September 16, 2023



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Traverse City, MI



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Great Lakes Strongest Man and Woman will be happening September 16th, 2023!! Turtle Creek Stadium, home of the Traverse City Pit Spitters, will host the strongest men and women in the WORLD!! Come and witness the crowning of Great Lakes Strongest Man and Woman this fall!! GLSM qualifies podium finishers for United States Strongman Nationals 2024!

We are bringing you Men and Women’s Pro Qualifying Classes this year!! That’s your chance to win a PAID Pro Contract with USS!! 1st Place in both divisions get to claim their new title belts, Pro Status, and an invite to USS Pro Internationals in 2024!! Not only does the payout grow over 10 competitors in each Class, but if your Class has 12 competitors, we will be sending the Top 2 to USS Pro Internationals in 2024!!

We will be including a CrossFit sanctioned event that will be hosting 33 Teams of 3 competitors. Turtle Creek Stadium is a 5,000-seat venue that proves to be the perfect backdrop for our annual event, which now includes GREAT LAKES FITTEST!!


1st Place – Custom Trophy 

2nd and 3rd Place – Medals


1st Place - $1000 and Great Lakes Strongest Man Title Belt

2nd Place - $500 and Medal

3rd Place - $250 and Medal

*Must have a minimum of 6 Competitors in the Women's PRO Class and Men's PRO Class to earn invite to USS PRO Internationals 2024! The CASH PRIZE grows after 10 Competitor Signups.  

*Podium Placings from both GLSM & PRO CLASSES will receive an award from CERBERUS STRENGTH!!

*All Competitors will receive an Athlete Badge, Athlete Bag, and swag from some of our sponsors including: AXE & SLEDGE SUPPLEMENTS, and OBSIDIAN AMMONIA!!



Friday, September 15th, 2023

LOCATION: Turtle Creek Stadium

WEIGH INS: 10am - 4pm


Saturday, September 16th, 2023

LOCATION: Turtle Creek Stadium


WEIGH INS: 7:30am – 8:30am


WARM UP: 8am – 9:30am

Rules: 9:30am

National Anthem: 9:45

GLSM First Event: 10am

PRO CLASSES First Event: 3pm

GREAT LAKES FITTEST First Heat: 3:15pm



1.) Press Medley: Keg/Log/Axle: Athletes will clean and press each implement in order for time. 60 second time limit. Split times. Strict press, push press, split jerk, and push jerk all allowed. Elbows must be locked overhead, and head through to receive a down call. DO NOT DROP THE WEIGHT FROM OVERHEAD. YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THIS EVENT. Implements must be lowered controlled to the floor. Equipment allowed: Sleeves, Grip Shirts (No SC/OSG), Wrist Wraps, and Belt. 

2.) Max Standard Deadlift: Deadlift Bar. 60-second time limit per attempt. Three attempts. Wessels Rule applies. No Sumo. Hitching is allowed. 20lb Jumps for Women/50lb Jumps for Men until final 3. Hips and knees locked. Must wait for a down command from the judge. Equipment allowed: Lifting straps, Suits, Sleeves, and belt. 

3.) Four Sandbags to Shoulder: Competitor starts with hands off the sandbag. Athletes will have 60 seconds to clean four sandbags to shoulder in ascending weight. Split times. The competitor must remove one hand to show control and wait for a down call. Equipment allowed: Gloves, Grip Shirts (No SC/OSG), Wrist Wraps, and Belt. NO Stone Sleeves.

4.) Farmers Hold (GLSM COMPETITORS ONLY): Hold for time. Both handles must break the ground for time to start. Time stops once the handles are dropped/set down. Equipment allowed: Sleeves, Chalk, Wrist Wraps, and Belt. No lifting straps, gloves, or tacky allowed.

5.) Carry Medley: Husafell Stone/Keg/Sandbag/Barrel: Flashback to Motor City’s Strongest Man 2019!! 60-second time limit. Implements MUST be carried 30ft in the order they are listed. Husafell Stone, Keg, Sandbag, Barrel. Fastest time wins. Split times on implements. Distance will NOT be measured for those that do not complete the course with an implement. Your body must cross the line with the implements in hand (no throwing or shouldering of implements) and the Husafell Stone and Keg must both be stood up before moving on to the next implement. You CANNOT carry the barrel upside down or walk backwards with any implements. Time stops when the barrel completely crosses the line standing upright with hands off. Equipment allowed: Sleeves, Grip Shirts (No SC/OSG), Gloves, Wrist Wraps, and Belt. 


Hercules Hold: Athletes will hold the handles of the pillars in each hand. On the judges command the weight will be released and the athletes will hold for as long as possible. Longest hold time wins. Timer stops once handles are released. Equipment allowed: Sleeves, Chalk, Wrist Wraps, and Belt. No lifting straps, gloves, or tacky allowed.

No tacky or tacky towels on any events!!


Hotel Info: Traverse City Tourism is our Exclusive Partner for hotel accommodations this year!! 

Please check out this link: www.traversecity.com/hotels or Click on their logo below in the sponsor section!

Cherry Capital Airport (TVC): 15 Minutes from Turtle Creek Stadium

Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR): 2 Hours and 17 Minutes from Turtle Creek Stadium.

Bishop International Airport (FNT): 2 Hours and 50 Minutes from Turtle Creek Stadium.

Detroit Metro Airport (DTW): 4 Hours and 2 Minutes from Turtle Creek Stadium.

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Send an email to george@greatlakesstrongestman.com

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The event will take place at the stadium even if rain is in the forecast.
Events and Weights subject to change. No refunds on registration or tickets sold.


Turtle Creek Stadium
333 Stadium Dr
Traverse City, MI 49685
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Sep 16, 2023

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
George Bullard

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Events and Weights
Division Press Medley: Keg/Log/AxleMax Standard Deadlift Four Sandbags to ShoulderFarmers HoldCarry Medley: Husafell Stone/Keg/Sandbag/Barrel
Novice W LW (165-)95/105/115(205) Minimum100/100/125/150125115/95/100/75
Novice W HW (165+)105/125/135(205) Minimum100/125/150/175150125/115/135/75
Open W LW (132-)105/125/135(205) Minimum100/125/150/175150125/115/135/75
Open W MW (165-)115/135/145(205) Minimum125/150/175/200175150/135/155/75
Masters W MW (165-)105/125/135(205) Minimum100/125/150/175150125/115/135/75
Masters W HW (+)115/135/145(205) Minimum125/150/175/200175150/135/155/75
Pro Women155/185/205(315) Minimum150/175/200/225Hercules Hold200/155/175/125
Novice M LW (220-)155/185/205(365) Minimum150/175/200/225225200/155/175/125
Novice M HW (220+)185/205/225(365) Minimum175/200/225/250250225/185/200/125
Open M LW (181-)185/205/225(365) Minimum175/200/225/250250225/185/200/125
Open M MW (198-)205/225/250(455) Minimum200/225/250/275275250/205/225/150
Open M MW (220-)205/225/250(455) Minimum200/225/250/275275250/205/225/150
Open M HW (275-)255/285/305(455) Minimum225/250/275/300300275/225/250/175
Masters M MW (220-)185/205/225(365) Minimum175/200/225/250250225/185/200/125
Masters M HW (+)205/225/250(455) Minimum200/225/250/275275250/205/225/150
Pro Men285/310/330(605 Minimum250/275/300/330Hercules Hold320/285/300/200

Regular Price
Registration Closes Aug 25, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 175 athletes.
40 spots remain.