November 11, 2023

Misfits Strength Challenge


Wesley Chapel, FL

The Misfits Strength Challenge returns to KRATE in Wesley Chapel, FL on 11/11/23

This year's show will feature the true novice and open classes with men and women competing in 4 events.

-Log overhead press 

-Truck pull

-Max deadlift

-Stone over bar

The show will start at 3pm and end at 8pm.

That's right! Night time event at the area's most lively family entertainment destinations. With 46 micro shops, restaurants, and bars, KRATE pulls an average of 3,000 guests every Saturday. There will be plenty of spectators out to watch you compete and try out some strongman implements at the event booth. Misfits Strength Challenge was designed as an exhibition show to draw new athletes to the sport. Its gonna be a heck of a party!

Athlete info

Classes- Typically the novice class has no weight classes and anyone can enter. That means the experience level and weight disparity can get absurd. I’ve structured this event to give our newcomers a level entry field. The novice class is for new athletes who just started any type of weight lifting this year! That means if you are an experienced lifter, competitor in any other strength sport, or just naturally gifted as a brick house then please be fair to the newcomers and sign up for the open class. Open class will have more challenging weights comparable to a sanctioned show, but will still be scaled down a bit to account for new athletes learning a new skill set in a short training block. If you feel your class is not challenging enough for you then I recommend signing up for a higher weight one. As always, you can scale up, but not down. For example, I currently weigh 185 lbs. I have the option to cut 5 lbs and compete in middleweight, stay in heavyweight, or scale up to super heavyweight. But, I cannot sign up for the lightweight class. Just be honest with yourself and us and sign up for the class you feel matches your ability.  

Weigh ins- Weigh ins will be the day before the show at Sky Athletix (110 Holland Ln, Lutz, FL 33548) or they can be done virtually via any video call service. Weigh ins close at 2:00 pm the day of the show. 

Accommodations- There are 2 hotels on site at The Grove at Wesley Chapel where KRATE is located. A Best Western and a The Sleep Inn. The venue has tons of food and drink options. We will also have sports drinks and water available at the Welcome to Strongman booth for you. You are welcome to bring a canopy and chairs. There is shaded seating available. There is also a gated playground next to the stage to keep your kids entertained. Pets are welcome, but keep them leashed. With the show starting at 3:00pm and the sun setting at 5:00pm we won't get too much direct sun for the day. 

Parking- There is ample parking by the stage area where the event will be. There will be volunteers directing traffic. 

Training help-  There are several gyms with strongman equipment in the area and surrounding cities. I will be updating which gyms will be hosting group training days on the Facebook event page and on Instagram. If you are training from a big box gym feel free to message me to get you in contact with one of our coaches for programming and substitutions if needed.

Training locations- Sky Athletix (Lutz), Barbell Barbell (Pinellas Park), Progear Gym (Hudson), Gorilla Bench(Clearwater), Crossfit Havoc (Bradenton), Asgard Training Center(Bradenton), Prime Fitness(Longwood), Margate Barbell (Margate), The Battle Axe Gym (Miami). 

Coaches-  If you are looking for programming or in person coaching message me to help you find one in your area.

Novice support: You won't be going into this blind or alone. I'll be posting videos on the facebook event page regarding training arrangements, what to expect at the show, how to prepare, mindset, what to pack for the show, even what to eat the day of. We have your back. 


Weights will be determined after testing in the next few weeks. 

Log overhead press: Athlete will start with hands on implement and have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. You will clean and press the log for each rep. You MUST wait for the down command from the judge for the rep to be counted. Athletes must show stable control of the implement to receive the down command. If you have any issues with your lock out position it is your responsibility to let the judge know before the event. DO NOT DROP THE LOG FROM THE TOP. Athletes must return the log implement to the crash pads provided as to not damage the equipment or the venue. There will be spotters in place. And if it is a case of emergency where you need to bail out from the top then so be it, but please be careful.  Grip shirt, chalk, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, and belts allowed. Womens classes and Novice men will use a 10 inch log. Open class men will use a Pitbull 12 inch log

Truck pull: Athletes will be fitted into a harness that will be attached to a truck/heavy vehicle. On the judge’s command ,the athletes will begin to run forward pulling the truck 50ft. Timer is stopped once both athlete’s feet pass the finish line. We will be pulling trucks provided by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. 5k Humvee, 10k Humvee, 22k M939, and a 38k MRAP. Due to the grade of floor surface the open class men may or may not be only pulling for 35ft. We will be testing this when the vehicles arrive the day of the show to ensure you are not starting at an incline. 

