June 8, 2024

DSM Strongest II


Des Moines, IA

UPDATE 5/31: Gloves are ok for the vehicle pull. Absolutely no sticky substances (i.e. spray or tacky) is allowed. Women and Novice will be pulling a large truck, All open men/Mens Masters will be pulling a 40 foot school bus

UPDATE 5/18: Max Behind the Neck Axle Press will no longer have a 60 second time limit. Athletes will have a 30 second time limit per attempt. 

UPDATE 4/22: Sandbag Toss for height has been switched to Sandbag Toss for maximum reps. See more info below in the event description.


Weigh-ins will be held June 7th from 3-5p and day of 7-9a.

Rules meeting will be held at 9:30 am.

Spectator fee $10


This is a United States Strongman sanctioned event. Each athlete is required to hold a United States Strongman membership.

Weight Classes:

Based on registration, weight classes/divisions may be expanded or combined.


Novice (single class)

Open LW (132-)

Open MW (165-)

Open HW (198-)

Open SHW (+)

Masters (Single Class)


Novice (Single Class)

Open LW (181-)

Open MW (220-)

Open HW (275-)

Open SHW (+)

Masters (Single class)



Yoke height for event #5 must be determined before the competition begins.

Event #1: Max Behind the Neck Axle Press

Wessel’s Rules. 3 Attempts. 30 seconds per attempt. If you fail an attempt you will not continue. Each class will decide on an appropriate starting weight. Weight will be racked. Athlete will unload weight in a squat stance and step forward to clear the rack completely. Athlete will then press the weight overhead with arms/elbows locked out and stand up with weight under control and then wait for the ‘Good lift, down’ call. DO NOT drop weight back onto shoulders. Try to drop the weight down in front of you in a controlled manner. Possible disqualification if the weight is dropped from overhead and/or released behind.

Equipment allowed: Chalk, one hard belt, one soft belt, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves

Not allowed: Knee or elbow wraps, suits of any kind, tacky, wrist straps

Event #2: Car Deadlift for Reps

60 second time limit. Side handles at approximately 11 inches from the ground. Car will be a compact car with weight added for different classes. Expect a weight equivalent of approximately 275 lbs for novice women and 405 lbs for novice men, and then it going up from there for the following classes. On the ‘go’ command athlete must deadlift the car for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. Each rep must be completed with knees and hips locked with shoulders back and then wait for ‘Down’ command.

Equipment allowed: Wrist straps, chalk, one hard belt, one soft belt, wrist wraps, elbows sleeves, knee sleeves

Not allowed: Suits of any kind, including briefs, tacky

Event #3: Truck Pull

60 second time limit. 50 foot course. Athlete will be harnessed to truck with a guide rope. Athlete will pull the truck 50 feet until the front tires roll over the line. If athlete does not finish in 60 seconds a distance will be given.

Equipment allowed: Belts, Wrist wraps, chalk, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, gloves

Not allowed: Suits, tacky

Event #4: Sandbag Toss for Max Reps

60 second time limit. Women’s bar height is 12 feet. Mens bar height is 15 feet. Athlete will start with hands off the sandbag. When time starts the athlete will toss the sandbag up and over the bar as many times as possible in the allotted time. It does not matter which side the athlete throws from as long as the bag goes over the bar. For example: If the athlete throws on the south side of the bar and misses, they do not need to bring the bag back to the south side for their next attempt. They can make their next attempt on the north side.

Equipment allowed: Chalk, belts, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves

Not allowed: Tacky, suits of any kind

Event #5: Carrying Medley

75 second time limit. 50 foot course. Athletes must select yoke height prior to event starting. Athlete will start with the yoke and walk down the 50 foot course. Then, they must run back to the start and pick up the farmers handles and walk those down the course and drop right in front of yoke. Last, athlete will run back to the start, pick up the sandbag and carry it down the course and drop it in front of the farmers handles.

Equipment allowed: Chalk, belts, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, grip shirt

Not allowed: Tacky, suits of any kind including briefs, wrist straps

DSM Barbell Club
309B SE 8th St
Des Moines, IA 50309
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Jun 08, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
CJ Ryherd
Events and Weights
Division Max Behind the Neck Axle PressCar Deadlift for RepsTruck PullSandbag Toss for RepsCarrying Medley (Yoke/Farmers/Sandbag)
Novice Women (Single Class)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+20300/125/100
Open W LW (132-)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+20350/135/135
Open W MW (165-)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+20400/165/135
Open W HW (198-)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+25450/185/175
Open W SHW (+)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+25500/205/200
Masters Women (Single Class)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+20400/165/135
Novice Men (Single Class)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+25500/205/200
Open M LW (181-)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+30550/215/200
Open M MW (220-)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+30600/245/230
Open M HW (275-)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+35650/275/265
Open M SHW (+)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+35700/295/308
Masters Men (Single Class)MAXTBD7,000 lbs+30600/245/230

Regular Price
Registration Closes May 25, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
23 spots remain.