October 7, 2023

Feats of Strength - Novice and Master 2023


Madison, WI

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General Rules of Contest: 

What you'll read below are general guidelines, specific rules will be given at the rules meeting. 

General Equipment Allowed - this covers all events. 

Elbow sleeves, Knee Sleeves, One set of wrist wraps, two belts (one soft, one hard), grip shirts,  shoes must be worn. If you have questions about other equipment, please ask at the rules meeting.  There can be NO TACKY on the Harley Davidson Campus. 

  1. Overhead Press for Reps

Competitor will be allowed to take a grip on the implement. Once given the start command, competitors will clean and press each implement for one repetition and wait for a down command. Once the down command is given the competitor will lower the implement to the chest area and press again Competitors will continue in this order until the time limit is reached.This is a 60 second time limit. 

Causes for disqualification:

"jumping" the down command, dropping intentionally, profanity, rudeness to the judges or volunteers


2. Tire Flip

Tires will be standing on a starting line. When given the start command, competitors will flip the tire a distance of 30 feet, until it touches the finish line. Once any part of the tire touches the finish line, competitors will flip the tire back to the start line. Time stops when any part of the tire touches the start line. This is a 60 second time limit. 


3.  Arm Over Arm Truck Pull 

A truck will be lined up 50 feet away from a large tire. Competitors will be allowed to "take your grip" before the start command is given and to pull any slack out of the rope. Competitors MAY NOT have a coach or handler take slack out of the rope before starting. Once the start command is given, competitors will pull the truck to the finish line. Competitors will be given credit for fastest time, or distance if time expires. This is a sixty second time limit. 


4. 13 Inch Deadlift for Reps

Judges will call, bar is loaded for the name of the competitor. When this call is made, the competitor may strap in. Once strapped in, the start command will be given. Competitors will be given a down command when the bar is locked out at the knees and shoulders are beside the body, not rounded forward. When given the down command, competitor will return the bar to the floor under control. No Bouncing, the bar must come to a full stop before lifting again. Drops will not be counted.


5.  Sandbag Toss Over 13 Foot Bar

Three or four throwing bags will be set up on a line. Competitors will be allowed to "take your grip" when getting set. Once the start command is given, competitors will have 60 seconds to toss their respective bags over the 13 foot bar. If a bag does not clear over the bar, competitors may keep attempting until time is called.


Please keep in mind, more specific rules will be explained and demonstrated during the rules meeting. Start training and preparing now!

Harley-Davidson of Madison
6200 Millpond Rd
Madison, WI 53718
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Oct 07, 2023

Start Time
10:45 AM
Meet Director
James Brooks and Kevin Prothero

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Division Log Press for Reps Tire Flip 30 Feet and Back Arm Over Arm Truck Pull13" Deadlift For RepsSandbag Toss Over 13 Foot Bar
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