March 4, 2023

Eastern Idaho's Strongest 2023


Idaho Falls, ID

Join us in Idaho Falls, Idaho for the 4th Annual Eastern Idaho's Strongest Man & Woman!

**Teton Strength will be awarding a brand-new barbell from Bishop Barbell for the fastest male and female (open weight class) yoke/log of the day**

We are excited to be partnering up again with Bishop Barbell for this year's event. Bishop Barbell will be crafting most of the equipment just for our competitors. 

Each weight class must have at least 3 or more competitors the day of competition or they will be combined.

All competitors must have a valid Strongman Corporation Card to be able to compete the day of the event.


NOVICE COMPETITOR MEMBERSHIP: https://app.joinit.com/o/strongman-corporation/MEz3De7PfALCQyr6p

ATTENTION: This NOVICE membership is only valid for one event and five days from purchase date. Please plan your purchase accordingly with your competition date in mind.

Updates will be posted by Teton Strength Club on Facebook and Instagram.


Max Circus Dumbbell: Athletes will be given 30 seconds to clean and press the CDB. There are no minimum or maximum attempts given to the athlete, once an attempt is failed the athlete has no further attempts. Athlete's first call weight must be at or above weight in matrix. (Texas Power Concept CDB, Novice Women – 160.4-: 8in, 180.4- W – Novice Men:10in, All open Men 12 in)

Arm over arm pull: Athletes will have 1 minute to pull a loaded sled 50 ft. Arm over arm. Head-to-head

Yoke into Log Press: Athletes will have 90 seconds to carry the yoke 50 ft, and the clean and press the log for 3 reps. (clean and press each rep) Head-to-head. *The fastest open men and woman run of the day will receive a new barbell from Bishop Barbell*

Dead hang: Athletes will take hold of a standard pullup bar. Time will start when hands and feet are off the floor, time will stop when hands come off the bar or feet touch the ground, whichever is first. This will be head-to-head. Chalk Only! No straps, wraps or sticky of any kind.

Sandbag to shoulder series: Athletes will be given 60 seconds to move 3 different sandbags to their shoulder in order from lightest to heaviest. Head-to-head.

Hotel & Travel Information: TBA

Fitness Supply
2556 Heyrend Way
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
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Mar 04, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Stacey Preston

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Events and Weights
Division Max Circus DumbbellArm over Arm Sled PullYoke Carry into Log PressHead to Head DeadhangSandbag to Shoulder
Novice W HW (+)55315225/100bodyweight75-100-150
Open W LW (120-)55495300/100bodyweight75-100-150
Open W LW (140.4-)55495350/110bodyweight75-100-150
Open W MW (160.4-)55495400/120bodyweight75-100-150
Open W MW (180.4-)85585450/130bodyweight100-150-200
Open W HW (+)85585500/140bodyweight100-150-200
Novice M SHW (+)85635500/180bodyweight100-150-200
Special Olympics Division55495400/120bodyweight75-100-150
Open M LW (175.4-)105725550/180bodyweight100-150-200
Open M MW (200.4-)105725650/200bodyweight150-200-250
Open M MW (231.4-)115765700/230bodyweight150-200-250
Open M HW (264.5-)125855750/260bodyweight200-250-300
Open M SHW (+)1451035800/290bodyweight250-300-300

Regular Price
Registration Closes Feb 28, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
8 spots remain.