May 11, 2024

Battle of the Forge 3


Vance, AL

This is a USS sanctioned show, top 3 in each division will qualify for USS Nationals.




Todd & Sam Williams






DATE:           11 MAY 24




WEIGH-INS: Available Saturday morning 0700-0900




The Forge Gym


21135 Washington Dr.


Vance, AL 35490



Women's <165>

Women's Open

Men's <220>

Men's Open


10 competitor cap per division with waiting list if needed.


Entry Fee $100, refunds available through March 31, 2024. Refunds cannot be issued beyond this date due to shirt and trophy orders.


Athlete starting order is reverse order of signups, we will reorder after each event.


Athlete shirts and trophies will be purchased with entry fees, with remainder going to your prize pools.


Athletes will get a comp shirt with their last name across the back, cash prizes, and custom made trophies.




Press Ladder

Athlete starts behind line, on command athlete starts with one rep on the first log.

After receiving down call, continue to do one rep on the next axle. Receive down call.

Advance to last log for one rep, then last axle for one rep, to finish the event with CDB clean and press each rep in remaining time.  

60 second time limit. Grip shirts, single layer elbow sleeves, cuffs, wraps, belts allowed.

No elbow wraps. No resting of any implements on your head.

Belt cleans encouraged.  

Fastest time and/or number of reps wins.

Split times will be utilized.


Deadlift Rising

Athlete starts behind line, on command athlete advances to the first bar. Bars must be lifted in order to advance to the next implement. The last implement is for reps in remaining time.

All Men Opener 4"= Circus barbell

All Women Opener 9"= Texas deadlift bar

ALL 9"= Tsunami Bar

12"= Train Wheels on Mammoth Bar

ALL 16"= Tire deadlift Bar

18"= Silver Dollar Power Bar


60 second time limit. Suits, briefs, metal hooks, tacky or adhesives, not allowed.

Fastest time and/or number of reps wins.

Split times will be utilized.



Yoke and bag on same line, athlete can be inside yoke waiting for go command. 30' yoke run, sprint back to bag, carry back and load over yoke. For time.

Time stops when bag hits the ground.

Fastest time and/or distance wins.

60 second time limit.


MEN - Fingal Fingers

Fastest to flip all 3 wins

Weight listed is weight of entire finger

All fingers will be on bearing pivots

Equipment not allowed: anything sticky

60 second time limit.  

Fastest time and/or most fingers flipped.

No split times on this event.


WOMEN - Anvil Hold

Athlete will start with arms horizontal to the ground. On command, athlete will take their grip of the anvil and support will be removed. There will be an upper and lower "ceiling and floor", athlete must hold the anvil between these two pieces for maximum time. Video will be provided.

No adhesives allowed.  


Bag Over Shoulder Ladder

On go command, athlete will advance to first bag in the series and continue as far as they are able with a "CLEAR!" call for each bag before advancing to the next bag.

Fastest time and/or most bags completed wins.

75 second time limit. 
Bag weights:

100, 135, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 350. 



*All events/weights subject to change as testing is done*

The Forge Gym
21135 Washington Dr
Vance, AL 35490
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May 11, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Todd Williams

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Events and Weights
Division Press LadderDeadlift RisingREDBEARDS REVENGEW-Anvil Hold M-FFingersBag Over Shoulder
Open W MW (165-)90log/85axle/120l/100/a/90CDB x reps9" 200, Tsunami 300, 16" 370, 20" 450400/10021lbs anvil hold/timeStarting weight is 100lbs
Open W SHW (+)130log/120axle/150l/140a/115 CDB x reps9" 250, Tsunami 350, 16" 400, 20" 500500/17521lbs anvil hold/timeStarting weight is 100lbs
Open M MW (220-)225log/200axle/275l/250a/150CDB + reps4" 275, Tsunami 405, 12" 500, 16" 550, 18" 600, 20" 800650/2753 Flips/TimeStarting weight is 100lbs
Open M SHW (+)250log/225axle/300l/250a/175cdb + reps4" 275, Tsunami 405, 12" 500, 16" 550, 18" 600, 20" 800740/3003 Flips/TimeStarting weight is 100lbs

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 27, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 40 athletes.
29 spots remain.