August 20, 2022

Ellsworth Cowtown Strongman Shootout


Ellsworth, KS

Ellsworth Strength Center brings you the first Ellsworth Cowtown Strongman Shootout.  It will be in conjunction with the Ellsworth Cowtown Days festival that day so plan on a crowd.  

Rules meeting will begin at 9am sharp with event starting at 9:45am.

Weigh In's will be Friday from 2pm-6pm or Saturday from 7am-8:45


America's Best Value Inn 1414 Foster Rd, Ellsworth, KS 67439 (785) 472-3116

Midland Railroad Hotel (18 miles away) 414 26th St, Wilson, KS 67490 (785) 658-2284 


Event Rules:

1. Revis Strength Sandbag Over Shoulder

Athlete will have 1 minute to get the sandbag over either shoulder as many times as possible.  Allowed: Belt, sleeves, wrist wraps, gloves.  NO TACKY ALLOWED

2. Duckwalk

Athlete will pick up Power Pin and walk it down 35' drop, turn, and come back 35' for time. Time starts when judge says "GO".  Athlete can start with hands on handle.   If the athlete loses their grip and the implement touches the ground event is over.  We will measure for distance if full 70' is not met. Fastest time (or distance if full 75' is not met) wins. Allowed: Belt, sleeves, wraps, chalk (liquid or powder). NO other grip assistance of any kind is allowed.

3. Overhead Medley

Axle (1 Rep), Log Clean and Press (2 Reps), Circus Dumbbell clean and press (3 reps).  Athlete can start with hands on implement.  60 second time limit from judge's "go" command to complete the number reps at each item.  Athlete must clean each rep from the ground for all reps and all implements. Implement must be locked out overhead and head through for down command to be counted as a rep. Even if they give down command the judge can still take rep away if they see fit Or they prematurely give a down command.  If you argue you may receive a zero for that event. Implement must be controlled in its decent. BELT CLEANS ARE ALLOWED. NO WARNINGS implement dropped from overhead will be an immediate 0 for that event. No exceptions this is your warning.  ALLOWED-Wrist wraps, elbow/knee sleeves, chalk, grip shirts, no more than a soft belt and a hard belt. NOT ALLOWED- Straps, suits, tacky/tacky towels

4. Husafel Carry

Competitor will have 1 minute to go as far as possible with the implement. Time Begins when Judge says "Go" (you can start with hands on implement, but not leaning it or beginning the lift). The course will be 35' down and 35' back for distance.  You must touch the line before you turn.  Allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belts, gloves, grip shirts Not Allowed: Tacky/Tacky towel, knee/elbow wraps

5.  Ammannomics.com Hercules Hold

Time begins when the judge says ”Go”.  Hands will be on the implement and you will hold for max time.  Allowed: Belts, sleeves, chalk Not Allowed: gloves, tacky of any kind, straps, or any other type of grip assistance 



Ellsworth Cowtown Plaza

Ellsworth, KS 67439
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Aug 20, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Chris Rios

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Revis Strength Sandbag Over ShoulderDuck WalkOverhead Press MedleyHusafel CarryAmmannomics.com Hercules Hold
Novice Women (Single Class)100150100/100/50150Heavy
Open W LW (132-)125150100/100/60150Heavy
Open W MW (165-)150170125/125/70175Heavy
Open W HW (198-)150190150/150/80190Heavy
Open W SHW (+)175210175/175/90205Heavy
Masters Women (Single Class)125170110/110/60150Heavy
Novice Men (Single Class)175250175/175/85225Heavy
Open M LW (181-)200260175/175/105250Heavy
Open M MW (220-)225290200/200/125275Heavy
Open M HW (275-)250320225/225/140300Heavy
Open M SHW (+)250360275/275/150325Heavy
Masters Men (Single Class)200275200/200/105250Heavy
Teen M LW (220-)150200130/130/50175Heavy
Teen M HW (220+)175230150/150/70205Heavy
Adaptive M Standing150200130/130/50205Heavy

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jul 19, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 54 athletes.
12 spots remain.