August 19, 2023

2023 Strongman Corporation Maryland State Championship


Frederick, MD

Welcome, one and all, to the homepage of the 2023 Strongman Corporation Maryland State Championship, presented by Milo Coaching Systems and Hometown Barbell! After several years without a Strongman Corporation state championship, it finally returns to the Old Line State. As the sport of strongman grows in this region, we recognized a need to showcase the abilities of the people in it. And with that thought, we bring to you an opportunity for a most prestigious title.  


Trophies and/or prizes will be awarded to Open classes. Medals will be awarded to novice, teen and masters classes. You do NOT have to reside in the state of Maryland to compete in this competition.


Strongman Corporation Membership is required for all competitors - https://bit.ly/3Ga2xDk

  • Open & Masters Competitors - $87.50 for new members, $77 membership renewal for current members only- valid for one year
  • Novice Competitors ($27.50 membership) - valid for 7 days after purchase
    • this is for Novice athletes who haven't competed in Strongman Corporation competitions before.
  • Teen Competitors - $52 for new members, $42 membership renewal for current members only- valid for one year


If there is only 1 athlete in a class, they will get combined with another class or just get a regionals bid (we will leave combining of classes up to the promoter). 


If there are 2-5 athletes a class:

1st place - Nationals (2023) and Regionals (2024) invites

2nd - Regionals (2024)

3rd - Regionals (2024)


If there are 6+ athletes in a class:

1st - Nationals(2023) and Regionals (2024)

2nd - Nationals (2023) and Regionals (2024)

3rd - Regionals (2024)

4th - Regionals (2024)



Spectator tickets will be for sale. There is a possibility that we may reach max capacity indoors. Some of the events will be outdoors, weather permitting, so hopefully this will not be an issue, but it has happened in the past. Link to purchase tickets, coming soon!



We are looking for volunteers, this will not be possible without you guys and gals, and the sport as a whole thanks you. Volunteers will be given a t-shirt as well as food and drinks throughout the day. Sign up to volunteer here> https://forms.gle/K7H3HZqdykybsvZdA



Weigh-ins will be held at the venue (Hometown Barbell) Friday, the day before the competition, from 8 a.m. until noon, and will resume at 4 p.m. and will continue until 8:00 p.m. You can weigh-in on the day of the competition (Saturday) from 8-11:00 a.m.



IMPORTANT: Check-ins will be from 8-11 a.m. on the day of the competition. EVERY ATHLETE must be present during this time to show their strongman corporation membership card to the state chair. At this time you will receive your shirt. We will be finishing setting up from 11 until the rules meeting at noon, so PLEASE be there before 11. 

Rules Meeting: 

Also important! Every athlete must be present at the gym by 12:00 noon for the rules meeting. We will be going over EVERYTHING one last time, so PLEASE make sure you are present in case you have any last minute questions. Warm-ups will begin immediately after the rules meeting and the competition will start promptly at 1:00. 



Extra shirts for purchase at the event will be limited. If you know in advance you would like an extra shirt, please order one below.  Extra shirts will be $25 each.


The Events: 


Max Reps Alternating Log/Axle Clean and Press

  • Athletes will start with the implement of their choosing
  • Upon the start, athletes must produce as many reps as possible in 60 seconds with each implement, alternating each rep
  • Once one rep is completed and a down command is given you must go to the next implement
  • On the first rep only, if you fail the lift, you will be allowed to attempt the other implement
  • A good lift must consist of the following: elbows, knees and hips locked out completely, feet square and forward, and head and shoulders through.
  • No dropping the implement from overhead. You must make an honest attempt to lower it in a safe manner. I understand you will be rushing to get to the next implement. However, if you intentionally drop or slam the implement from overhead in an attempt to be quicker, you WILL be given a no lift and will be asked to complete the previous lift again.
  • Equipment allowed: elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, one soft and one hard belt, grip shirts, chalk/liquid chalk
  • Equipment NOT allowed: elbow sleeves with any buckles, straps or mechanisms, elbow wraps, anything sticky other than a grip shirt (tacky, spray tack, tacky towel)
  • Men will be using a 12" log, women will be using a 10" log
  • We will be running two lanes at once


Last Man Standing MAX Timber Frame Deadlift

  • Athletes will gather at the frame based on weight class (for some of the smaller weight classes, there may be more than one class going at once)
  • Weights will be called out, when your name gets called you will be given the option to take the lift or skip it. There is no penalty for skipping any attempts, you will just wait for the next round.
  • Women will have 30lb jumps, men will have 50lb jumps, starting weight TBD
  • Once you choose to make a lift, you will have 30 seconds to do so. Your time does not start until you step into the frame. You do not have to do the lift immediately after being called, but we do ask that you respect ours and others time.
  • You have unlimited attempts.
  • This is a rising bar format, once weight is added it will not be taken off.
  • A good lift must consist of: hips and knees locked out with head up and shoulders back. Dropping of the frame will result in a no lift and a zero for the event.
  • Equipment allowed: knee sleeves, neoprene warm pants, straps, chalk. You do not have to wear shoes.
  • Equipment NOT allowed: knee wraps, deadlift suits or briefs, grip hooks
  • The height of pick will be TBD, likely 13-15", may vary for weight classes. I am making this implement myself, and it will take a while, so please do not message me asking the height. If the height is not posted I do not know yet. Once I do know the height it will be posted immediately.
  • We will be running two lanes at once


Yoke/Farmers Medley

  • Athletes will carry a yoke 30’, and a set of farmers handles back 30’. Fastest time to complete wins.
  • Athlete may start under the yoke.
  • The front of the yoke must cross a line before moving on to the farmers and the front of the farmers must cross the finish line for time to stop.
  • In the event of an athlete not finishing, distance completed will be measured.
  • Equipment allowed: Chalk, grip shirts, knee sleeves, belt, neoprene warming pants
  • Not allowed: tacky/spray tack, straps.
  • We will run two lanes at once. 

