June 15, 2024

No Fame Games - Team Highlander


Milford, MA

By registering here you are registering one Team, consisting of 6 Members. By signing up here, the sponsor or Team Captain is registering their entire team with no further payment needed for that Team. Again, once the Team is registered and has paid the registration fees, those 6 Team Members are paid for and do not need to register as individuals. All we will need are the 6 Team Member's names, and their shirt sizes. 

Team Highlander Events:

1. Team War Machine Pull: All Team Members will work together to pull the Military 100k# War Truck the 50' distance. Once the truck passes the line, the mission is complete.

2. Open Stone Throw: 16# for Men, 8# for Women. Like shotput, you can advance to the trig.

3. Weight Over Bar: MAX HEIGHT. 56# for Men, 28# for Women. 2 attempts at each height per Team Member.

4. Mac Scottish Festival Team Caber Relay: 2 Team Members from each Team will compete together. First team member will pick and run with caber to and from a set marker then be able to flip the Caber. Only then can the second member begin their turn.

5. Stone to Shoulder: MAX REPS in 90 secs. 185# Men, 125# Women. It will be with a natural stone, no tacky allowed. Chalk is allowed.

6. Wagon Wheel Deadlift: MAX REPS in 90 secs for each Team Member. 625# Men, 375# Women in Open; 400# Men, 275# Women.

* Max 2 Team Members per event, besides Team War Machine Pull which will need all 6 Team Members. Up to 3 events per Team Member including Team War Truck Pull.

Be sure to bring your pop-up tents, lawn chairs, friends, and family but no need to worry about food. We got you covered with food vendors galore. We will announce the full list of vendors soon. Drink? Nay problem! This year we are teaming up with a local group to create a pop-up cocktail and beer tent. Doglio Coffee truck will be returning, so no need to worry about caffeine. And yes, there are porto-potties. We will have Clan Tents and local businesses. Also the newly renovated Milford Town pool is scheduled to be opened by then as well.


**For those not registered and their family, there will be a $10 entrance fee for everyone 13yrs of age and older. ?

*Children 12yrs & under come for free!

*Special: Entire Family Pack for $20

*Alcohol Tent is obviously 21yrs & Older. ID will be checked!


Traveling from afar and need a hotel?:

There are a few places in Milford, MA that you can stay. We are working on a package deal with the Holiday Inn Express like we did last year. And feel free to contact us for more details.

Holiday Inn Express: 508-634-1054

Sonestra Select: 508-634-9500

Double Tree Inn: 508-478-7010

Fairfield Inn & Suites: 508-478-0900

Comfort Inn: 508-478-8243


Join the Party! Good Vibes Only! Looking forward to having you on the field with us.

Fino Field
80 Granite St
Milford, MA 01757
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Jun 15, 2024

Start Time
8:30 AM
Meet Director
No Fame Games, LLC

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Events and Weights
Division Team War Machine PullOpen StoneWeight Over BarTeam Caber RelayStone to ShoulderHeavy Wagon Wheel Deadlift

Regular Price
Registration Closes May 26, 2024

Refund Policy
Refunds available until 30 days prior to event.
This event is limited to 60 athletes.
54 spots remain.