July 16, 2022



Allen, TX

Welcome to the official registration page for the Greenhorn held at the 13th annual Show of Strength presented by Hidden Gym & Battle Axe Barbell!

This event is here is to give people new to the sport or returning athletes a chance to have some fun with moderate weights. No federation membership is required. 

This event is dedicated to Texas' very own Brittany Mitchell-Barnes. Without her help and dedication to the sport, it just wouldn't be what it is today. This competition is here to provide a supportive & high-energy automosphere to help welcome new person into the sport and help keep the spirit alive. 

Weigh-ins: Battle Axe Barbell at 1494 West Buckingham Rd Garland, Texas. 

Friday July 15th 10a-12p, 5p-7p, & Saturday July 16th 9a-9:30a

Registration price increases to $100 July 2nd


Max Barbell Clean & Press
Athletes will begin with their hands off of the implement. 3 attempts only. 30 seconds for each attempt. 20lb jumps for men & 10lbs for women. Athletes must wait for a judge's down command for the rep to count. Belt cleans and all other cleans are allowed.

Texas Deadlift Bar for Max Reps
Athletes will have 60 seconds to complete as many deadlifts as possible from standard height. Athletes will begin with their hands off of the bar. Once lifted, athlete needs to wait for the judge's down command to complete each repetition. There will be no “up” command but the weight must make a complete stop: no touch ‘n’ go. Deadlift suits and/or multi-ply briefs will not be allowed for this competition. 

Farmer's Handles Carry
Athletes will carry handles down 50 ft for the fastest time. Athlete's entire body must cross the finish line while holding the implemens. Unlimited drops are allowed, slides are not. There will be a 60 second time limit. The fastest time wins. WEIGHTS TBA.

Carry & Drag Medley
Athletes will have 60 seconds to carry 1 sandbag 40ft and load onto a sled before returning to the start to arm-over-arm drag the sled back. Athletes will start with their hands off of the bag and time stops once the front of the sled reaches the starting line with the sandbag inside of it.

Hidden Gym
109 N Greenville Ave
Allen, TX 75002
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Jul 16, 2022

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Derek Owens
Events and Weights
Division Barbell Clean & PressTexas Deadlift BarFarmer's Handles Carry (each hand)Sandbag Carry + Sled Drag
W LW (140.8-)MAX225lbs125100lbs
W OPEN (180.4+)MAX285lbs175175lbs
W MW (160.6-)MAX235lbs145125lbs
W HW (180.4-)MAX255lbs165150lbs
Master's Women 40+MAX235lbs125100lbs
M OPEN (231+)MAX545lbs255275lbs
M LW (176-)MAX435lbs175200lbs
M MW (198-)MAX475lbs195225lbs
M HW (231-)MAX515lbs235250lbs
Masters Men 50+MAX435lbs195200lbs
Masters Men 40+MAX515lbs175250lbs

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jul 02, 2022

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
49 spots remain.