May 18, 2024

Natural Strongman America West Coast Championship - World Qualifier


Poulsbo, WA

This event is a Drug Tested Natural strongman Worlds Sanctioned event and a qualifier for the Drug Tested World Natural strongman championship in Ireland 2024. The event will be held in Poulsbo Washington at the Annual Viking Festival. Thank you for you interest, stay tuned for updates on our IG @naturalstrongmanamerica_WCC 

Natural Strongman Membership required


Event 1-Max Log clean and Press

Men and women will both use a 12" diameter log. This will be a last man standing event. Each athlete will have 30 seconds per attempt. If you fail an attempt you are done and may not attempt any further jumps. Women's jumps will be 10lb and Men's jumps will be 20lbs. There will be an exception made for World record attempts, for these attempts we will allow 5lb increments. Equipment allowed: Grip shirts, grip shorts, wrist and or knee wraps, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, belts and chalk. Record attempts must be declared ahead of time to ensure accuracy.

Event 2-Pillage Medley

This will be a for time mobile medley where a sled will start at 50ft away. Athletes will start on a mat behind a line 50ft away and pick then carry a sand bag to the sled, load it then return to the mat to use a rope to arm over arm drag it to the 35ft mark, the athlete will then pick and carry a keg to the sled and load it, then return to the mat to arm over arm drag the sled to the 15ft mark where they will pick and carry a sandbag, return to the mat and arm over arm drag the sled over the finish line. Equipment allowed: knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, gloves and belts

Event 3- Max Deadlift 

This will be a last man standing event performed on a deadlift bar Each athlete will have 30 sec per attempt and will have to strap in during the 30 sec. Once you fail an attempt you're done. Women will make 10kg jumps and men will make 25kg jumps. You can choose the weights you would like to attempt and do not have to take every jump. Exceptions will be made for world record attempts of 1.25kg increments. Record attempts must be declared ahead of time to ensure accuracy. Equipment allowed: wrist straps, belts, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, neoprene shorts, chalk 

Event 4- Who Will Carry the Boats

This will be a Max distance yoke carry for 90 seconds. Athletes will pick and carry the yoke max distance in allotted time and will have drop and pick in intervals at 30'. No Limit on drops, 5' penalty for sliding between drop intervals. Equipment allowed: knee sleeves, knee wraps, belts, elbow sleeves, neoprene shorts.

Event 5- Max stone Load

Last man standing stone load over yoke. Women will load over a 44" bar Men will load over a 48" bar. Women's stone will start at 120 and make 10-25lb jumps. Men's stone will start at 190 and make 10-25lb jumps. Athletes will have 30 seconds per attempt, once you fail an attempt within the given time you are done. You can choose your own attempts and do not have to take every jump. If you will be attempting to break a world record please let us know in advance so we can ensure accuracy and availability of the stone size needed. Equipment allowed: grip shorts, knee sleeves, tape, stone sleeves, belts, tacky, chalk


Liberty Bay Waterfront Park
18809 Anderson Pkwy
Poulsbo, WA 98370
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May 18, 2024

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Ryan Turgano

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Events and Weights
Division Max LogPillage MedleyMax deadliftwho will carry the boats Max Stone Load
Novice Women (Single Class)100lb100/115/150237275120
Open W SHW (+)100lb200/250/280237425120
Open W LW (125-)100lb100/115/150237325120
Open W MW (141-)100lb150/165/200237375120
Open W HW (180-)100lb150/200/250237425120
Masters Women (Single Class)100lb100/115/150237325120
Teen W LW (165-)100lb100/115/150237325120
Teen W HW (165+)100lb150/165/200237375120
Novice Men (Single Class)140lb150/200/250325485190
Open M SHW (+)140lb250/300/350325685190
Open M LW (176-)140lb200/200/250325535190
Open M MW (198-)140lb200/250/250325585190
Open M HW (231-)140lb200/250/300325635190
Masters Men (Single Class)140lb200/200/250325535190
Teen M LW (220-)140lb200/200/250325535190
Teen M HW (220+)140lb200250/250325585190

Early Bird Price
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Refund Policy
No refunds.
This event is limited to 100 athletes.
59 spots remain.