October 2, 2022

IronWorkz Gauntlet


Medina, OH



Are you strong and fast enough to face the gauntlet?

Are you a strongman looking to have some fun in the off season?

Do you want to try events from the 2022 Crossfit Games?

Please read all event detail and description below. 

You will move through events “Gauntlet” Style. Each event “heat” will be 15 minutes in duration. 6 events + Mystery “Floater Event” Means YOU WILL BE DONE IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS WITH THIS COMPETITION!!!

Teams of 2 - M/M or F/F or M/F and must choose one division only:

Choose based on Your and Your partner’s ability, not Weight class.

Gear Up (Beginner)

High Gear (Intermediate)

Full Throttle (Advanced)

Weights are listed below as Male/Female. For example, if you are a M/M team, you will BOTH be lifting the Male listed weights in your chosen class.

There are no Weight Classes.


WEAPON TROPHIES given to all division winners (see below for descriptions)

CASH PRIZES For all FULL THROTTLE divisions (If more than 3 teams in the class)

Prize Packs for all podium finishers



Event 1: “Player’s Choice” Max Axle & Max Log 

Each team member must decide which implement they will use.

One must use the Axle.

One must use the Log.

Both cannot use the same implement.

Once you start lifting, you may not change your mind on which implement you are using.

Team Members will lift at the same time. You will have 10 Minutes to reach your max.

Competitors may use any style clean and press. Strict press, push press, push jerk and split jerk are all allowed. 

You may help each other load weight.

To get a down command from the judge, arms must be fully locked out overhead and head must be through, feet must be stable and in line.

Drop pads will be provided, but please make every attempt to control the log and axle back down. Collars will be provided and must be on.

Men will use a Pitbull 85#, 12” log

Women will use a Titan 75#, 10” log

Axles will be Rogue 25# Axles


Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, sleeves, gloves, belts, wrist wraps, grip shirts

Equipment Not allowed:

Anything not listed above.



Event 2: “Carry Me” Relay

Farmer’s Carry - down and back

Sandbag Carry - down and back

Partner Carry - down

Relay Style - 50’ course - 3:00 Time Limit

Competitor #1 will start with the Farmer’s carrying it down across the 50’ line, drop, and repick to carry it back 50’ all the way across the line. They will then carry the sandbag 50’, cross the line with their foot, and return 50’ back and drop. Then Competitor #2 may begin their Farmer’s down and back, crossing the line all the way, and Sandbag down and back just like above. Once the sandbag is across the line, competitors must choose who will carry who across the finish line, for one more 50’ traverse. One can carry the other however they like but you must complete this step to get credit for the “rep”. Time stops when you both cross the line, one carrying the other. You do NOT both have to do the partner carry. Only full “reps” will be given for each 50’ traveled. No measured distance will count if you do not finish the medley.

For M/F Teams, Females will go first.


 Gear UpHigh Gear/MastersFull Throttle


(per hand)



Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, sleeves, belts, wrist wraps, grip shirts

Equipment Not Allowed:

Anything not listed above


Event 3: “Deadlift till I’m Dead” Medley

4 bars lined up will be lifted in order, and final bar to be completed as many times as possible in time remaining.

Each Competitor will have 1:00 to go through the medley. You must lift the bars in order and may not skip around.

There will be up to a 3:00 transition time between partners for weight changes if needed (for Coed teams)

No Split times.

For M/F teams, Females will go first.

Bars will be setup in order as follows:

Power Bar, Deadlift Bar, Trap Bar, 13” Wagon Wheel Axle.


 Gear UpHigh Gear/MastersFull Throttle
Power Bar135/95225/135315/225
Deadlift Bar225/165275/225365/275
Trap Bar255/185315/255405/315
13" Wagon Wheel Axle305/215415/305505/395


Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, Belt, Gloves, Sleeves, Straps

Equipment Not Allowed:

Anything not listed above


Event 4: “Strongman Cornhole”

2 tires are set approximately 20 feet apart. 

Competitors throw a sandbag back and forth from behind the line in attempt to make it into the tire with each throw.

You may throw any way you want, as long as you do not cross the line. Multiple turns or backwards throws are ok.

Each time the sandbag makes it into the tire, you earn 1 point.

:90 time limit

Most points wins.

No split times.


