December 18, 2021

Driven Christmas strongman


Salina, KS

Weigh ins 5pm-7pm December 17th, December 18th 9am-10am


Log Incline fo reps- weight taken off od pads in front of bench, sit down and then roll the log up into positon, you can press at will but must wait to get down command, wrst wraps, belt and elbow sleeves allowed. 60 second time limit.


Deadlift medley 4 deadlifts at different heights, 7" 9" 14" 18", start command at beginning and then down command on each rep, must follow bar to the floor, no dropping allowed, no suits, straps and chalk allowed.


Farmers walk for max- 3 attempts, 25 foot course, front of impliment must cross the line to count, wessels rule in effect, chalk only, no drops allowed.  attempts in incremements of 10.


stone for reps 45' load for women, 48' for men, tacky allowed, 60 second time limit.



Driven Fitness Center
1219 W Crawford St
Salina, KS 67401
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Dec 18, 2021

Start Time
11:00 AM
Meet Director
Scott Tully
Events and Weights
Division Log Incline press for repsDeadlift medley Farmers for max Stone over bar
Novice Women (Single Class)90/110200,240,275,315max100/140
Open W LW (132-)90/110200,240,275,315max100/140
Open W MW (165-)110/130240,270,300,350max140/160
Open W HW (198-)120/140250,280,315,365max160/180
Open W SHW (+)130/150250,280, 315,365max160/180
Masters Women (Single Class)90/110200,240,275,315max100/140
Novice Men (Single Class)180/220405,450,515,545max220/250
Open M LW (181-)180/220405,450,515 545max220/250
Open M MW (220-)230/260455,495,545,600max270/300
Open M HW (275-)250/280495,545,600,650max300/330
Open M SHW (+)260/300515,565,625,700max330/350
Masters Men (Single Class)180/220405,450,515,545max220/250
Masters M HW (220+) 50+150/180350,380,425, 450max180/220
Masters Men 60+130/160300, 350, 400, 430max140/180

Regular Price
Registration Closes Dec 18, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 85 athletes.
23 spots remain.