July 13, 2024

Midwest Strongest Man


Andover, MN

This competition is part of the Andover Annual Fun Fest.  This is a family friendly event, athletes are expected to act within the USS code of conduct and be ambassadors of the sport.

Awards:  First place in each division will receive a trophy and possibly a cash prize.  Second and third place division winners will receive medals.  Novice winner will receive a trophy.  (Cash prize will be dependent on sponsorships.  Note: novice class and divisions with only 1 athlete are not eligible for cash prize)

Weigh ins are 7/12/24 from 9am-12pm and 7/13/24 from 8am-10am.  If you need to weigh in outside of those times, contact Tim.

Rules Meeting will be 7/13/24 at 9:30am.  Every athlete must check in prior to the rules meeting.

Axle Press:  Athletes will clean and press an axle for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.  After given a down command, athlete will lower the axle under control to the ground before starting the next rep.  No built up belts, no pressing off the head, chalk only.  Athletes must wait for the down command from the judges to be awarded with a good lift.  Push jerk, split jerk, push press, strict press are all allowed.  If athlete drops the axle from lockout, they will receive a zero for the event.  Athletes are allowed to touch the belt for the clean, but are not allowed to rest the axle on the belt. Chalk Only.

Yoke Walk:  Athletes will carry a yoke 50' down, set the yoke down, turn around, repick the yoke, and carry 50' back to the finish line.  Front of the yoke must cross the line both times.  Yoke can be dropped and repicked as many times as needed during the 60 second time limit.  If athlete slides the yoke at any time during the course, a 2 second slide penalty will be given.

Axle Deadlift:  Athlete will deadlift and axle for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.  Down commands only.  Straps and suits allowed.  Athletes entire hand must be in contact with the axle, finger tipping the axle is not allowed.

Arm over Arm Truck Pull:  Athletes will be seated and using a rope will pull a vehicle towards them.  60 second time limit, chalk only.  Gloves are allowed if you choose.

Stone Over Bar:  Athletes will start standing in front of the stone.  At start command athlete will load a stone over a crossbar on a yoke for as many reps as possible in the 60 second time limit.  Bar will be set at 48" for women and 52" for men.  Tacky is allowed.  There will be an area to clean up tacky, athlete is responsible to bring their tacky and cleaning supplies.  Touching yoke to assist in the load is not permitted.

All events are subject to change.  

This is an outdoor event.  I will have a limited number of tents set up for athlete use only.

There is no fee for spectators to attend anything in the festival grounds.  There are plenty of things for kids to do as well as food trucks.  Athletes and spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs.


Andover Public Works Department
1785 Crosstown Blvd NW
Andover, MN 55304
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Jul 13, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Tim Kovach

Sponsored by

Events and Weights
Division Axle Clean and Press Yoke WalkAxle DeadliftArm over arm truck pullStone Over Bar
Novice Women (Single Class)80300205Truck150
Open W LW (132-)100350255Truck150
Open W MW (165-)130400315Truck180
Open W HW (198-)160450365Truck205
Open W SHW (+)190550405Truck230
Masters W LW (132-)100350255Truck150
Masters W MW (165-)120350275Truck180
Masters W HW (+)130400315Truck180
Teen W LW (165-)80300205Truck150
Teen W HW (165+)130400315Truck180
Novice Men (Single Class)180500405Truck200
Open M LW (181-)200550455Truck230
Open M MW (220-)230650555Truck270
Open M HW (275-)260750605Truck330
Open M SHW (+)300850650Truck360
Masters M MW (220-)200550455Truck230
Masters M HW (+)230650555Truck270
Teen M LW (220-)180500405Truck205
Teen M HW (220+)200550455Truck230

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 22, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 50 athletes.
34 spots remain.
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