November 7, 2021

Down with the Thickness


Campbell Hall, NY

  1. Weigh ins will be Saturday November 6th from 7am to 12pm or Sunday November 7th from 7am until 9am. Contact meet director if there are any issues 

    2. Event Rules
    1) Axle C&P- 1 minute time. Full clean from ground then press until full lockout. Judge will give down command. Most reps counted in one minute wins.
    2) Yoke down 50ft into Farmer's Carry 50ft- On the command of "go" athletes will carry the yoke 50ft before picking and carrying the farmer's handles back. Athletes must finish yoke carry before going on to start the farmer's carry. Time will stop as soon as the front end of the farmer's  crosses the line. Fastest time wins.
    3) Stone to Shoulder- Start from the ground. Athletes can use two hands to bring the stone onto their shoulder but must drop one hand off the stone to demonstrate control. 2 points for heavy stone and 1 point for lighter stone. Most points win.
    4) Deadlift for Reps- One minute to get as many reps as possible. Judge will give down command once the athlete is fully locked out. Most reps win.
    5) Hammer Holds- Hold our Thor Style Hammer with back against the wall and with both arms parallel from ground. Hold as long as possible until both arms break the 90 degree angle. Longest hold time wins.
Granite Barbell
3020 NY-207
Campbell Hall, NY 10916
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Nov 07, 2021

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Katie Carlino
Events and Weights
Division Axle Clean and PressYoke Carry into Farmers CarryStone to ShoulderDeadlift for RepsHammer Hold to Front
Novice Women (Single Class)120Y 250/ F 11555/ 12022520
Open W LW (132-)130Y 350/ F 13555/ 12025020
Open W MW (165-)160Y 400/ F 150120/ 15031520
Open W HW (198-)180Y 450/ F 160150/ 18035540
Open W SHW (+)200Y 500/ 180180/ 20040540
Masters Women (Single Class)115Y 250/ F 12055/ 12025020
Novice Men (Single Class)200Y 450/ F 200155/ 18036520
Open M LW (181-)240Y 600/ F 245200/ 23050020
Open M MW (220-)260Y 700/ F 275230/ 25055040
Open M HW (275-)280Y 900/ F 315250/ 27060040
Open M SHW (308-)300Y 1000/ F 340270/ 29067540
Open M SHW (+)320Y 1100/ F 350270/ 29070040
Masters Men (Single Class)230Y 550/ F 240200/ 23050040

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 07, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
28 spots remain.