Wagon wheel deadlift: Wessel's rules. You will have 3 attempts to find your 1 Rep Max. Deadlift bar and Titan wagon wheel plates will be used. Weights will start at 135 lbs and increase by 10-20 lbs per jump. When the judges call out the weight on the bar you can raise a hand to come up and attempt your bid. You will have 60 sec to lift each bid. You may try to lift multiple times within that 60 sec. If you fail a bid you must lift a higher weight or repeat the same weight before the next jump. Weights will NOT jump down. Points will be split in case of a tie. No sumo. Hitching, ramping, or any other technique is allowed. Athletes must wear knee length socks or leggings. Lift is only valid when the judge gives a DOWN command. They must see control of weight and hips, knees locked out and stacked on top of feet to give command. Belt, straps, chalk allowed. No deadlift suits. DO NOT DROP FROM THE TOP. Again, we are trying to protect the equipment and the venue. If the floor is damaged under the stall mats that comes out of my own pocket to repair.

Atlas stones over bar: 3 stones will be set up next to the yoke in order of weight from lightest to heaviest. The heaviest being farthest away from the yoke. Athletes will start with hands on the 1st stone. On the judges' command timer will start and the athletes will roll the stone into position and load the 1st stone over the bar. They will then roll over the next heaviest stone to load, and do the same for the 3rd heaviest stone. Must go in order of weight. There will be a time limit of 60 secs. Bar height will be 48 inches. You cannot put your hands on the bar to push the stone over it. That will not count as a rep. Grip shirt, belt, sleeves, stone sleeves, tacky towel, wet tacky, and spray tacky allowed. No regular tacky. We are trying to minimize the amount of mess and damage to the venue.


One last thing. No coaches, friends, family, seeing eye dogs, or bffs are allowed on the competition floor while competition is in progress. You will get a zero for the event if you have anyone assisting you. Only athletes and staff are allowed in the competition area. 


KRATE at The Grove in Wesley Chapel

6105 Wesley Grove Boulevard
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544

Show Schedule and rules

Weigh-ins: Friday 11/10 at Sky Athletix 8am to 9pm. If you are traveling in for the event the morning of message me to set up a virtual weigh in. You are welcome to weigh in at registration as well. 

Check in: 11/11 1:30pm-2:30pm Registration will be to the left of the stage. Check in and get your comp shirt here with Bethany.

Rules meeting: 2:30pm

Opening ceremony 2:50pm

Go time 3:00pm 

Awards 7:45pm

Winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all classes will be receiving medals and prizes. 

-Being late to an event will result in a ZERO for that event

-Please wear complimentary contest shirt during all events (except stones and overhead event, grip shirts allowed)

-Any disrespect for equipment, competitors, or staff/volunteers may result in disqualification. I’m not even playing. 

-Only athletes, volunteers, and spectators who have signed a liability waiver may touch the weights or equipment. 

-There will be no platform clean up crew. If you make a mess you are responsible for quickly cleaning it up to keep the show moving. Cleaning supplies and paper towels will be placed in a bucket to the side of the platform. Please plan accordingly for this.


We look forward to seeing you in November!

6105 Wesley Grove Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
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Nov 11, 2023

Start Time
3:00 PM
Meet Director
Tania Jimenez
Events and Weights
Division Log PressTruck PullWagon Wheel Deadlift - starts at 135lbs Atlas Stone over bar - 48 inches
Novice W HW (+)905kTBD95/110/130
Novice W LW (180-)805kTBD80/95/110
Open W SHW (+)12010kTBD130/150/175
Open W LW (140-)1005kTBD110/130/150
Open W MW (180-)10510kTBD110/130/150
Open W HW (220-)11010kTBD130/150/175
Masters W1005kTBD110/130/150
Novice M HW (+)18010kTBD175/200/225
Novice M LW (231-)14010kTBD150/175/200
Open M LW (200-)21022kTBD200/225/250
Open M MW (231-)23038kTBD200/225/250
Open M HW (265-)25038kTBD225/250/275
Open M SHW (+)27038kTBD250/275/300
Masters M 21022kTBD200/225/250

Early Bird Price
Available until Aug 21, 2023

Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 04, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
3 spots remain.