCar+140200/260
Open M LW (181-)259/230110221/handCar+140200/260
Open M MW (220-)314/270130250/handCar+180220/300
Open M HW (275-)359/300150270/handCar+230260/330
Open M SHW (+)359/300150270/handCar+230260/330
Masters Men (Single Class)314/270130250/handCar+180220/300

Regular Price
Registration Closes Mar 28, 2024

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 30 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
39 spots remain.