February 20, 2021

Kansas Strongest Man 2021


Wichita, KS

All men's slots are full 

Slots 61-70 are for women only

Top Crop Barbell and Driven Fitness Present 

2021 Kansas Strongest Man

$60 Registration fee to compete, USS Membership Required of all Athletes
$5 For spectators (day of)

Weight ins will be the day before from 4pm-8pm and the morning of from 7am to 9:00am.
Event will start at 10am at Top Crop Barbell

Top Crop Barbell 

3737 N Hillside Suite B. Wichita, KS 67217


4 Events:

Skull Smash Max Wagon Wheel Axle Bar Deadlift : 

13” bar height. Rising Bar format, 3 attempts, miss and you are done. Straps, figure 8’s, and sleeves are allowed, thumb must be over bar, no hanging bar from straps, no tacky, no suits.  Down command will be given.  60 seconds per attempt.


Log and Circus DB Press Medley

8" and 10" CDB and Log for women 

10" and 12" CDB and Log for men

Start with smaller size implement. 1 rep on log then 1 rep CDB then move to bigger log then bigger CDB, then finish with max reps on bigger CDB. 1 minute to complete the whole event, competitor will clean and press every rep, most reps at the end wins. 


Muscle Pirate Sand Bag Toss over bar (max height)

Competitor will attempt to throw a MP throwing bag over a bar for max height.  Bar will start at 10' and go up in 6 inch increments. Competitors can jump in at whatever heights they want to attempt.  When attempting a height, the competitor will get 2 tries or 45 seconds what ever comes first, to get it over the bar.  If both tries are unsuccessful, the competitor is out, and will get credit for their previous highest throw.  You may attempt as many heights as you want and skip any heights that you want. 


Front Carry and Load Ladder(Sand bag, Keg and Atlas Stone)

Pick up and carry a sand bag 20' and load over bar, run back then pick up a keg carry it 15' and load over bar and then the stone 10' and load over bar for fastest time. No shouldering no drop limit. 1 minute cap. No straps, tacky of any kind, or gloves.


All men's slots are full 

Slots 61-70 are for women only

Top Crop Barbell, LLC
3737 N Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67219
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Feb 20, 2021

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Orlando Mijares

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Events and Weights
Division Wagon Wheel axle deadliftLog and Circus DB Press LadderSand Bag Toss over bar (max height)Carry and Load Medley (Bag, Keg, Atlas Stone)
Novice W HW (165+)Max8" Log-100 CDB- 55 10" Log-100 CDB- 6530100/125/130
Novice W LW (165-)Max8" Log-90 DB-50 10" Log-90 8"CDB-502080/100/115
Open W LW (132-)Max8" Log-105 CDB-55 10" Log-105 CDB-6530100/125/130
Open W MW (165-)Max8" Log-125 CDB-65 10" Log-125 CDB-6530100/125/130
Open W HW (198-)Max8" Log-140 CDB-70 10" Log-140 CDB-7030125/125/1145
Open W SHW (+)Max8" Log-155 CDB-75 10" Log-155 CDB-7540125/150/145
Masters W OpenMax8" Log-100 CDB- 55 10" Log-100 CDB- 553080/100/115
Novice M HW (220+)Max10" Log-205 CDB-110 12" Log-200 CDB-10540150/200/185
Novice M LW (220-)Max10" Log-155 CDB-90 12" Log-150 CDB-10040150/175/185
Open M LW (181-)Max10" Log-205 CDB-110 12" Log-200 CDB-10540150/200/225
Open M MW (220-)Max10" Log-225 CDB-130 12" Log-220 CDB-12050200/225/250
Open M HW (275-)Max10" Log-255 CDB-135 12" Log-250 CDB-x13050250/300/250
Open M SHW (+)Max10" Log-285 CDB-140 12" Log-280 CDB-15550300/300/250
Masters M OpenMax10" Log-205 CDB-105 12" Log-200 CDB-10040150/200/185

Regular Price
Registration Closes Feb 20, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 70 athletes.
6 spots remain.