June 8, 2024

Cincinnati's Strongest Man and Woman


Addyston, OH

Second annual Cincinnati's Strongest Man and Woman hosted by Jerry and Danielle Robinson of Imperium Fitness and Ben Eisenmenger of Be Strong Gym.

The event will take place at Addyston Town Park located right behind the VFW at 140 Main St, Addyston, OH.


Strongman Corporation Membership is required for all competitors - Licensing & Memberships – Strongman Corporation

If there is 1 athlete in a class, they will get combined with another class or just get a regionals bid (we will leave that up to the promoter).

If there are 2-5 athletes in a class:

  • 1st place - Qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
  • 2nd - Qualifies for Regionals (2024)
  • 3rd - Qualifies for Regionals (2024)

If there are 6+ athletes in a class:

  • 1st - qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
  • 2nd - qualifies for Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)
  • 3rd - qualifies for Regionals (2024)
  • 4th - qualifies for Regionals (2024

*Based on registration divisions may be expanded or combined. (This is left up to the promoter.) 

Potential Weight Classes:

  • Women:
    • u140=125.5-140.4lb
    • u160=140.5-160.4lb
    • u180=160.5-180.4lb
    • Open=180.5lb+
    • Masters=open
  • Men
    • u175=0-175.4lb
    • u200=175.5-200.4lb
    • u231=200.5-231.4lb
    • u265=231.5-265.4lb
    • Open=265.5lb+
    • Masters LW=-231.4lb
    • Masters HW=open



Imperium Fitness

218 Main St, Addyston, OH 45001

Friday June 7th: 9a-12p, 2p-5p (at Imperium Fitness)

Saturday June 8th: 8a-9a (at venue)


Athlete Check-in: 8-9am June 8th

Rules meeting and National Anthem 930-10am

First Event starts 10am


Event Descriptions

Press Medley for Reps (Keg, Log, Axle)

Athlete will have 60s to press 3 implements: a keg, log, and axle. All implements will be taken from the floor in that order. The keg and log will only be pressed once, while the axle can be taken for max reps(one clean, press away). The event will be scored by total reps with no split timing. If the keg cannot be pressed, at 30s the athlete may move on to the log. The athlete will start behind the line and will approach the keg on the start command. The implement must be pressed until given a down command before moving on to the next implement. All kegs will be standard ½ barrel. Women and Novice men will use a 10” log while all other men’s classes will use a 12” log. All axles are 2” Titan Fitness Axle bars. Women’s classes and Novice men will use standard bumper plates on the axle. All other men’s classes will use Rogue 26er bumper plates. 

Equipment not allowed: Tacky, tacky towels


Frame Carry

The athlete will have 60s to carry the Frame 50ft down and 50ft back. Score will be time of completion or distance carried. Women and Novice men will use a Titan frame implement. All other male classes will use Madewell Frame.

Equipment not allowed: straps or grip aids, neck pads, tacky, tacky towels


Car deadlift for Reps

The athlete will have 60s to complete as many reps as possible of car deadlift. Vehicles are still be determined. Heavier classes will add weight to the car deadlift implement. Athlete must wait on down command each rep. Up command will not be given.

Equipment not allowed: deadlift suit, tacky, tacky towel


Keg Toss for Distance

The athlete will have 3 consecutive attempts to throw the mini keg as far as possible within the designated area. Keg distance will be measured on impact of the furthest throw. Any throwing technique is allowed. Athlete will be given a no rep only if they cross the line during the throw or throw outside the determined area. 

Equipment not allowed: tacky, tacky towel


Keg Load Over Bar for Max Reps

The athlete will have 60s to load the ½ barrel keg over a bar for as many reps as possible. The keg will land on a crash pad and be rolled back to the competitor. Women will load over 46” and men will load over 50”. Depending on number of competitors the time could be increased to 75s.

Equipment not allowed: tacky, tacky towel


*In the event of a tie, athletes will compete for longest axle bar hold. Weight determined by promoter.

Updates and videos will be posted on Cincinnati Strongest Facebook event page. 

140 Main St
Addyston, OH 45001
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Jun 08, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Benjamin Eisenmenger

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Press Medley For RepsFrame CarryCar Deadlift for RepsKeg Toss for DistanceKeg Load Over Bar
Novice W HW (+)85/105/115255TBD25135
Novice W MW (160.4-)65/75/85205TBD22105
Open W LW (140.4-)85/95/115255TBD25135
Open W MW (160.4-)105/115/135295TBD25150
Open W MW (180.4-)105/125/145295TBD25150
Open W HW (+)105/135/155345TBD25185
Masters W HW (+)85/95/115255TBD25150
Teen W50/75/75150TBD22105
Novice M SHW (+)185/205/245500TBD30225
Novice M MW (231.4-)150/185/205450TBD27185
Open M LW (175.4-)150/185/205450TBD27225
Open M MW (200.4-)150/205/225510TBD30250
Open M MW (231.4-)185/245/265520TBD30275
Open M HW (264.5-)225/265/285560TBD35300
Open M SHW (+)250/285/315600TBD35300
Masters M MW (231.4-)150/205/225500TBD30225
Masters M SHW (+)185/225/245550TBD30250
Teen M105/135/155345TBD25150

Early Bird Price
Available until Feb 29, 2024

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 01, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 75 athletes.
2 spots remain.