July 21, 2024

Minnesota's Strongest Man & Woman 2024 and Strongman Corp Midwest Regionals


Fridley, MN

Minnesota's Strongest Man & Woman is returning to Forgotten Star Brewery for 2024!!

This is also a Regional Comp for Strongman Corp, which means MORE invites for Nationals AND ARNOLD INVITES FOR THE WINNERS! 

You do NOT have to have qualified for a regional comp to sign up!

This event will be Strongman Corp Sanctioned and will require current Strongman Corp membership to participate.



Event weights subject to change slightly as events are tested!

  1. Max Log press - 3 attempts, rising bar,  max weight sucessfully lifted counts for score; 10" log for women; 12" log for men
  2. Ukrainian Deadlift for reps - Max reps in 60 seconds. 10" pick height, straps allowed.
  3. Yoke/Hussafel Carry - Carry yoke 40ft, run back carry hussafel 40 ft. Max 60 seconds. Hussafel will be picked from the ground.
  4. Farmer's Carry w/ Sled Drag - Farmer's carry while dragging sled via harness, 40ft. Farmer's weight is per hand. 60 seconds max. Unlimited drops.
  5. Atlas Stone Series over Bar - 4 stone series. Max 60 seconds. 48" bar height for women; 52" bar height for men

For Open classes:

1st place – Arnold and Nationals

2nd place – Nationals

3rd place – Nationals

4th place – Nationals with 9 or more competitors per class

5th place – Nationals with 12 or more competitors per class.

For Masters Classes:

1st-3rd place receives Masters Nationals invites

Prizes: 1st place = Trophy + cash prize (amount TBD), 2nd & 3rd place = Medals


Saturday, July 20th 10am-1pm at Ascension Physical Therapy & Performance (1081 MN-36, Maplewood, MN 55109)

Sunday, July 21 9-10:30 am at Forgotten Star Brewery

EventEvent Rules 
Max Log Overhead Press

10” log for women; 12” log for men – 3 lanes

Women – starting weight 75#; Men – starting weight 135#

All classes in each lane will compete together for this event and it will be a rising bar. Weights will be called out in increments (10# jumps for women; 20# jumps for men) – those wanting to attempt the weight called will signal/line-up, if more than one athlete. Athlete is responsible to jump in at the weight called.  The weight on the log will NOT go down. 

Each athlete will get a maximum of 3 attempts.

60 second time limit per weight attempt. Time starts when hands touch the log.  If you miss your first attempt at a weight, you may try again as long as your time has not expired.

Once a lift is failed, the athlete is done.  If you fail to get a down command on your first attempt, you will receive a zero for the event.   Highest successful weight will be recorded for score.

Strict press, push press, jerk press allowed – rep will not count until feet are together and control shown. Athlete must wait for a down command from the judge. No resting on head. 

Log dropped from a fully locked out position will result in a no rep for that attempt.

If athlete is making an attempt at a state or national record, you must let us know as there are additional steps that are required for the record to be official.  We will accommodate smaller weight jumps for record attempts only.

If hard belt is worn, buckle/lever must be turned to side or back, to protect the log.

Gear allowed: grip shirts, wrist wraps, elbow/knee sleeves, belts, chalk

Ukrainian Deadlift for Reps

60 second time limit.   

Athletes will stand on Platform, one foot per platform - 2 lanes

Pick height will be approx 10”

Straps/figure 8’s will be allowed but hands must be in contact with bar. Athlete may strap in before time starts.  Athlete must wait for down command from judge or rep will not count and down command will only be given after full lockout. Athlete must come to a complete stop between reps. Total successful reps will be recorded for score.  If no successful reps achieved in time limit, athlete will receive a zero for the event.

No suits or briefs allowed

Gear allowed: straps, wrist wraps, elbow/knee sleeves, belts, chalk

EventEvent Rules 
Yoke/Hussafel Carry

60 second time limit.

Athlete will start with yoke, pick and carry yoke 40ft, then return to the starting line to pick and carry the hussafel 40ft across the finish line. Front of yoke must cross the line before moving onto hussafel. Hussafel will be picked from the ground. A combination of completed implements and distance will be recorded. If athlete is unable to move the yoke at all, a zero will be recorded for the event. 

Yoke, unlimited drops allowed.  Hussafel, once dropped, event is done.

Gear allowed: grip shirts, grip shorts, elbow/knee sleeves, belts, chalk, gloves, NO TACKY of ANY kind

Farmer’s Carry w/ Sled Drag

60 second time limit. 

Athlete will start with hands off farmer’s handles, and wearing a harness with strap to sled extended fully.

Athlete must pick and carry farmers handles across the finish line while dragging the sled behind them. Farmer’s handles must fully cross the finish line before time will stop. No sliding of farmers handles allowed.  Sliding the farmer’s across the finish line will result in a 2 second penalty.

Only 2 drops allowed.

Gear allowed: elbow/knee sleeves, wrist wraps, belts, chalk, grip shirts

Atlas Stone Series Load over Bar

60 seconds time limit.

Bar height will be 48" for women; 52" for men

Athlete will start off the mat. When time starts athlete must pick and load the atlas stones from lightest to heaviest over the bar as quickly as possible.   Athlete may not grab the yoke or bar for leverage. 

Split times will be taken when each stone is 50% over the bar.  If unable to load the first stone, a zero will be recorded for the event.

Gear allowed: grip shirts, tacky, wrist wraps, elbow/knee sleeves, chalk, gloves, belts

Forgotten Star Brewing Co.
38 Northern Stacks Dr
Fridley, MN 55421
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Jul 21, 2024

Start Time
12:00 PM
Meet Director
Christy Stefanick

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Events and Weights
Division Max Log PressUkrainian DeadliftYoke/Hussafel CarryFarmer's Carry w/ Sled DragAtlas Stone Series over BarTie Breaker Event
Open W LW (125-)Max250345/140140/100100-115-120-130TBD
Open W LW (140.4-)Max280385/160150/125100-115-120-150TBD
Open W MW (160.4-)Max300425/180170/150120-130-150-175TBD
Open W MW (180.4-)Max320445/200180/175120-130-150-175TBD
Open W HW (+)Max345485/225200/175150-150-175-215TBD
Masters W HW (+)Max300425/180170/150120-130-150-175TBD
Open M LW (175.4-)Max450545/300240/200215-230-238-275TBD
Open M MW (200.4-)Max500605/325260/225215-238-250-275TBD
Open M MW (231.4-)Max545645/350270/240240-260-279-300TBD
Open M HW (264.5-)Max565705/375280/265240-279-300-350TBD
Open M SHW (+)Max585745/400290/300279-300-350-400TBD
Masters M SHW (+)Max500605/325260/225215-238-250-275TBD

Regular Price
Registration Closes Jun 30, 2024

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
40 spots remain.
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