July 13, 2024

Holden On Strong 3


Holden, MA

Start time:

Check in/Weigh-in : 9:30am-10am

Rules: 10am

Start: 10:30am

Weight Classes:


LW Novice (165.0 and under)

HW Novice (165.0 and above)

LW (165.0 and under)

HW (165.0 and above)

Masters (one class)



LW Novice (220.0 and under)

HW Novice (220.0 and above)

LW (220.0 and under)

HW (220.0 and above)

Masters (one class)

$5 Spectator Fee - proceeds are going to The Shine Initiative.


This is an unsanctioned competition.



Viking Press

- 60 second time limit

- Weight can be push pressed or strict pressed. No double dips or jerking.

- Competitor must wait for judge’s down command. 

- Competitor can put down viking press between reps

Allowed: Wrist wraps, sleeves, chalk, grip shirts, belt, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves


Yoke Carry and Sled Drag

- 60 second time limit

- Carry the yoke 40ft while you're attached to a sled using a truck pull harness

- Fastest time wins. 

Allowed: Belt, chalk, sleeves, wraps. 


Farmer Deadlift For Reps

- 60 second time limit

- Wait for Up and Down commands

- Rogue Fitness Farmer Handles, no straps allowed.

Allowed: Chalk, wraps, belt, sleeves.


Odd Object Carry

- 75 second time limit

- Competitors will have to carry a sandbag, duckwalk, and depending on class - a husafel or magnusson cross

- 40ft each implement run back for next one.

-Athlete can start with their hands on any implement

Allowed: Chalk, wraps, belt, sleeves.


Front Hold For Time

- Max Time

- Competitors will have to lift an implement out in front of them and hold at eye level for time

Allowed: Chalk, wraps, belt, sleeves.

GH2 Fitness and Training
512 Main St
Holden, MA 01520
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Jul 13, 2024

Start Time
10:30 AM
Meet Director
Rich DeStefani
Events and Weights
Division Viking PressYoke Carry with Sled DragFarmer Deadlift for RepsOdd Object Carry - Implement (H stone or cross), Sandbag, DuckwalkFront Hold
Novice W LW (165-)120lbs305 yoke + sled115/Hand115, 100, 135lbs25lbs
Novice W HW (165+)160lbs335 yoke + sled125/Hand125, 100, 145lbs25lbs
Open W MW (165-)160lbs335 yoke + sled135/Hand135, 132, 145lbs25lbs
Open W HW (+)180lbs365 yoke + sled145/Hand155, 150, 155lbs25lbs
Masters Women (Single Class)160lbs335 yoke + sled125/Hand125, 100, 145lbs25lbs
Novice M LW (220-)170lbs455 yoke + 50 sled185/Hand195, 175, 190lbs35lbs
Novice M HW (220+)210lbs495 yoke + 50 sled205/Hand215, 175, 210lbs35lbs
Open M HW (+)260lbs585 yoke + 100 sled245/Hand255, 265, 250lbs45lbs
Open M MW (220-)210lbs535 yoke + 75 sled225/Hand235, 220, 230lbs40lbs
Masters Men (Single Class)210lbs495 yoke + 50 sled205/Hand215, 175, 210lbs35lbs

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jul 09, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
32 spots remain.
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