Arm over arm pull and drag back

  • Athlete will start hands off rope and behind a start line. On the start, athlete will run up, position themselves and pull the sled 50’.
  • Once the sled reaches the finish line, athletes will then hop up, grab a handle on the other side of the sled and drag it back 50’ in the direction which it came from.
  • Time stops when the front of the sled crosses the finish line, NOT the athlete.
  • Equipment allowed: chalk, knee sleeves, neoprene warming pants, belt
  • Not allowed: anything sticky.
  • For this event we will only run one lane at once.
  • We will be using a 2” rope and a neutral grip/V-grip handle for the drag back

Last man standing max reps sandbag load over bar

  • Two athletes will go at once, back and forth until one person fails. Once one athlete fails, another will replace them and start loading. You will remain in as long as you continue to produce a successful load.
  • Once the sandbag hits the floor on your side you will have 30 seconds to return it.
  • In the event of a close call, the load will count once it is falling on the other side of the bar and your hands are off. If your hands are still on the bag and it is clearly not across the bar falling freely when time expires, your lift will be no good.
  • You are not allowed to grab any part of the yoke to pull yourself and the sandbag over.
  • You may load the bar vertically or horizontally, but please do not throw it at your competitor, any such acts to try and make the load more difficult and/or hurt your competitor will result in immediate disqualification. Sportsmanship is what makes this sport so great, so let’s keep it that way.
  • Equipment allowed: grip shirt, chalk, belt (one soft and one hard belt is allowed, no more), knee sleeves, neoprene warming pants
  • Not allowed: anything sticky, power pants/suits, more than 2 belts, any knee wraps or sleeves with buckles or straps.
  • We will be running two lanes at once.
  • In the event of one person loading the sandbag more than 15 times, their time to load will be reduced to 20 seconds to keep the competition moving.
  • We will be using a combination of Cerberus, rogue and GETRXD bags. Women will load over 48 inches, men will load over 52 inches.
  • If there is a tie on the podium, the winner will be determined by who got the most reps on the sandbag

Frame Deadlift Only:

If you would like to compete in the deadlift event only you will be allowed to do so. When you go to sign up you will either select "Men's Frame Deadlift only" or "Women's Frame Deadlift only". There is one men's division and one women's division, no weight classes to divide it further. Medals for first place only. You will still need a strongman corporation membership to compete. If you have never competed and are not sure about competing in future strongman competitions, I would recommend buying a novice membership (see above under memberships). Since you are only competing in one event, you will not need to pay the full event price. If you are competing in the deadlift only, use discount code FRAMEONLYMDSTATES23 at checkout to get $40 off your registration. 

Hometown Barbell
5904 Enterprise Ct
Frederick, MD 21703
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Aug 19, 2023

Start Time
1:00 PM
Meet Director
Sean Mullican
Events and Weights
Division Max Reps Log/AxleMAX Timber frame DeadliftYoke/Farmer'sArm Over Arm Pull and Drag BackLast Man Standing Sandbag Load Over Bar
Novice W MW (160.4-)100MAX300/110Heavy135
Novice W HW (+)120MAX350/130Heavy150
Novice W MW (180.4-)100MAX300/110Heavy135
Novice W LW (140.4-)80MAX250/90Heavy100
Women's Frame Deadlift OnlyN/AMAXN/AN/AN/A
Open W MW (180.4-)130MAX350/130Heavy150
Open W MW (160.4-)130MAX350/130Heavy150
Open W LW (125.4-)100MAX300/110Heavy135
Open W LW (140.4-)100MAX300/110Heavy135
Open W HW (+)150MAX400/140Heavy180
Masters W MW (160.4-)100MAX300/110Heavy135
Masters W LW (140.4-)80MAX250/90Heavy100
Masters W MW (180.4-)100MAX300/110Heavy135
Masters W HW (+)120MAX350/130Heavy150
Teen W MW (160.4-)100MAX300/110Heavy135
Teen W HW (+)120MAX350/130Heavy150
Teen W MW (180.4-)100MAX300/110Heavy135
Teen W LW (140.4-)80MAX250/90Heavy100
Novice M SHW (+)245MAX550/250Heavy250
Novice M LW (175.4-)155MAX400/200Heavy180
Novice M MW (200.4-)185MAX450/200Heavy200
Novice M MW (231.4-)205MAX450/200Heavy225
Novice M HW (264.5-)245MAX550/250Heavy250
Open M SHW (+)285MAX750/300Heavy350
Open M HW (264.5-)285MAX750/300Heavy350
Open M LW (175.4-)205MAX450/200Heavy225
Open M MW (200.4-)245MAX550/250Heavy250
Men's Frame Deadlift OnlyN/AMAXN/AN/AN/A
Open M MW (231.4-)265MAX650/270Heavy300
Masters M SHW (+)245MAX550/250Heavy250
Masters M LW (175.4-)155MAX400/200Heavy180
Masters M MW (200.4-)185MAX450/200Heavy200
Masters M MW (231.4-)205MAX450/200Heavy225
Masters M HW (264.5-)245MAX550/250Heavy250
Teen M SHW (+)225MAX550/230Heavy250
Teen M HW (264.5-)225MAX550/230Heavy250
Teen M MW (200.4-)185MAX450/200Heavy200
Teen M LW (175.4-)155MAX400/200Heavy180
Teen M MW (231.4-)205MAX450/200Heavy225

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jul 19, 2023

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 30 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
21 spots remain.
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