May 22, 2021

Heinstrong Iron and Steel 2


Bloomsburg, PA

Heinstrong Iron and Steel II 2021


*United States Strongman, Inc.  Nationals Qualifier 2022

2021 USS , Inc. Membership Required.


Contest promoter: Nick Hein 

Contact info: ironshark900@gmail.com


Date & Time:

Saturday May 22nd, 2021 @ 10am.

Rules at 9:30am.

Doors open at 8:00am


Location: Lime Ridge Fire Co

6496 4th Street, Bloomsburg Pa 17815




LW Men 181.4 and below 

MW Men 181.5-220.4

HW Men 220.5-275.4

SHW Men 275.5 and above


LW Women 132.4 and below 

MW Women 132.5-165.4

HW Women 165.5-198.4

SHW Women 198.5 and above 

Novice Men  and masters (all weights)

Novice Women and masters  (all weights)


Top 3 places in open class and 1st place in Novice  qualifies for nationals in June .

Awards will be given to top 3 in every class. 

ENTRY FEE: $65.00 (includes t-shirt 

Spectator fee $5.00

No limit on spectators but practicing social distancing is advised. Masks are not required and are to be worn at your own discretion.  


*Ascending Silver Dollar Deadlift 

*Keg Carry and Load

*Press Medley (Axle, Log, Viking press away)

*Axle Tire Squat (to box)

*Truck Pull 



WEIGH INS: Friday 5/21 9am-11am @ Heinstrong Gym 172 Bissets Lane, Bloomsburg Pa 17815 and Saturday 5/22 8am-9am at Lime Ridge Fire Co (event venue)



Ascending Silver Dollar Deadlift- Athlete will start with listed weight for their weight class and will have 60 seconds to pull the most weight . You will be given the lift command to start. you must pull the weight up to a locked position (torso vertical and knees locked). The judge will then give the down command and the plate loaders will then add either a 25 or 45 pound plate to each side. All women are 50 lb jumps and all men are 90lb jumps.  You must wait for the up command to ensure both plate loaders have added weight and are clear . Repeat. *Barbell sits at 18 inches.   Allowed- Belts, wraps, straps,sleeves , chalk. No - suits or wrist wrap hooks

Keg Carry and Load- Athlete will have 60 seconds to carry 3 kegs ascending in weight 60,40,20 feet and load over a yoke. You will start with the lightest keg and bring down to load over the bar then go back and finish the last 2. If you drop a keg and it rolls you must take keg back to drop spot and proceed from that point. Allowed- Belts,gloves, grip shirts, chalk, sleeves, wrist wraps. 

*All women -48"

Novice men, LWM,MWM,and Masters -50"

HWM and SHWM - 52"

Press Medley (Axle, Log, Viking press away) Athlete will clean and press axle( no resting on belt), wait for down command and continue to log. Clean and press log and wait for down command. Finally head to viking press where you will face the implement and press away until time runs out. on the viking there will be NO double dipping or jerking allowed. 60 second time cap. Each lift is one point . Axle, log, viking for one rep then for placing after that its one point per viking rep . If you can't complete the axle you stop there if you can't complete the log you stop there with one point.  Etc.

 Allowed - belts, sleeves, wrist wraps, grip shirts, chalk.

Axle Tire Squat (to box)-Athlete will be given an unrack command and when ready will receive a down command and the clock will start. You will then descend down until both tires touch boxes and squat back up. You Must touch both tires on the boxes or it will be a failed rep. Uneven touches with both tires will count but one tire touching will be a failed rep. You will only receive a down command.   60 seconds time limit.  Box height and rack pick height will be taken before the competition . Allowed- Knee wraps, wrist wraps, belts, sleeves, chalk grip shirts . NO suits or briefs . 

Truck pull- Athlete will have 60 seconds to pull a truck 60 feet. You will  attach a harness and get tight leaning forward and pull slack out of rope in front of you. Judge will give the " pull" command and complete as fast as possible . If you do not finish you will be judged on distance . Allowed- Belts, chalk , wrist wraps , sleeves, gloves

Lime Ridge Fire Co
6496 4th St
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
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May 22, 2021

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Nick Hein
Events and Weights
Division Ascending Silver Dollar Deadlift Keg Carry & Load Press Medley (axle,log,viking press away)Axle Tire Squat (to box) Truck Pull
Novice Women (Single Class)155100/110/12095/105/120210SWAT VAN
Open W LW (132-)155120/130/140120/130/140210SWAT VAN
Open W MW (165-)245140/150/160130/140/150225SWAT VAN
Open W HW (198-)245160/170/180140/160/170250SWAT VAN
Open W SHW (+)245170/180/190150/160/180275SWAT VAN
Masters Women (Single Class)155120/130/140`120/130/140210SWAT VAN
Novice Men (Single Class)335180/200/225165/175/210365Bearcat
Open M LW (181-)335200/225/250185/195/250365Bearcat
Open M MW (220-)425225/250/275225/240/275415Bearcat
Open M HW (275-)515250/275/300250/270/300500Bearcat
Open M SHW (+)515250/275/300270/290/320550Bearcat
Masters Men (Single Class)335200/225/250185/195/250365Bearcat

Regular Price
Registration Closes May 02, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
49 spots remain.