September 25, 2021

Long Island’s Strongest


Rockville Centre, NY

Check-in, registration and weigh-in will be between available between 4-8pm Friday 9/24 and Sat 9/25 between 730-845am. Athlete briefing starts at 9am and the 1st event no later than 930am.

Division/classes and event/weights are subject to change.

Deadlift ladder: Each competitor will have five loaded barbells that get increasingly heavier. The athlete will have to start at the lightest weight and after one successful lift, he or she can move onto the next barbell. He or she will have :75 seconds to deadlift the heaviest barbell that he or she can lift for as many reps as possible. The heaviest barbell lifted for the most reps will win. (Belts, straps, and wraps allowed. No suits)

Yoke / Farmer Medley: The athlete will have to move the yoke 50ft. and then immediately complete a farmer's walk for 50ft. Fastest time will win. If unable to complete the medley the athlete's score will be total distance. Time cap 60 seconds.

Log / Axle Bar medley: The athletes will have to complete alternating cleans and presses of the log and axle for as many reps as possible in 1 minute. The athlete must wait for the down command for a rep to count. Grip shirts are allowed.

Hussafell Carry: The athlete must lift and carry the hussafell for max distance. No drops. Grip shirts are allowed, but no tacky allowed.

Stone over bar: The athlete will have to lift and load a stone over the bar for as many reps as possible in 1 minute. (Tacky allowed)

CrossFit Seize the Day
94 S Long Beach Rd
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
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Sep 25, 2021

Start Time
9:30 AM
Meet Director
Jeff Blasko

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Events and Weights
Division Deadlift LadderYoke / Farmer MedleyLog, Axle Clean & Press - alt. reps for 1minHusafell for max distanceStone Over Bar for reps/1min
Novice W HW (165+)185/225/255/275/315325/140100/100140135/44"
Novice W LW (165-)155/185/225/255/275305/12075/75110115/44"
Open W LW (132-)185/225/255/275/315325/140100/100140135/44"
Open W MW (165-)225/255/275/315/345365/180130/130180155/44"
Open W HW (181-)255/275/315/345/365365/180130/130`180155/44'
Open W HW (198-)275/315/345/365/405405/200150/150180175/44"
Open W SHW (+)315/345/365/405/435405/200150/150180190/44"
Masters W LW (132-)185/225/255/275/315325/140100/100140135/44"
Masters W MW (165-)225/255/275/315/345345/160120/120160155/44"
Masters W HW (+)255/275/315/345/365365/180130/130180155/44"
Masters W HW 50+65/405/435/455/495445/220220/220200210/50"
Hero W LW (165-)185/225/275/315345/160120/120160155/44"
Hero W HW (165+)225/255/275/315/345365/180130/130180155/44"
Novice M LW (220-)315/345/365/405/435365/180150/150180190/50"
Novice M HW (220+)315/345/365/405/435405/200170/170200210/50"
Open M LW (165-)315/345/365/405/435405/220170/170200210/50"
Open M LW (181-)345/365/405/435/455445/220200/200200210/50"
Open M MW (198-)365/405/435/455/495485/240220/220220240/50"
Open M MW (220-)405/435/455/495/525525/260240/240240265/50"
Open M HW (275-)435/455/495/525/545565/280260/260260300/50"
Open M SHW (+)455/495/525/545/585565/280260/260260300/50"
Masters M LW (181-)315/345/365/405/435405/200170/170200210
Masters M MW (220-)365/405/435/455/495445/220220/220200210/50"
Masters M HW (+)405/435/455/495/525525/260240/240240265/50"
Hero M LW (220-)315/345/365/405/435405/200170/170200210/50"
Hero M HW (220+)345/365/405/435/455465/220200/200240240/50"

Regular Price
Registration Closes Sep 24, 2021

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 40 athletes.
8 spots remain.