July 17, 2021

Liberty Brawl



We are exited to bring you Utah's First ever Head to Head Strongman Competition!

Our goal is to provide an exceptionally exciting competition for the athlete and spectators. We want you to feel like you are on the WSM stage.

The hosting venue with be at Hope Ranch Ministries in their 10,000 square foot covered arena with 3 Big Ass Fans to help keep everyone cool during this summer event.

Event weights are subject to change (minor adjustments) but we wanted you to know what events to train for so you have ample time to prepare to come in as strong as possible.

GET READY FOR A TRACTOR PULL!!! We are at a horse ranch, so this seemed only fitting.

Big Johnson's BBQ will be catering the event with their Famous BBQ Sundaes!

Every competitor will receive a competition shirt and BBQ voucher.

Cash prizes will be awarded to first place winners in Open weight classes of 5 or more.

You must have a valid United States Strongman membership for this event.

Due to the event being on a private horse ranch we are asking that you please do not bring young children to the event. The minimum age for children will be 8 years old.

Spectator passes are available for $10. Passes must be purchased in advance. No spectator passes will be sold on site the day of the event!

We look forward to seeing the intense head to head battles to come!

More information will be available soon.

Event information:

CDB will be touch and go for each rep. Belts, wrist wraps, elbows and knee sleeves permitted. Straps not permitted.

Tractor pull will be with a harness and rope. Belts, wrist wraps, elbows and knee sleeves permitted. Straps and tacky of any kind are not permitted.

Carry medley, Grip shirt, Belts, wrist wraps, elbows and knee sleeves permitted. Strongman corp grip shirts, straps, and tacky of any kind are not permitted.

Car deadlift, Belts, wrist wraps, elbows and knee sleeves, straps, and deadlift suits permitted

Stone over bar, Tacky, belts, wrist wraps, elbows and knee sleeves permitted.

Weigh ins will be on Friday July 16th from 8 - 10AM at the event location. 

Saturday 7/17 Comp Day
The competition will start at 9AM sharp! 

Athletes need to show up by 8AM with the rules briefing at 8:30AM 

Athletes and spectators, bring your own chairs. There will not be seating provided.

Hope Ranch Ministries
5894 S HWY 111
SLC, UT 84118
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Jul 17, 2021

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Shay McQuiston
Events and Weights
Division CDBTractor pullCarry medley, Hussafell/ Sandbag/ YokeCar deadliftStone over bar series
Novice Women (Single Class)80Heavy110, 100, 300UTV90, 115, 140, 165, 200, 250
Open W LW (132-)90Heavy135, 100, 350UTVTBD
Open W MW (165-)100Heavy160, 100, 400UTVTBD
Open W HW (198-)110Heavy185, 150, 450UTVTBD
Open W SHW (+)120Heavy210, 150, 500UTVTBD
Masters Women (Single Class)100Heavy110, 100, 400UTVTBD
Novice Men (Single Class)100Heavier200, 200, 400Car150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400
Open M LW (181-)115Heavier240, 200, 400CarTBD
Open M MW (220-)130Heavier280, 250, 500CarTBD
Open M HW (275-)145Heavier320, 300, 600CarTBD
Open M SHW (+)160Heavier360, 300, 700CarTBD
Masters Men (Single Class)130Heavier280, 250, 500CarTBD

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jul 08, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
11 spots remain.