Men & Women
Everyone throws 20# bag


Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, Belt, Gloves, Sleeves

Equipment Not Allowed:

Anything not listed above


Event 5: “Yokes on you”

Yoke, Duck Walk & Husafell Medley

Each Competitor will get a separate :90 to complete the medley

50’ course

You may start under the yoke, At the call of “GO” you will walk the yoke 50’ down so that the front crosses the line, at the line will be waiting a Duck Walk Implement you will pick and walk back 50’ across the line where a Husafell stone will be awaiting you to pick up and carry for a max distance in the time remaining. 

A judge will be walking along side you to tell you when to turn with the Husafell, one foot must cross the line and then you may turn.

Only full 50’ sections will be counted as good “reps”

No split times will be taken.

Each implement crosses the line = 1 point

Points for each team mate will be added up.

Most points wins.


Example: If only the Yoke and Duck Walk make it across, but you fail to make it 50’ with the husafell, you’d score 2 points.

If you do the Yoke, Duck Walk, and make it 3, 50’ sections with the Husafell, you’d score 5 points.

(There will be up to a 3:00 transition time allowed between competitors if needed to change weights/heights for the Coed Teams)


 Gear UpHigh Gear/MastersFull Throttle
Duck Walk180/90225/135270/180


Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, sleeves, belts, wrist wraps, grip shirts

Equipment Not Allowed:

Anything not listed above


Event 6: “Get Stoned”

Stone medley by way of max cumulative weight lifted over the bar in :60 

Each Competitor will get their own :60 to lift

Stones will be lined up alongside the Yoke which will be set to 52” for men & 44” for women.

At the call of “Go” Competitor will begin lifting stones over the bar in any order they choose. You may roll them up to the bar.

Cumulative weight lifted successfully over the bar will be your score.

You may start with heavy and go light, or vice versa.


Stone Weights:



Equipment Allowed:

Chalk, Belt, Gloves, Sleeves, Tape (Sticky side down), Grip Shirts

Equipment Not Allowed:

Anything not listed above and ABSOLUTELY NO TACKY OF ANY KIND


Event 7 BONUS: MYSTERY “Get a Grip”

A Grip Related Event will need to be performed at any point throughout the competition day, either on a break or down time between other events. All competitors will be able to complete this event, regardless of ability.





Full Throttle Winners

Prize packs + ninja swords + *$$$ (based on sign ups)

2nd and 3rd

Prize packs


High Gear Winners

Prize packs + medium knives 

2nd and 3rd

Prize packs 


Masters Winners

Prize packs + medium knives

2nd & 3rd

Prize Packs


Gear Up Winners

Prize Packs + small knives 

2nd and 3rd

Prize packs



*TO GET YOUR TEAMMATE'S SHIRT SIZE - Click "Purchase Extra Shirt" - the price is set to $0.00 so it will not charge you extra.

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Oct 02, 2022

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9:00 AM
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Events and Weights
Division "Player's Choice" Max Axle & Max Log"Carry Me" Farmer's/Sandbag/Partner Carry"Deadlift 'till I'm Dead" Power/Deadlift/Trap/13" Axle"Strongman Cornhole""Yoke's on You" Yoke/Duck Walk/Husafell Medley"Get Stoned" "Get a Grip" Mystery grip implement event
Gear Up (Beginner) Male/Male TeamMax155/150135/225/255/30520#350/180/145see desc.TBD
High Gear (Intermediate) Male/Male TeamMax185/180225/275/315/41520#450/225/180see desc.TBD
High Gear (Intermediate) Female/Female TeamMax135/125135/225/255/30520#300/135/145see desc.TBD
High Gear (Intermediate) Male/Female TeamMaxM: 185/180 F: 135/125*See Above20#*See Abovesee desc.TBD
Masters 40+ Male/Male TeamMax185/180225/275/315/41520#450/225/180see desc.TBD
Masters 40+ Female/Female TeamMax135/125135/225/255/30520#300/135/145see desc.TBD
Masters 40+ Male/Female TeamMaxM: 185/180 F: 135/125*See Above20#*See Abovesee desc.TBD
Full Throttle (Advanced) Male/Male TeamMax225/200315/365/405/50520#550/270/220see desc.TBD
Full Throttle (Advanced) Female/Female TeamMax165/150225/275/315/39520#400/180/165see desc.TBD
Full Throttle (Advanced) Male/Female TeamMaxM: 225/200 F: 165/150*See Above20#*See Abovesee desc.TBD
Gear Up (Beginner) Female/Female TeamMax95/10095/165/185/21520#200/90/110see desc.TBD
Gear Up (Beginner) Male/Female TeamMaxM: 155/150 F: 95/100*See Above/Below20#*See Above/Belowsee desc.TBD

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