December 7, 2019

Mayhem Unleashed Strength Games


Richmond, VA

Come join us for our 2nd Annual Mayhem Unleashed Strength Games.

Test your skill and will in a fun and energetic atmosphere guaranteed to have you set new PRs and make new friends along the way.

1. Clean & Press Medley - Fat Gripz DB / Keg / Log

2. Axel Wagon Wheel Deadlift - Max Lift - Wessels Rules 

3. Sled Hand Over Hand Rope Pull / Push for Time 

4. Sandbag Run and Over Bar for time 

5. MAS Wrestling - Additional Registration - Double Elimination. Blind Draw Event. 
This is an unsanctioned event.
Rules & Weights
There will be 4 Events in the Mayhem Unleashed Games with optional 5th Event MAS Wrestling. Athletes can choose to do all 5 for a discounted price or Games Only / MAS Wrestling only. Info on prices found at Registration.
Mayhem Unleashed Games 
Event 1 - Clean & Press Medley. Fat Gripz Dumbells / Keg / Log. 

Athlete will have choice of order. Each implement will start from the floor and athlete will have 60 seconds to complete the event. First two implements must reach lock with judge down signal before athlete may attempt third implement. Third implement of athletes choice will be for Reps counted towards points. Fat Gripz Dumbells. One per hand. Athlete must clean and Press both simultaneously for rep to count. No straps, suits or tacky of any type allowed. Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, belt, chalk, grip shirt are permitted.

Event 2 - Sled Rope Hand over Hand Pull / Push for Time. Athlete may stand or sit for the event. Feet must stay behind the line at all times. If feet cross line, athlete will be disqualified. NO FOOT SUPPORT for this event. Athlete must pull weighted Sled across finish line using the attached rope. Once cleared, the athlete must then push the Sled back to starting position. Quickest time will win the event. If there is a tie, split time will decide winner. Suits and tacky of any type not permitted. Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, belt, chalk are permitted.

Event 3 - Axel Bar Wagon Wheel Deadlift. Wessels Rules. Auction style weight will be called in ascending order. Athlete may attempt any weight starting at minimum for their weight class. Weights of 20lb increases will be added to the bar at each attempt. Athlete will be permitted three total attempts. If athlete fails any attempt before third they will not continue the event and weight lifted will be counted as score. Once weight is loaded onto bar, athlete will not be permitted to drop down. Suits and tacky of any type not permitted. Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, belt, chalk, and straps are permitted.

Event 4 - Sandbag Run Over Bar. Sandbags will be placed 40 feet from bar. Athlete will start from BAR LINE and retrieve sandbags one at a time. Athlete can choose any order of Sandbag. Quickest time all three bags are placed over bar and makes contact with floor will be declared winner. Split timing will be used in event of a tie. Suits and tacky of any type not permitted. Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, belt, chalk, are permitted.

MAS Wrestling 

Each athlete that signs up for this event will put their name to be drawn. Blind draws will occur to match opponents. Male and female will be separated. All names will be drawn before an athlete repeats a second round. In the event of odd number athletes, the last name drawn will face the loser of first round. Once all athletes have gone through one round, random draw will repeat until athletes are eliminated to final 2 who will face off for 1st and 2nd place. Double Elimination will apply. Suits, straps and tacky of any type not permitted. Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, belt, chalk, are permitted.

Mayhem Fitness & Cross Training
7503 Ranco Rd
Richmond, VA 23228
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Dec 07, 2019

Start Time
9:00 AM
Meet Director
Sean Murphy
Events and Weights
Division Clean & Press MedleySled Pull / PushSandbag RunDeadlift Max

Early Bird Price
Available until Nov 16, 2019

Regular Price
Registration Closes Dec 06, 2019

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
24 spots remain.