October 6, 2024

King Kong: California III


Thousand Oaks, CA

12th Annual International King Kong Grip Challenge

"The Biggest Grip Sport Contest on the Planet" 

Main Contest Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2024

Multi-City Mega Contest


2.25” Crusher (FBBC) – 6” Lift
Pinch Block (IronMind) – 6” Lift
Finnish Ball (Otevoima) – 13” Lift
Little Big Horn (IronMind) – 6” Lift


Men: 59kg / 66kg / 74kg / 83kg / 93kg / 105kg / 120kg / 120+kg
Men’s Masters 50+ Years: 93kg / 93+kg
Women: 57 kg / 63kg / 72kg / 84kg / 100kg / 100+kg
Women’s Masters 50+ Years: Open

Youth Divisions (offered at individual promoters' discretion):

Boys 7 and under
Boys 8-10
Boys 11-13
Boys 14-15
Boys 16-17
Girls 7 and under
Girls 8-10
Girls 11-13
Girls 14-15
Girls 16-17

Divisions not officially offered in the contest will still be tracked for GSI records purposes.


Custom King Kong gorilla sculptures for the following:
The overall male and female champions ("The King Kong of Grip" and “The Queen Kong of Grip”)
The male and female exceptional lifters (best pound-for-pound performance)

6” Custom three-dimensional King Kong medals for the following:
The top three finishers in each class
The overall male and female top lifter in each event

Youth awards: Medals for top 3 in each division

Last Person Standing format. Reverse strongman scoring.


Confirmed Venues (To date):

North America:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Eric Roussin
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Michelle Collins
Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, USA – Jedd Johnson
Waterbury, Vermont, USA – Vincent Broderick
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Rob Sully
Southern California, USA - Will Guiliani

South Lockport, New York, USA - John Katalinas

Lecompton, Kansas, USA - Chad Gustin and Ben Edwards

South America:

Santiago, Chile - Pancho Urtubia (Gripsport Latino venue)


St. Petersburg, Russia – Alexander Andreev
Kent, England – Jenn Tibbenham

Ukraine - Ivan Pupchenko 


Penrith, NSW, Australia – Thomas Claxton
Doreen, Victoria, Australia – Arthur Zavras

The Training Hall | By Odd E Haugen
996 Lawrence Dr
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
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Oct 06, 2024

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Will Guiliani
Events and Weights

Early Bird Price
Available until Sep 06, 2024

Regular Price
Registration Closes Oct 06, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
100 spots remain.
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