September 24, 2022

Green Mountains' Strongest


Burlington, VT

Late Registrations may not receive a t-shirt

This event will be held outdoors; rain or shine.  Spectators can bring their own chairs.  Weigh-ins will be on Friday, September 23, 2022, from 10am-12pm and from 2pm-5pm at LiftVT in Williston, VT. We will also allow weigh-ins the day of the event from 8am-9am for those who cannot make it the previous day.  The rules meeting will be at 9:00am before the start of the event.  All competitors are required to attend.

This contest is a sanctioned event with the United States Strongman.  Up-to-date memberships are required to compete.  Please remember, memberships run on the calendar year.

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The Log Press event will be a clean and press for each rep.  60 seconds to get as many reps as possible.  Grip shirts, chalk, wrist wraps and belts are permitted. 

The Yoke Carry to Hand-Over-Hand Pull event will have a 60 second time limit; 50ft for each implement.  Unlimited drop of the implement will be allowed.  Must complete the yoke carry with the full yoke crossing the line before you can begin the pull.  You will be standing for the pull.  You have completed the pull once the front of the sled crosses the line. Grip shirts, sleeves, belts, and chalk allowed.  No gloves.

The Keg Over Bar event will have a 60 second time limit to get as much weight over the bar as you can.  There will be 5 kegs of varying weight placed 10 feet from the bar.  You will choose a keg, carry it to the bar, lift over the bar and return to choose another. If there is a tie in combined weight, the competitor who successfully lifted the heaviest implement will win the event. Bar height for women's classes is 44-inches and men's classes is 52-inches. Belts and chalk allowed. The estimated weights will be announced 2-weeks prior to the event. 

During the Odd Object Carry event, competitors will be given an odd object and will carry make distance, pivoting every 50ft.  Distance will be measured at the drop.  No time limit - just distance to drop. No tacky or grip shirts allowed.  Belt and chalk allowed. The estimated weights will be announced 2-weeks prior to the event. 

The Keg Toss event is for max distance.  Athletes will get three attempts to throw the keg as far as they can. The approach for the throw is free style and must be thrown from behind the painted line. Gloves allowed.

**Where grip shirts are permitted; logo grip shirts are allowed, but no federation logo grip shirts other than USS grip shirts allowed.


Switchback Brewing Co.
160 Flynn Ave
Burlington, VT 05401
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Sep 24, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Jazmin Averbuck

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Events and Weights
Division Log PressYoke Run / Sled PullKeg Over BarOdd Object CarryKeg TossTie Breaker: Tug of Rope
Novice Women (Single Class)95350/22075-20012530TBD
Open W LW (132-)110375/28075-20012530TBD
Open W MW (165-)120400/30075-20012530TBD
Open W HW (198-)140425/32575-20020030TBD
Open W SHW (+)140450/35075-20020030TBD
Masters Women (Single Class)95350/22075-20012530TBD
Novice Men (Single Class)175450/350150-30020030TBD
Open M LW (181-)200500/400150-30020030TBD
Open M MW (220-)220555/455150-30030030TBD
Open M HW (275-)250600/500150-30030030TBD
Open M SHW (+)250650/550150-30030030TBD
Masters Men (Single Class)200450/350150-30020030TBD

Early Bird Price
Available until May 02, 2022

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 02, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 40 athletes.
7 spots remain.