March 26, 2022

Big Tex Classic


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Austin, TX

Big Tex Events is Proud to Present:

Big Tex Classic 


Come on out on 03/26/2022, to compete against other strong minded power beast in an all out battle to prove who can claim the title of "Big Tex Strongest"! As always, we will have fun for both competitors and spectators alike: 

  • Vendors
  • Live DJ
  • Food Trucks
  • Badas* Trophies with Cash Prizes
  • ADL Live Streaming



USS MEMBERSHIPS CAN BE PURCHASED AT THE FOLLOWING LINK: USS Membership | usstrongmaninc (unitedstatesstrongman.com)




Meet Director: Aaron Moeller 

Executives: Robert Impastato & Esther Chou

Contact:  Aaron Moeller 361-489-6947  / amoellercf@gmail.com

Entry Deadline: Entries will be taken until the day before the event.  First 20 competitors receive EARLY BIRD pricing!


---- Venue ----

Big Tex Gym- 1921 Cedar Bend Dr #A130, Austin, TX 78758


---- TIME ----

Athlete Meeting (Mandatory) - 8:30am

Contest Start Time - 9:30 AM


---- WEIGH INS ----

1. Friday March 25, 2022

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM at Big Tex Gym

 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM at Big Tex Gym 

2. Saturday March 26, 2022 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM at Big Tex Gym


---- COMP SHIRT ----

Must enter before March 16, 2022 to guarantee a FREE contest shirt, ALL athletes must wear contest shirt on the day of competition to fulfill our sponsors' contractual obligations. Shirt will be for sale @ $20 on event day. 


---- SPECTATORS -----

(Early Bird Pricing) $12.00 (Ended on March 12th)

Please show proof of purchase at the door 


$15 - @ the door on the day of competition (Accepting Cash, Cards, Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, just not Check) 

Children under age 10 get in free. 


--- HOTEL ---

Hilton Garden Inn 

2600 Brockton Dr, Austin, Texas

Follow link below for directions



Click the link below to book 


***Link expires February 18***

----- AWARDS -----

$500 for top OPEN male and female athletes. 

$200 for all OPEN first place winners 

+Medals & Goody bags for 1-3rd place in all divisions/classes. 

***There must be 5 in each weight class for the cash prize***


$500 for 1st place male and female in Pro Class

$300 for 2nd place male and female in Pro Class

$200 for 3rd place male and female in Pro Class

Winner of the Pro Class goes to Pro Internationals as well!

Pro class must have a minimum 6 athletes to receive an invite. Minimum of 5 to receive prize money to the top 3, but no invite. 

If there are 4 or less, you can go into your respective weight class in the amateurs for a chance to win prize money there and go to amateur's nationals.



*Divisions/weight classes will be combined if there are fewer than 5 competitors

Weight classes:

LW Novice women <165>

HW Novice Women >165

LW Open Women <132>

MW Open Women <165>

HW Open Women <181>

SHW Open Women >181

Masters Women 

LW Novice Men <220>

HW Novice Men >220

LE Open Men <181>

LW Open Men <198>

MW Open Men <220>

HW Open Men <242>

HW Open Men <275>

SHW Open Men >275

Masters Men 


---- EVENTS & RULES ----

1.) Head to Head Farmers Hold for Time

No time limit

Athletes may begin with hands on implement.  Time starts when both implements are off the ground.  Time ends when one of the implements hit the ground.  

Allowed: Chalk, liquid chalk, elbow/knee sleeves, writs wraps, soft belt, belt 

Not Allowed: Suits, Briefs, Tacky, tacky towel, lifting straps, figure 8's, grip aids of any kind aside from chalks


2.) Head to Head 100 ft Yoke Carry  (for time/distance)

60 second limit

Athletes will start under the yoke ready to go.  On the START command, the athletes will each carry their yoke 50 ft to a designated turn around point.  Only the front of the yoke must cross the 50 ft line.  Athletes will drop the yoke, quickly turn around, re-pick and carry their yoke 50 ft back to the start/finish line.  The entire yoke must cross the finish line. Unlimited drops. Fastest time wins. 

NO SKIDS.  If an athlete drops the yoke and it skids half the length of the yoke or more, a 1.0 second penalty will be assessed at the end of the run.


Allowed: Knee and elbow sleeves, soft belt, belt, wrist wraps, chalk, grip shirt (no OSG/SC grip shirts).

Not Allowed: Suits, briefs, tacky of any kind, knee/elbow wraps, cleats.


3.) Deadlift Ladder

60 second limit

Farmer’s deadlift to wagon wheel deadlift to Mammoth bar deadlift.

