October 8, 2022

Clash of the Tridents II featuring Pro Womens Worlds VI


Atlantic City, NJ

Clash of the Tridents II featuring: Pro Womens Worlds VI

*US Strongman 2023 Nationals Qualifier


Location: Tropicana Hotel and Casino

2831 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 

Hotel Block links:     https://book.passkey.com/gt/218470302?gtid=b54f2536bbb654918ba729c89a06a7db                     



  • For Pro Women’s Worlds VI athletes, all five events will occur on Saturday 10/8/22. Rules are at 9am. Show will begin thereafter.
  • For Clash of the Tridents II athletes, all events will also occur on Saturday 10/8/22 but will begin at 12noon.
  • SUNDAY ONLY- cash prize for longest dinnie stone hold (email promoter to sign up, no membership required).

Weigh-Ins (no exceptions) will be offered on Friday 10/7/22: 10a-12p OR 2p-4p at Tropicana (exact location will be emailed to registered athletes). There will also be weigh ins offered on Saturday 10/8/22 between 7:30a-8:30a at the same location. Anyone not checked in by 8:30a will be marked as a drop out (no exceptions). 


ENTRY: $115 (competitors are given entrance to Fitness expo and all competitions occurring during- bodybuilding, MAS wrestling, powerlifting, arm wrestling, crossfit with more to be announced). 

Spectator fee: https://form.jotform.com/221035811617953



OPEN classes

1st Place- cash prize (*for classes with 5+ athletes), trophy, swag bag from sponsors     

2nd and 3rd- medals and swag bags from sponsors

*1st place in novice and top 3 in open classes get bid to USS Inc Nationals 2023! 


1st $1000

2nd $500

3rd $250

*payouts above are for all PWW classes including masters (masters must have 3 in both LW and HW subclasses or they will be combined into one masters class) 



SPONSORED BY: United States Strongman, A7, The Pit, LiftEvil, Lady Like AF, Philly Drinkers, Cerberus and many more to be announced! 


1) Max Log C & P - 12" for men, 10" for women. 60 second time limit per attempt. 3 attempts with Wessels Rule. No built up belts. Feet parallel, knees and elbows locked, head through. No tacky. (rules taken from USS.COM as this is a national record attempt). 

2) 50' Farmers Carry into Hold- Competitor will have 30 seconds to pick their farmers handles and carry forward to the 50' line. At the 50' line, time will be taken for scoring and the judge will instruct them to hold for as long as they can (their time during the hold will be recorded separately). Time will be called once either of the farmers handles slips out of the competitors hands or the competitor places the farmers handles down. If the athlete cannot get to the 50' line in 30 seconds, they will receive a 0 (no distance is being recorded for this event). Allowed: Wrist Wraps, sleeves, belts, chalk and gloves. Not allowed: straps, tacky. 

3) Power Stairs- Competitor will have 60 seconds to move their prescribed weight to the top of the stairs. Weight handle will start off of the platform. Competitor will start on the judges call with hands off the handle. The competitor will lift the handle up four 14” high steps to the top. They will then move back down the stairs to retrieve their second handle. Weights will be moved lightest to heaviest. Weight must be on the top step with hands off to stop the time. Allowed: Wrist Wraps, sleeves and belts. Not Allowed: Lifting straps, tacky, gloves.

4) Yoke Squat- Competitor will have 60 seconds to squat a yoke at their prescribed weight. The lift will begin with the competitor at parallel. Once they are given the lift command from the judge, they will stand with the yoke until hips are through and knees are locked. Squat depth will be taken at weigh ins; competitor must have an obvious hip crease showing parallel for the pick height to be measured. Only down commands will be given. Allowed: wraps, sleeves, belts and chalk. Not allowed: squat suits, briefs, tacky

5) Sandbag Toss- Sandbag toss will have a 60 second time limit.  The athlete will toss the sandbag facing away from the bar and throw the sandbag overhead and behind to clear the implement.  If the sandbag does not clear the bar, the athlete must grab it and retoss it before moving on to the next sandbag.  Sandbags will be thrown lightest to heaviest, and they will be sitting 10' from the implement.  Allowed: wraps, sleeves, belts and chalk. Not allowed: straps, tacky 

SUNDAY EVENT- longest dinnie stone hold $500 cash prize (EMAIL PROMOTER TO SIGN UP)

*Weights and rules are subject to change (all athletes will be notified via email in addition to social media posts). 

Tropicana Atlantic City
2831 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
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Oct 08 - 09, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Liz Demato

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Max Log C&P (National & NJ Records) 50’ Farmers Carry into a HoldPower StairsYoke SquatSandbag Toss
Novice Women (Single Class)MAX120200/22518012ft- 20,25x2
Open W LW (132-)MAX130250/27520012ft-25, 30x2
Open W MW (165-)MAX140275/30022012ft-25, 30x2
Open W HW (198-)MAX150300/32524012ft- 25, 30, 35
Open W SHW (+)MAX160325/35026012ft- 25, 30, 35
Pro Masters W HWMAX180350/37528012FT-30,35,40
Masters W LW (132-)MAX130250/27520012ft- 25, 30x2
Pro Masters W LWMAX160325/35026012FT-25,30,35
Masters W HW (+)MAX140275/30022012ft- 25, 30x2
Teen W LW (165-)MAX100175/20014012ft-15x2, 20
Pro W SHW (+)MAX220400/42532012FT-35,40,45
Pro W LWMAX160325/35026012FT-25, 30,35
Pro W MWMAX180350/37528012FT-30,35,40
Pro W HWMAX200375/40030012FT-35,40,40
Novice Men (Single Class)MAX225300/35036014ft-30,35x2
Open M LW (181-)MAX250350/40038014ft-30,35,40
Open M MW (220-)MAX260400/45040014ft-35,40,45
Open M HW (275-)MAX280450/50042015ft-40,45,50
Open M SHW (+)MAX300500/55044015ft-45,50,55
Masters M HW (242-)MAX260400/45040014ft-35,40,45

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 02, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 75 athletes.
32 spots remain.
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