April 17, 2021

Gulf Coast Strongest


Destin, FL

**Weigh ins will ONLY be on Friday, April 16th-The time/times are TBD 

**Weight classes could be combined if there is below 5 athletes in a weight class. 

**If you need hotel information, or etc. please feel free to contact Whitney at 850-902-3007. 

**Late Registration is available for an additional cost, and Athlete T-shirt is not guaranteed. 


Truck Pull Event 

-Fastest Pull within 60 seconds wins 

-The truck pull will be roughly between 40-60 foot. 

-You will have a harness, and a rope to pull with. 


Max Log Clean and Press Event

-Ladies Log-8", 75lbs Empty

-Mens Log-10", 100lbs Empty

-Heaviest Lift Wins

-Wessels Rules-60 Seconds for each Attempt-3 Attempts-If you fail on an attempt you can not go again. 

-Grip Shirts are allowed

-You will dial in your first weight at weigh ins. You must dial in the following weights immediately after the prior lift


Deadlift Event 

-Most Reps within 60 Seconds Wins

-You must listen to the Judges call for the rep to count

-You must bring the bar down, no dropping. If you drop the bar that rep will not count. 


Yoke Carry Event

-Fastest Time within 60 Seconds Wins

-No sliding is allowed. 

-If you drop it, but must pick it up from the dropped spot 

-Grip Shirts are Allowed


Surprise Event

-60 Seconds

-Surprise Event will be released during briefing on Saturday Morning

-Give it all you got!! :) 


CrossFit Destin
404 Mountain Dr
Destin, FL 32541
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Apr 17, 2021

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Whitney Peacock

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Events and Weights
Division Truck Harness Pull Log Clean and Press MAX 18 Inch Deadlift Yoke CarryKettelbell Hold
Open W LW (132-)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)275lbs335lbsSurprise
Open W MW (165-)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)305lbs395lbsSurprise
Open W HW (198-)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)345lbs445lbsSurprise
Novice M LW (220-)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)345lbs 400lbsSurprise
Novice M HW (220+)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)455lbs500lbsSurprise
Open M LW (181-)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)455lbs555lbsSurprise
Open M MW (220-)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)505lbs605lbsSurprise
Open M HW (275-)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)555lbs655lbsSurprise
Masters Men (Single Class)TruckMAX (Wessel's Rule)505lbs555lbsSurprise

Early Bird Price
Available until Jan 31, 2021

Regular Price
Registration Closes Apr 01, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
59 spots remain.