Athletes will start positioned between the farmer’s handles.  When given the START command, the athlete will perform one deadlift with the farmer’s handles, move to the wagon wheel deadlift and perform one deadlift, then move to the conventional deadlift and perform as any reps as they can until time expires.  Down commands will be given.  Touch and go allowed for the Arsenal Athletics Mammoth bar deadlift with down commands given. 

If the athlete does not wait for the down command, the rep will not count.  A rep is counted when the weight is lifted and the athlete’s ankles, knees and hips are fully extended, and shoulders are back. 


Allowed: Deadlift suits, straps, figure 8’s soft belt, belt, elbow and knee sleeves, wrist wraps.

Not Allowed: Tacky of any kind, knee/elbow wraps, briefs, rigid metal grip aids. 

We don't want your lack of a suit to limit you, so SEVEN deadlift suits will be provided by the contest director for athletes to use!!! First come, first served. Available on contest day, no reservations. 


4.) Head-to-Head Log Clean & Press

60 second limit

Athletes will both face their respective judge and begin with their log resting on crash pads in front of them.  When given the START command, the athletes will clean and press the log as many times as possible in 60 seconds.  Athletes must wait for the down command from the judge.  A rep is completed when the log is pressed overhead and the athlete’s feet are stable, knees and elbows locked out, arms fully extended.  Viper press, split jerk, power jerk, push press and strict press are allowed. Athletes may not rest the log on their head at any point. 


The log must be controlled to the crash pads each rep.  If an athlete drops the log from overhead, they will zero the event, no warnings will be given.   


***The only instance where a drop from overhead will not result in a zero is if the movement was obviously to avoid injury, or the athlete becomes unconscious or begins to during the lift. 


Allowed: Soft belt, belt, elbow/knee sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk, liquid chalk, grip shirt (no OSG/SC grip shirts).

Not Allowed:  Suits, briefs, elbow/knee wraps, tacky of any kind, straps, figure 8’s


5.) Last Man Standing Stone Over Bar

No time limit

Athletes will begin standing facing one another on either side of a yoke with an atlas stone at one athlete’s feet.  When given the START command, the athlete with the stone at his/her feet will pick up the stone and hoist it over the bar.  The opposing athlete will receive the stone and lift it over the bar.  This will continue until one athlete is no longer able to successfully complete a rep.  No grabbing the yoke to assist the stone over the bar.  Each athlete will have 15 seconds to lift the stone over the bar once it touches the ground on his/her side of the yoke.  At the end of each head-to-head round, each competitor’s reps will be recorded.  The winner of each round will move to the back of the line and will face off against other winners until a final champion is named.  

At the conclusion of each round, the competitor’s total number of reps from each round will be tallied and will count as his/her score.  If an athlete is unable to complete one rep, his/her opponent will be awarded five points.  

There will be two lanes, a women’s and novice men lane (48" height), and an open men’s lane (52" height). 


Allowed: Tacky, tacky towel, stone sleeves, tape, soft belt, belt, elbow/knee sleeves, chalk

Not Allowed:  Suits, briefs, elbow/knee wraps


Meet Director: Aaron Moeller

Questions/Concerns: amoellercf@gmail.com / 361-489-6947

Big Tex Gym
1921 Cedar Bend Dr #A130
Austin, TX 78758
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Mar 26, 2022

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director

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Events and Weights
Division Head to Head Farmer's Hold For TimeHead to Head 100 ft Yoke Carry Deadlift LadderHead-to-Head Log Clean & PressLast Man Standing Stone Over Bar
Novice W LW (165-)120260130,200,205110130
Novice W HW (165+)125280145,215,225125145
Open W LW (132-)120330145,215,225125145
Open W MW (165-)150350160,225,250140170
Open W HW (181-)180380175,250,275165185
Open W SHW (242-)210400190,275,300180200
Masters Women (Single Class)150350160,225,250140170
Pro Women220450200,310,350200225
Novice M LW (220-)200400200,400,450180225
Novice M HW (220+)220450220,425,475200250
Open M LW (181-)220450220,425,475200250
Open M MW (198-)240550230,450,500220280
Open M MW (220-)250600250,475,525240310
Open M HW (242-)280650280,500,575260340
Open M HW (275-)280650280,500,575260340
Open M SHW (+)310750300,550,630280375
Masters Men (Single Class)250600250,475,525240280
Pro Men330800320,600,685300400

Regular Price
Registration Closes Mar 25, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 73 athletes.
7 spots remain.