February 13, 2021

Cupid’s Clash at the Castle


Fort worth , TX

Weigh-In's - Will be Friday 2/12/21- 8:30AM-11:30AM and 4PM-6PM and again on the Morning of Comp weigh-in from 8-9- Weigh-Ins will strictly end at 9 AM- NO EXCEPTIONS- NO WEIGH IN NO LIFT. 

Please text, email or follow Facebook page for address for weigh in, will be an off site location. 

RULES MEETING AT 9 AM- We will start promptly at 9:30AM no exceptions.

Events Rules:


Double Dumbbell for reps


*Athlete can start with hands ON implement

*These will be Standard Size DB not CIRCUS DB.

*60 second time limit from judge's "go" command to complete as many reps as possible. Athlete must clean and press away.

ALLOWED-Wrist wraps, elbow/knee sleeves, chalk, grip shirts.

NOT ALLOWED- Straps, suits, tacky/tacky towels, elbow/knee wraps.

Dumbbells must be locked out overhead for down command to be counted as a rep.

Implement must be controlled in its decent. NO WARNINGS implement dropped from overhead will be an immediate 0 for that event.

MAX Dinnie Deadlift


*Athletes will start with hands off the implements, after judge's "go" command after time has begun. To clarify these will not be stones these will be metal rings attached to loading pins.

60 Second time Limit to get the rep. 

ALLOWED-Belt, knee/elbow sleeves, chalk, wrist wraps, hitching

NOT ALLOWED- Tacky/tacky towel, knee/elbow wraps, suits, and STRAPS

Sandbag Throw Over Bar

Height: 11 FT Tall


*Athlete will start at the uprights, on go command athlete can start. Must make over bar before moving on to next bag. Fastest time wins.

*60 Second Time Limit

* Must go in order Lightest to Heaviest

ALLOWED-Belt, knee/elbow sleeves, chalk, wrist wraps

NOT ALLOWED- Tacky/tacky towel, knee/elbow wraps

 Conan’s Wheel with Keg Medley


*60 Second time limit

*Athlete can start with hands on implement, judges will give command and athlete will proceed to make one full rotation with Conan’s wheel. Must pass sandbag set Conan’s wheel down; then load the keg over bar then back to Conan’s wheel for another full rotation then athlete will again load keg over bar. And will go back and forth until athlete cannot continue or time expires.

You must complete one full rotation and load keg over to receive one full “rep”.

Half a rep will be awarded for one full rotation and no keg load.

ALLOWED-Belt, knee/elbow sleeves, chalk, wrist wraps, grip shirts, gloves,

NOT ALLOWED- Tacky/tacky towel, knee/elbow wraps, suits, and STRAPS

Each person will start hands on or off implement will do a complete Full circle with wheel then proceed to load a keg Over an adjacent yoke then  back to wheel do another complete circle; then proceed to load keg bag again and back-and-forth and back-and-forth until time expires or contestant withdrawals. 

For any further question feel free to reach out to me

Jonathon Lester 


817-680-8931 Jon 

817-600-3215 Megan 


Metro flex fort worth
5501 Thelin Street #125
Fort worth , TX 76115
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Feb 13, 2021

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Jonathon Lester

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Events and Weights
Division Double Dumbbell Press Dinnie Deadlifts ( Max)Sandbag Throw Over Bar Conan Wheel with Keg Medley
Novice W LW (165-)30TBD10,15,20100,50
Novice W HW (165+)50TBD15,20,25150,100
Open W LW (132-)40TBD15,20,25150,100
Open W MW (165-)50TBD20,25,30250,150
Open W HW (198-)60TBD25,30,35300,150
Open W SHW (+)60TBD25,30,35300,150
Novice M LW (220-)50TBD20,25,30350,150
Novice M HW (220+)60TBD25,30,35400,200
Open M LW (181-)60TBD25,30,35450,150
Open M MW (220-)70TBD30,35,40500,200
Open M HW (275-)85TBD35,40,45550,250
Open M SHW (+)100TBD40,45,50600,250

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jan 13, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
4 spots remain.
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