October 21, 2023

Battle on the Bayou 2


Westwego, LA

Welcome to Battle on the Bayou 2!

WEIGH-IN: Tentatively - Alario Center Oct 20 9-11am and 2-4pm or by appointment.

Strongman Corporation Sanctioned Competition

  • Athletes will qualify for 2024 Strongman Corporation Nationals and/or Regionals depending on the number of athletes in each division.
    • If there are 2-5 athletes in a class:
      • 1st place - Qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
      • 2nd - Qualifies for Regionals (2024)
      • 3rd - Qualifies for Regionals (2024)
    • If there are 6+ athletes in a class:
      • 1st - qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
      • 2nd - qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
      • 3rd - qualifies for Regionals (2024)
      • 4th - qualifies for Regionals (2024)
  • Based on registration divisions may be expanded or combined.
  • All athletes (including novice) must have active Strongman Corporation membership to compete.
  • Potential Weight Classes:
    • Women:
      • u125=0-125.4lb
      • u140=125.5-140.4lb
      • u160=140.5-160.4lb
      • u180=160.5-180.4lb
      • Open=180.5lb+
    • Men
      • u175=0-175.4lb
      • u200=175.5-200.4lb
      • u231=200.5-231.4lb
      • u265=231.5-265.4lb
      • Open=265.5lb+



  1. Max 13in Axle Deadlift
    • Every athlete will have 3 attempts (30 seconds per) to complete a rep once given the start command.
    • Athletes do not have to complete every weight jump. 3 attempts only - weight jumps 20lbs for women, 40lbs for men.
    • Last successful attempt will count towards score.
    • Athletes much have knees, hips, and shoulders locked out before the head judge is allowed to give them the down command.
    • There will be up and down commands.
    • The competitor MUST wait for the down command or a no rep will be given.
    • The competitor MUST wait for the up command or a no rep will be given.
    • The competitor MUST follow the bar back down to the ground or a no rep will be given.
    • Allowed: Belts, chalk, sleeves, wraps, straps, figure 8's, baby powder.
    • Not Allowed: Suits, tacky, dropping from the top, sumo, baby oil/vaseline.
  2. Farmers to Yoke Medley
    • Once given the start command, athletes will pick and carry the farmers handles 50ft down and cross the farmers handles over the 50ft line before being able to pick the yoke up and carry it back another 50ft the way they came.
    • Front of farmers must cross the line before the yoke can be picked, no sliding (2-second slide penalty will be applied at judge's discretion).
    • Unlimited drops.
    • Time will stop once the yoke has crossed the line completely.
    • 60 second time limit.
    • Distance will be measured if not completed in time.
    • Allowed: Belts, knee sleeves.
    • Not Allowed: Straps, hooks, tacky, gloves or knee wraps.
  3. Yoke Press for Reps
    • Athletes will have a 60 second time limit to complete as many reps as possible.
    • A successful lift will have the competitor standing with hips through, locked knees and elbows with head through.
    • If an athlete misses a press but is able to re-rack to the shoulders they can repress. Strict, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk allowed (the feet have to come back together for a down command). No resting on head.
    • Athletes must wait for judge’s down command.
    • Allowed: Wrist wraps, sleeves, chalk, grip shirts, belt.
    • Not Allowed: tacky, straps, USS grip shirts.
    • Yoke will be set at collar bone height of each competitor.
    • **There will be an axle bar if weight changes are needed.
  4. Sandbag Over Bar for Reps
    • Athletes will have a 60 second time limit to complete as many reps as possible.
    • A yoke will be used for the bar.
    • Athletes will NOT be using a spotter or catcher and can load the sandbag from either side of the yoke.
    • Athletes can decide on their strategy, for example: stay on one side of the yoke and pull the sandbag under the bar toward themselves, walk under the bar and load the sandbag from the other side, walk around the outside of the yoke and load the sandbag from the other side, etc --- train hard and decide what strategy is best for you.
    • All women's classes will have a bar height of 48", Men's classes at 52".
    • Allowed: Grip shirts, belts, and grip towels allowed.
    • Not Allowed: Built up belts, tacky, handball resin, or anything that will leave sticky residue.
  5. Mystery Event
    • Just enjoy training, this is nothing to worry about. Though I know you will, it is nothing overly exhausting - just a fun way to end the day.

*All Events/Weights are subject to change.  

T-shirts order needs to be sent by Sept 30th, register before to ensure you get a shirt! 

Ferro Percussorem.

Alario Center
2000 Segnette Blvd
Westwego, LA 70094
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Oct 21, 2023

Start Time
8:00 AM
Meet Director
Matt Firneno

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Max 13in Axle Deadlift (lbs)Farmers to Yoke Medley (lbs)Yoke Press for Reps (lbs)Sandbag Over Bar for Reps (lbs)Mystery Event
Novice Women (Single Class)210115 / 325165*100TBD
Open W LW (140.4-)240145 / 375165*100TBD
Open W MW (160.4-)260165 / 425165*132TBD
Open W MW (180.4-)260165 / 425165*132TBD
Open W HW (200.4-)300175 / 450165*176TBD
Open W HW (+)300175 / 450165*176TBD
Master Women (Single Class)210115 / 325165*100TBD
Novice M HW (231.5+)450250 / 550225220TBD
Novice M LW (0-231.4)400225 / 500195176TBD
Open M LW (175.4-)400225 / 500195220TBD
Open M MW (200.4-)500250 / 550225265TBD
Open M MW (231.4-)550275 / 600255265TBD
Open M HW (264.5-)600300 / 650285309TBD
Open M SHW (+)650300 / 700315309TBD
Masters M LW (0-231.4)400225 / 500195176TBD
Masters M LW (231.5+)450250 / 550225220TBD

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 30, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 75 athletes.
64 spots remain.
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